Oxbow Emerged From Haskell With Soft-Tissue Injury

Preakness winner Oxbow emerged from his fourth-place finish in Sunday's Haskell with a soft-tissue injury, Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas reported Monday morning.


Oxbow returned on Monday to Lukas' barn at the Oklahoma training track, where his progress will be closely monitored. He was pulled up shortly after crossing the wire in the Haskell.


"The X-rays were all perfectly clean," Lukas said. "It's what you guys would call an ankle sprain, it looks like. I was more concerned with a condylar [fracture] or something like that but, boy, he had a pretty set of X-rays. It's amazing. For a horse with that many [starts], they were really clean."


Ridden by Hall of Famer Gary Stevens, Oxbow led through fractions of 23.90 and 48.22 seconds, going six furlongs in 1:12.43 before dropping back. He managed to hang on for fourth, a head in front of Pick of the Litter.


"He just wasn't traveling comfortably," Lukas said. "Gary overreacted probably a little bit, but the good thing is we X-rayed him from top to bottom and everything's clean. [Stevens] thought at the half-mile that he was starting to get uncomfortable, and he just kind of held him from there."


Lukas was unsure of the timetable for Oxbow's return, leaving his status for the Travers uncertain. Sixth in the Kentucky Derby, he finished second to Palace Malice in the Belmont Stakes.


"You never know," Lukas said. "Horses react differently to different situations. After seeing everything yesterday, I felt comfortable in that I didn't rule out the Travers, but that's probably the reality of it. I would say the fall and looking toward the Breeders' Cup seems reasonable."


Lukas expects to be represented in the Travers by Grade 2 winner Will Take Charge, who ran second to Palace Malice in Saturday's Jim Dandy.



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Older Comments about Oxbow Emerged From Haskell With Soft-Tissue Injury...

I am surprised that many an animal at yearling sales don't glow in the dark the number of times they are x-rayed beore the sale.
THESE are juveniles too young to have established degenearative joint diseas ( cartlilage narrowing and osteophytic lipping)...They would not show a thing if, and it is most likely, soft tissues (ligaments and tendons) are involved.
What really ticks me off here is the "pretty set of X-rays. It's amazing. For a horse with that many [starts], they were really clean." If you're expecting a horse to have broken down bones, then it's a sign you shouldn't be racing him so hard
I don't know I did lose by 10 ;/
Power Broker, did you find the track deep and slow or fast and light ? :).
I liked the track but sadly my fellow horse hurt himself :(
"it goes to my point i have been making for months.on these big days,the tracks scrape the surface to insure fast times." >>>> Well, obviously, if you read my post, Monmouth did a pretty damn BAD job insuring fast times. What baloney.
By the way, I "liked" Vodka and Goblin's comments.
It's better to be safe than sorry, so I think Gary Stevens did the right thing and I think Lukas' comments (as per usual) were out of line. I'm not sure what the talk about the track being scraped and fast. Monmouth's surface on Sunday was deep and slow, as Vodkak stated. Monmouth produced slow times, on the main track, unless you consider these times fast: 1:12.02 for 6f in Race 1, 1:10.82 for 6f in Race 3, 1:13.35 for 6f in Race 4, 1:46.09 for 8.5f in Race 6, 1:47.59 for 8.5f in Race 7, 1:45.86 for 8.5f in Race 9, 1:11.04 for 6f in Race 11 and 1:50.68 for 9f in Race 13. I really don't consider those times fast at all. If you want fast times or a track being scraped on the big day, look no further than Saratoga on Jim Dandy Day, where they produced times like 1:09 and change for 6f and 1:47.37 for 9f. This being Saratoga, which doesn't always produce particulary lightening quick times. This idea, to me, that Monmouth was scraped on the inside, light and playing fast is pure fantasy. As LAZ stated about Beyer Speed Figures (how it is calculated by final time: how fast the FINAL times were produced on that given day), Verrazano was given a 116 Beyer for running 1:50 and change 9f time. Pants on Fire and Joyful Victory (right horses?) also recieved high beyers for relatively slow times. Overall, this whole "Monmouth was scraped on the inside, light and fast on Sunday" is pure baloney and a statement with NO backing or evidence at all. Monmouth was deep, heavy and slow the entire day. Anyone who disagrees with me, feel free to counter, but I don't see any logical factual statements that could make your argument even considerable.
i'm glad Gary "overreacted" better to overreact & be safe then let the poor animal pound his injury to a pulp & immediately retire or be euthanized. Oxbow was eased & while i do not think he would have caught Verrazano, but as game as Oxbow is, if he wasn't held up i'm sure the margin of victory would have been significantly smaller.
Every comment I've read said Monmouth was deep and slow.
Wow! That's an interesting perspective coming from Lukas. Gary had just ridden a horse that he fortuitously pulled up and was subsequently found to have a condylar fx. Of course Lukas must have forgotten how fortunate it was that the same Gary eased Thunder Gulch in the 1995 JCGC. After thinking TG was just a little sore for maybe two days, they decided to invest in some x-rays; he had a fracture of his left front cannon bone and was retired. Lukas should be grateful that he has the conscientious Gary Stevens to "overreact" when in doubt.
My sentiments, also.
Thanks, EPB, I'm feeling better already.
Get well soon best buddy!
tmallios, I find your description of tracks scraping the surface to insure fast times interesting. Only thing that might be puzzling to me, was I felt the track crew had "doctored" the track at Saratoga, making the time of the Jim Dandy three seconds faster than the Haskell. Did you consider Monmouth to be "fast" the day you were there?
i guess that is how many trainers are.if i recall,mike smith took some heat for supposedly over-reacting at monmouth against verrazano earlier. it goes to my point i have been making for months.on these big days,the tracks scrape the surface to insure fast times.this is a practice accepted by many tracks.look at the injuries.violate on F.O.Y. day, IMLD on the haskell prep day,oXBOW ON HASKELL DAY, TCI on haskell day.the only way this will stop is if horsemen and horseowners put pressure on the tracks to level off the surface.but look at the trade off,fast times increase horses value.be it in the breeding shed or at re sale value. someone has to find a middle ground.
Well, geez, Lukas - after Indy in the Monmouth Cup, I'd sure rather have Stevens overreact than ignore anything!

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