Mylute...Super Screener Kentucky Derby Dark Horse

Mylute comes up strong as a Super Screener candidate to hit the board at 20-1+ odds.  Here's the hard evidence that supports this hypothesis:


*  Mylute has moved forward in each if his last 6 races as indicated by his BRIS Speed Rating figures...87, 90, 91, 94, 95, 105


*  His biggest move forward occured in the Louisiana Derby as his BRIS Speed Rating jumped from 95 to 105.


* The removal of blinkersin the Lousiana Derby was a major contributing factor to his big step forward as he was able to relax better earlier in the race.


* His BRIS Pace and Speed Rating line came back huge off his gutsy Lousiana Derby 2nd place finish...1st Call = 97;  2nd Call = 109; Late Pace = 96 and Speed Rating = 105.  Compare that to Orb's figures out of the Florida Derby...1st Call = 76; 2nd Call = 87; Late Pace = 103 and Speed Rating = 97 

* His off-the-pace running style is conducive to picking up tired horses late which, with an expected hot pace in the Kentucky Derby, puts him in contention to sustain his late bid into a Superfecta finish.


* There'll be no question about foundation with this colt as the Kentucky Derby will be his 10th start. 

* His only negative is that he has tended to hang in some of his stakes races but the removal of blinkers may actually help him overcome that problem as he continues to mature.


Even though Mylute finished 2nd in the Lousiana Derby and posted some of the best numbers of all prepsters thus far, by the time we reach the 1st Saturday Day in May, you can be sure he'll be a forgotten horse and that creates excellent value.

In just a few weeks we'll be releasing the 2013 Kentucky Derby Super Screener.  Learn where Mylute will rank against all contenders and other bombers.  Get ahead of the crowd and shut out all of the Derby noise to isolate the top win contenders that meet and exceed proven historical criteria for winning the Kentucky Derby.


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Older Comments about Mylute...Super Screener Kentucky Derby Dark Horse...

Oh, LOL, ammino.
cab, not only did I watch the race multiple times but I have also seen photos. There was a point when Mylute had Revolutionary. The pair then broke up, Revolutionary opened up a half length and Mylute gamely fought back to make it a neck
Just have heard you say it :)
What do you mean, amino? lol.
Cocoa -- not sure what race you saw but once Revolutionary dug in and regained the lead, he pretty much drew off. He cleared by 5 lengths on the gallop out. I know you like Mylute but c'mon.
"throw money" on stuff.
You and rafirox love to
I'll still throw money on him lol
I haven't really give this one much thought (that's why they call them long shots) but I will give him another look now, Thanks, Mike!
This horse closed TIRED horses who ran in a FORGOTTEN prep race. Mylute FAILED to complete his rally, actually passing Revolutionary at one point but then FALLING back, a sign of his GREENESS. He did pick it up again to come back at Revolutionary but it was too late. I have him as a KY Futures at something like 100+ to 1. I don't think he can do it and I don't think he can do it at Pimlico either. I want a TC horse, and this is not the one.

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