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Such a shame he never returned to his three year old form.
Such a shame he never returned to his three year old form.
https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/347c7ac3ab8c92366d849bb46158c35fbccee8c2a53c3623ee70c1202a5a075c.jpg "Who says play time is over"!
If Improbable wins the TC in 2019, it will be a "trifecta" for Tri Jet (he has 2 so far with American Pharoah and Justify). Now he's showing up on top with Improbable.
Retired and standing at Indiana Stallion Station
Three years ago folks on this site were up in arms at the slight given to us by SI. Despite running away with the public vote, SI decided Serena was more deserving than American Pharoah. No matter how high of regard you hold the horse, his team and the manner he was guided have insured he never gets the respect he deserves. No vox, no SI, no HOY. Does anyone think it will dawn on Winstar and CHC how much fans of this sport disapprove of there attempts to monopolize and rip the heart and soul out of the sport? They obviously have the money and the talent to find and buy amazing stock. Instead of competing they form a greedy unholy alliance to try and crush every small horseman with a dream. If that isn’t bad enough they bully jockeys and trainers to pull crap like they did in the Belmont. Protecting their investment. There is a right way and a wrong way, unfortunately I really don’t think they care.
too slow
this race is a public workout
Am I missing something? How come the 2 year old undefeated champ has no comment on his page? Any news where his next spot will be? The Sham? Im interested to see who Baffert keeps in Santa Anita and who he ships to Arkansas.
Stormy Liberal worked 5f, Dec 12th, in 1:01.80 (h) finishing 4/14
Roy H worked 4f, Dec 12th, in 49.20 (h) finishing 4/8
Calculator worked 4f, Dec 12th, in 49.80 (h) finishing 7/8.
I’m assuming the rest of the field will be fighting for 2nd place after Audible..skipping this one
Wow the race is stacked
What is up with these sires coming out of nowhere, kicking the bucket and then producing some of the best horses on the planet? It will be interesting to see if City Zip's offspring will fetch sale high prices at auctions this year, much like SD did this last year. Crazy to think he may end up a better sire than his half bro and HOTY, Ghostzapper. This guy will be missed.
Has this colt run a graded stakes race yet?
  • Goblin · He has not yet run in a graded stake in the U.S. All his starts, except the Caribbean Classic/Clasico del Caribe (at Gulfstream), have been in his home country of Mexico. In his total of 14 starts, he has 6 (six) Gr.1 wins and 1 (one) Gr.2 win; all have been run at the Hipodromo De Las Americas in Mexico City. His first start was on 5/6/17, as a 2 y/o, at the Hipodromo. All his races are listed at Equibase under "Results"; of course only the last race at GP contains the official chart. · 1 day ago
ANyone who evaluates a horse strictly by Beyers is does not have a handle on why they race and what those interactions mean.
  • slewpy · that 107 beyer got in the santa anita derby proves beyond all doubt that the beyer numbers are a joke. his santa anita derby was the 57th slowest in the last 60 years over a track that was fast. 12th slowest in the last 13 years. · 1 day ago
  • soonboomer · ANyone who evaluates a horse strictly by ANY SINGLE HANDICAPPING FACTOR is does not have a handle on why they race and what those interactions mean. I fixed it for you. · 1 day ago
La Boheme sells bred to Battle of Midway Keeneland January sale.
  • Mary Y. via Disqus · Must be a very fertile mare. Thanks for the update. · 10 hours ago
Improbable looks very probable.
Nero worked 5f, Dec 11th, in 59.60 (h) finishing 1/58

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