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Mystery Woman Owns Secretariat DNA: His Family Tree Continues to Grow

In 1973, a woman stepped up to the plate and had the courage to believe her horse had what it takes to win the Triple Crown title and he did.

 In 2009, a woman tried to save the life of a son of a famous Hall of Fame thoroughbred, and bought three mares in an attempt to save his bloodline when she was told that she had a small window of opportunity to breed him before his eminent demise. 

In 2010, that woman watched the premier showing of the movie, Secretariat, from a different perspective than anyone else in her small home town in North Florida.

In 2011, that same woman awaited the arrival of the grandchild of that 1973 Triple Crown winner and out of seven mares to foal, the vibrant bay colt was born on her 65th birthday.

In 2013, that vibrant bay colt started training and is now ready to make his racing debut this fall in honor of his grandfather's 40th anniversary celebration of his 1973 Triple Crown victory.

There's no question as to the woman's identity of the 1973 Triple Crown Winner, or who won the Triple Crown title that year, but only a few people knows the name of the woman who stepped out on a limb to save the life of Deputy Minister's son.  Penny Chenery knows who she is by now after being told on several occasions that her goal is to "Keep the Secretariat Legend Alive".  Secretariat's exercise rider, Charlie Davis knows who she is because he came to her small 25 acre farm to see the colt when he was four months old.  Penny's daughter, Kate and Leeanne Ladin, co-author of, Secretariat's Meadows, knows who she is, but they are among a very few people that knows about her colt that carries the bloodlines of both Deputy Minister and Secretariat through his sire, Midnight Lute, leading sire of 2yr. olds.  No one knows that she has braved the odds against her to honor a woman she hardly knows except through a few brief meetings with her, Hollywood's cameras and various books written about her famous American Icon.   

Is this mystery woman's dream as big and awesome as Penny's?  Everyone that meets her would say it might be even bigger and more difficult to achieve than Penny's dream because she wasn't raised in a racing dynasty or have her father's thoroughbred heritage behind her, but the question she poses catches everyone's attention.  That question is," How wonderful would it be for Penny Chenery and for the American public for that matter, if a grandson of Secretariat won the next Triple Crown"?  Is it a pipe dream or does her "blessing", as she calls it, have some merit?

Only time will tell, for very shortly her two colts, Secretariat's Glory; a grandson by Midnight Lute, out of Secretariat's Fire, (from Secretariat's last crop), and My Storm Trooper; a great-great grandson, will begin their graduate training program in mid August.  The year 2014 marks their Derby campaign enrollment. The "Boys" as she affectionately refers to them will race under the name, Crown Of Glory Racing, LLC. Meet the mystery woman in her soon to be published, The Story of Glory, or visit:crownofgloryracing.com; email:ohglory2014@gmail.com


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