NTWO calls for icareihelp rescue group to 'relinquish' horses

NTWO calls for icareihelp rescue group to 'relinquish' horses
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The president of the National Thoroughbred Welfare Organization, established this year by Fox Hill Farm’s Rick Porter, on Wednesday called for the icareihelp horse rescue group headed by Dina Alborano to "relinquish immediately" horses in its care after weeks of documenting the equines found many in poor health.

In an article titled “The Battle for Louisiana: Dina Alborano and Horses at Risk,” Keith details -- both in writing and photos -- accounts by those who adopted horses from icareihelp, finding them in seemingly worse shape than before rescued from kill pens in Louisiana.

According to an NTWO statement in the article, NTWO, New Vocations and other registered nonprofits "will come in to care for the horses, get them any vet and farrier treatments need, and place them with other non-profits and in new homes."

"The example of icareihelp illustrates why potential donors should tamp down the passionate emotions which come from the sight of a horse supposedly in danger in a kill pen and instead choose the more quiet but solid love for the horses found in hundreds of legitimate rescues across the nation," Keith wrote.

The NTWO first came in contact with icareihelp after it’s formation was announced in February, Keith said, when Alborano contacted the organization asking for Fox Hill Farm to donate toward bailing horses. NTWO declined, beginning a strained relationship with Alborano.

Among the reasons why:

 The NTWO chooses not to support bailing practices, as they provide kill buyers with money to extort more horses, raising prices for rescue groups who will pay more than slaughter plants. Alborano frequently pulls horses from kill buyers at Thompson’s Horse Lot in Pitkin, Louisiana, many of which are Thoroughbreds. The NTWO works to intercept horses before they arrive in kill lots.

 On icareihelp’s website, the rescue is listed as a non-profit, although the work to receive 501(c)3 status was never completed.

 The NTWO does not support Albarano’s use of Hal Parker, a former employee for kill buyers, as caretaker for the horses on his property.

Keith’s full update, including accounts of horses in poor condition from adopters and volunteers, can be read on NTWO.org. It is the latest in a saga of horse slaughter in Louisiana, where equines are moved from racetracks to kill pens.

Prominent horse owner Maggi Moss in May began a petition calling for state racing officials and politicians to act on the issue. Her petition has accumulated more than 55,000 signatures.

“They keep turning their heads on one of the biggest scams and barbaric treatment of horses out there," Moss said in May. "I'm trying to take this up as high as possible in Louisiana.”

Alborano has discussed the article on her Twitter account, @icareihelp, saying she has "nothing to hide." She also posted photos videos of rescued horses in their current state while thanking Parker for his role.

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