Pictures of Rachel

Rachel Alexandra Hot Dixie Chick
Photo: BrianZipse


Rachel Alexandra will always hold a special place in my heart, so when I had the opportunity to visit her at Stonestreet Farm, and better yet, bring my family with, I knew we were in store for a fantastic day...
























I think Rachel's magnificent presence left my girls a bit in awe.



Initially, Kendra was a little bit nervous...



But she really warmed up as the morning went on!



It's easy to tell how I feel about Rachel! 



And we can't forget about her buddy and fellow grade 1 winner, Hot Dixie Chick.























A band of well-bred Stonestreet weanlings could not get enough of Kendra!



Nothing like getting the eye from Rachel Alexandra the Great.



Seven months with child, Rachel's coat still glistens like it did on Kentucky Oaks day.



Rachel is not shy when it comes to peppermints.



Mints are not the only snack she loves ... Rachel also loves acorns. 



Rachel and Dixie are not only best friends, they are inseparable.



"Daddy, Rachel is so beautiful!" 



Kendra was disappointed when informed that she could not also run in the paddock.





















I don't think the weanlings have seen many people Kendra's size.



The eye of a future champion? I believe that's the Eskendereya filly. 





















I knew I really nailed that punch line! 



Here comes the champ!



And wherever Rachel went, Dixie was sure to follow.



Hey, you would have a goofy smile too if you spent the morning with Rachel!



























I have a wonderful wife!



Dirty nose or no, Isn't she a beauty?



























A huge thank you goes out to Amy Kearns of Stonestreet for setting up an unforgettable day! 





















A great time was had by all! 


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Older Comments about Pictures of Rachel...

Creating precious memories!
What a wonderful experience for your must go back again of course!
Thank you for reminding us about these beautiful photos, Brian.
Love, love, love the photos. Maybe Blind Luck will get a visit from Brian next time? Pretty please? The queen gets all the attention but even princesses need love :-)
So great!!
Good to see Rachel again! A great day for you and your family.
I absolutely love Rachel. I saw her win in person in the Oaks, the Preakness, Woodward, and Mother Goose. An amazing, beautiful animal. She'll always be one of those mares who have a special place inside my heart
Thank you so much Brian for sharing your visit. They definitely are sweet memories to be treasured! Definitely Rachel Alexandra the Great! Rachel will always be #1 to me!
Oh how I long for the summer of 2009! The pictures are amazing so glad you were able to have this experience! It's amazing how much Stonestreet has reached out to the fans once she was retired.
That's really cool, Brian. Good to see the family got to come along too.
Wonderful Brian, made my day! Thank you!
Glad to know that she's lady-like, but like every Queen, she obviously believes she's the one that calls the shots. HDC may be her faithful attendant, but Rachel says she decides when HDC gets mints! LOL :-
Hot Dixie Chick is in foal to Street Cry.
Rachel and HDC are both so beautiful. I'm so glad they have each other.
Awww, Brain, these pictures are so nice. Rach is 7 months in foal so I expect she's quite tired sometimes. Brian, who is HDC in foal to now?
Fantastic stuff & Great Pics. Coupling the experience of visiting a legendary farm in the Bluegrass State with meeting a horse like Rachel is truly special. Good work
Very happy for you Brian. She is a beauty :) Hope I will get to see her sometime in the future.
What a way to spend a day. You have a lovely family and great taste in horses. All beautiful. And you do look like Jeff Bridges.
great photos! thanks for sharing! I'm very jealous ;)
Thank you all! Rachel was polite with the mints, but definitely was not happy when I gave some to Dixie, nor was she pleased when my supply ran dry ... No, Darlene, Jess's Dream has actually moved on to a yearling farm down the road.

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