O'Neill disappointed in Chenery's comments

Doug O'Neill says he's dismayed that Secretariat's former owner criticized the connections of Triple Crown candidate I'll Have Another for employing him as the horse's trainer.


He thinks Penny Chenery would change her mind if she were to see him work. "It's disappointing because of how much respect I have for Mrs. Chenery," O'Neill said May 29 from Belmont Park where he is preparing I'll Have Another for the June 9 Belmont Stakes. "I would love to have her hang out with me for a week and would stress to her, 'Don't believe everything that is written."'


O'Neill has been fined four times and currently faces a 45-day suspension because one of his horses was found to have an excess level of total carbon dioxide following a race.

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As much as I respect and admire Penny Tweedy, I have to wonder; did she have tha same reaction to Rick Dutrow being on the cusp of the Triple Crown? I don't recall that. Dutrow, like O'Neill was, is still facing disciplinary action over a 2010 incident, whit (it seems to me) far more troubling circumstances and consequences. http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-05-15/news/31714250_1_drug-butorphanol-rick-dutrow-fastus-cactus
I don't know Mr. Reddam or Mr. O' Neil personally but apparently Mr. Reddam believes in Mr. O'Neill's abilities and has faith in him as a trainer.
He knows way more than he lets on. I have a feeling he will unleash a few hammers or slam dunks or however you want to put it. He already has. Enjoy the ride. lol.
This Cocoa person is a character. He seem to know little about Thoroughbred horses. You logic make no sense and your knowledge of horse racing suck. A lot of exception colt don't normally produce good colt. They pass their X factor to their daughter who pass it to their Colt. Hence..Princequillo to Something Royal to Secretariat.
They don't censor opinions. They censor personal attacks. Forget it. I had to edit out the rest. Short version is that I e-mailed the blog writer who left that site. I was dismayed that certain contributors weren't corralled at that site anymore. Loved his response about the chief annoyance.
(comment cut off) you really should learn to get in the habit of citing your sources, i.e. using records of objective fact, when throwing out such wild accusations. In another age it might be called slander. I'm beginning to see why Blood-Horse and many other sites have their comment forums censored my moderators...
Thanks for all the "black-helicopter"-style conspiracy theories, cocoa; you
According to you.
According to my daughter? Anything that comes out of her mouth. ;)
It doesn't make much sense, but what does coming from a paranoid teenager?
It doesn't make much sense, but what does coming from a paranoid teenager?
That doesn't make much sense though considering that one horse's talent and the genetics they pass onto their offspring often don't have a connection. For example, the reason why Secretariat was such a great horse was because of his X factor gene, but he could only pass it on down the female line which was why he failed at stud. I don't think that the cleanness of the trainer should be based off of a horse's gentics
I am saying in order to be a clean trainer atleast one of your horses must be successful at stud so we know he wasn't drugged. Of course if the horse had no access to quality mares, then I can see being a fine trainer, but when you get world class mares...
cocoa2, are you saying that in order to be a good trainer, one of your horses must be a successful stud?
+ all the best mares where pretty much trained by D. Wayne Lukas and my feelings for him are no match for my opinions on Laurin.
I know that, that is why I say Secretariat was a failure at stud. His best, Risen Star, owed his talent to his mother's side.
Cocoa i'm sorry you place so much emphasis on trainers that have trained decent stallions, for without the mare the prized stallion wouldn't worth a thing. Especially when you consider what the Jones boys did at calumet with Whirlaway and Citation. Neither of which were very successful at stud, but then they were Triple Crown winners and any trainer can win the Triple Crown!!!
icy never said he didn't cheat, but that there is no record of a training suspension for Mr Laurin. Therefore one can not assume he is guilty without the proof. As for cocoa's proof words from grooms is not proof of "juicing." But then again in today's society a person is guilty until proven innocent.
I have proof. Laurin never trained a decent stallion, his winning streak went up very sharply and several of his grooms have admitted to seeing him inject "somethin' jus' above te withers"
dcrscoops, he cheated as a jockey but never as a trainer? Amazing thought process.

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