Paynter, The Unbreakable Horse

There are those with speed, fast enough to run a hole in the wind. There are those with stamina to run all day, all night, for miles on end. There are those who love to fight, that will make you sit on the edge of your seat screaming, at the top of your lungs as they make that last desperate lunge for the wire. Sometimes, you are even lucky enough to see a horse with all three of those qualities, but rarely do you see a horse with such courage that he is unbreakable.
We have all followed Paynter’s saga. The son of Awesome Again had the talent, but didn’t really put it all together until the Belmont, where he showed his stamina and that gritty determination. It was only too bad that Union Rags got the rail, giving him a head advantage at the wire. In the Haskell, he astonished us, showing us speed that we never thought we’d see again after the retirements of Bodemeister and I’ll Have Another. It was dominant, perfect. We had just seen the horse who could run a hole in the win, run for miles on end, and had the determination and fight of a hardened war veteran.
Then the worst happened. Diagnosed with colitis only a month after his victory, the colt was taken out of training and was prepped to fight for a whole new reason, that reason was his life. Colitis kills horses, but Paynter remained resolute, it seemed he was getting better till more dark news came to light. The colt had developed a complication called laminitis, another killer, in three of his four hooves.
With most of the world ready to give up upon hearing this news the Zayats did not. They had their team of veterinarians fit Paynter with three specially designed, supportive casts, on his three afflicted hooves. Paynter rewarded his connections, simply refusing death. He defeated the Laminitis, and soon looked to have a strangle hold on the colitis. There was one problem though. He was still spiking fevers, and with the colitis disappearing, the cause of the fevers was unknown.
Sent to New Bolton, the colt underwent tests that diagnosed him with an abscess of the cecum. After undergoing surgery, the colt was monitored and only a week after the surgery was performed news came from the Zayats that Paynter had won his war. Paynter could be done fighting, he had won in the fight for his life.
As if the news wasn’t enough, Zayat announced that after an approximate 2-3 months of rehab at Fair Hill, his fighter would return to racing in 2013.
After so many high profile retirements, breakdowns, and deaths, this is what this sport needs. Fans across America wept for Barbaro when he lost his fight with Laminitis. Now they have a chance to cheer and celebrate Paynter’s victory. They have a chance to watch him attempt what many deemed impossible, as he returns to the track.
Paynter has demonstrated these past few months a great many things. On the track he showed an abundance of talent and brilliance, but it was off the track he showed his true fight. Paynter showed that one can overcome the odds. Paynter showed courage not many humans can even display. He is in his own dimension, he is Paynter, he is the Unbreakable Horse.


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All "religion" aside, come back next year and kick ass, Paynter.
Good one, icy.
I'll come back as a horse and break your heart.
I will haunt all of you, if there's an afterlife.
Naturally I didn't mean HRN people, just to make that clear.
It's a lot easier if you people would just set it aside on the premise when you pass on either you'll know or you won't.
Fate: more mythology always defined AFTER the fact.
Realty vs. myth. I will take reality as, well REAL and myth as what it is unproveable mythology. You do what you want.
how many kilowatts? Prayer was designed to assauge personal anxiety....NOTHING can be proved that it accomplishes, NADA.
  • andy.dean.9212 · That's jut it: "Proof" isn't everything my friend. There is also something else called the supernatural. Let's be tolerant of everyone and leave the snide remarks for the laugh factory crowd. · 1860 days ago
t_v---If you're willing to let each person live by their own philosophy (as you stated above), then why continue to respond with the dismissive, derogatory remarks? That, to me, is tantamount to bullying.
LOL, with all the Power of Prayer and the Luck talk,, I will throw in FATE. How about we all choose our fate? Paynter was NOT meant to die so he did not! He has something else to accomplish.
tim, that is my point to tv. Let people believe what they wish to believe. Some believe it was the amazing vets, the quick action they took, some believe it was luck, others believe it was pray. No matter what you believe the horse lived and is looking to make an already amazing comeback even greater. However, tv can't let people think what they want. The know it all of HRN must slam anyone who has a different belief than he. It's a shame.
Please NO religeon its ridiculous to try and make others believe what you do.
Htichens was right, consistently
The myth continues
Gee, Prayer only makes people feel like they are somehow helping? Who knew? PRAYER is seeking the help of the only ONE who CAN help. That would be God, my friend. So glad God was listening.
Each person live by their own philosophy. The whole diety malarkey and the constant engendering guilt made me RUN from religion at an early age. Buddhism and the Tao are closer to the realities of life and self improvement without prostrating oneself to some higher and mytical authority.
Getting the best care possible is what made all the difference. Prayer only makes people feel like they are somehow helping, but do whatever helps you sleep at night.
I guess I should just be happy that TV is getting told off!!! But I still stand by my earlier comment.
Well said, Dani.

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