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My Favorite Breeder's Cup Horse

I have been pondering what horse I am going to the Breeder’s Cup to see. Last year, I couldn’t decide who I was going to see because I was excited about so many. I was going to see Blame, Uncle Mo, Awesome Feather, Blind Luck and Chamberlain Bridge. This year, things are changing so quickly I don’t know who to be really excited about but then I remembered my old faithful would be there….Chamberlain Bridge.
I think Chamberlain Bridge is the horse I am most excited about. It was great to see him there last year amongst the superstars. Chamberlain Bridge is an athlete, a racehorse. He is not undefeated, he has never won a Kentucky Derby and he will not produce amazing offspring…but he will WOW you. The horse flies just under the radar of the journalists and fans, but his desire to win is second to none. He is a modest athlete, he does not tote around a hall of fame jockey but he shows up and surprises you with spectacular wins and amazing rides.
His story is just like the stories Hollywood loves to tell, only his are true. He is a good horse, Jamie Theriot is a good jockey but when these two pair up they are great. You know how I love the dramatics and the story of this duo is it.
Chamberlain Bridge won this race last year against horses like Unzip Me and Central City. This year he will face the likes of Ben’s Cat (if the money is raised) and the 2009 champ California Flag. The only problem is Chamberlain Bridge of 2011 does not appear to be the same Chamberlain Bridge that won this race a year ago. This year he does not have the wins that he accumulated last year, but no worries according to his trainer Calhoun. Calhoun said after his first race, a victory, this year his horse seemed a little sluggish and he wasn’t sure what the problem was. They gave him a little rest and think he is ready to go. He did come back from his vacation to a third place finish, but Calhoun thinks he is getting back to the horse he was last year. Calhoun said he is sound and determined so that is good enough for me. Not to mention the fact that Chamberlain Bridge has never finished out of the money at Churchill.
I know that there are champions from all over meeting up at Churchill for the Breeders Cup; we have Goldikova going again for history, we have Havre De Grace following the road of the great Zenyatta taking on the boys, we have the Uncle Mo of old facing his critics in the Classic…but there is no horse with the heart of Chamberlain Bridge. We’ll see him heading down the stretch, with Theriot aboard, appearing to barely keep up with his competition. As the finish line approaches, Theriot will start his ride and Chamberlain Bridge with his heart and unnoticed turn of foot will start passing the competition one by one. Then suddenly, the ‘Big Dipper’ will swoop down and finish first in the nick of time.
This horse does not have a great record, but he has great heart and that makes him worth watching. He shows up when nobody thinks he will…can’t wait to see him draped with flowers again this year. So I am wishing the best of luck to my Breeder’s Cup horse Chamberlain Bridge…God Speed.


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Older Comments about My Favorite Breeder's Cup Horse...

Love to hear that winplacsho...I really like this horse.
Rumor has it Chamberlain Bridge is back to his old self & working like a champ
Never mind. Computers! :-/
Oh. Sorry, I meant to put that comment under "When BC plans go awry."
Last year was magical at the Breeders Cup and I hope this year is just as majical. Hopefully Chamberlain Bridge can bring that magic back this year
I'm excited to see Flat Out because his trainer is a native Kansan like myself & I think he has a good shot to win. Goldikova for obvious reasons. Also pumped to see Stacelita hopefully take on Midday.
Me I cant wait to see the juv colts.....and The classic cause I think Mo may Ghostzap them...

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