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Nicoletti, Pacheco Named Gulfstream Analysts

Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino announced Nov. 18 that Ron Nicoletti and Jessica Pacheco will serve as hosts and analysts for the 2011 meet beginning Jan. 5.

In addition to handicapping Gulfstream’s live races, Nicoletti and Pacheco will host “Gulfstream Today” before every live program and will host a special “Gulfstream Saturday” seminar with a variety of guests. Both will also contribute to Gulfstream’s web site and social media platforms.

“We’re very excited to provide our fans two of the most respected analysts in the country in Ron and Jessica for what will be one of Gulfstream’s most exciting and historic race meets,” said Gulfstream president and general manager Steve Calabro in a release. “Not only are Ron and Jessica known for their insightful handicapping, but they both have vibrant personalities and are well liked by fans locally and nationally.”

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Humphrey, time to move on.
hey if the marketing Einstein's put on testosterone laced hunks blubberying incompetence, the response would be not different
you can listen to incompetent T&A's but I will pass
I cannot believe the sexist words coming out of your mouth humphrey. You have defintely crossed the line.
humphrey is truly classless but based on his many comments on this site I am hardly surprised. Unbelievable.
Marketing gurus never seem to get it. Fans want competent, well organized information that is not a cloned script that every other talking head regurgitates.....MOST of the true fans see right through these "T and A" mouthpieces for what they are.
If you want off color how about ye who have fecoltiths in your circle of Willis?
the psyshciatrist speaks...Tired of losing does that to the psyche
Your off-color comments had nothing to do with competency and were clearly a personal attack.
For TWO years I did the prep and camera work for out pre-race show with our track annoucer and handicapper. It was straight forward, informative and succinct. As a group (and all our produtcion staff included) laughed out loud at the BIMBO's many of the tracks hired to entice an audience with "looks' and NOT ability. The Beulah twins were another example and sadly the thired year, our track went the same way with horrilble feedback : "take off the bimbo and bring back someone who knows what they are talking about!!!" Jan Rushton at Aqueduct, Rene Kierens at Woodbine and Elissa Blowe at Fort Erie are examples of competent, informative women, IN THE BUSINESS OF HORSE RACING not a "showy bimbo" who can artuculate what is congent in the understanding of the game from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE...Gulfstream tried this with Professor Gordon Jones DUMB, buu ostensibly good looking daughter who used the term 'attending the pace' so often it made viewers, IN MASS, turn off the audio and she was let go after two seasons of open mouthed igmorance...Just like this twitering emaciated thing.
incompetent people in front or behind the camera are exposed for what they are "Incompetent"
Come on Humphrey, was that really necessary? Stick to breaking down the races and providing industry insight.
humphrey claims to work in the horse racing industry. I would have expected more from an industry insider. Definitely not cool.
humphrey: open mouth, insert foot!
Not cool, humphrey...
If you can't say anything nice, don't...
Reminds me of a girl who gave a speech in high school. She had a nervous tic and kept throwing her drooping sweater up over her shoulder. By the end of the speech everyone was counting the shoulder throws they were so distracting, Same with this one.
Pacheco needs some Parkinsion's meidcation to stop here tremors on air

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