Luzzi, Studart Support MDA

Maylan Studart
Photo: Rita Turfe

Jockeys Mike Luzzi and Maylan Studart will represent The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) on this year's Muscle Team for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's 2014 Muscle Team Gala & Benefit Auction, with doors opening to the public at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 7 at Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers.

The duo will join a collection of professional athletes from across the Metro-New York area on the 2014 Muscle Team. Antrel Rolle of the New York Giants and Quinton Coples of the New York Jets are among those that will be alongside Luzzi and Studart in putting their muscle behind finding a cure for neuromuscular diseases.

The annual event, now in its 17th year, is a high-profile sports dinner that pairs outstanding athletes with an MDA Buddy - a local child living with a muscle disease. The gala consists of a cocktail hour and dinner, as well as a chance to bid on unique auction items and to mingle with athletes, celebrities, and top business executives from the New York metropolitan area.

Studart, who won a race earlier this week at Aqueduct Ractrack with her MDA Buddy in attendance, will be participating in the event for the sixth time. More than $1 million is expected to be raised this year.

For tickets to the 2014 Muscle Team Gala & Benefit Auction or information about MDA's services, please call Caity Connolly at: 212-682-5272, or visit



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ahahaha amino! There's another interested party in my household that feels the same way you do! We shall see. Could be pure entertainment.
Hoping your other home team spikes Wilson like a soggy volleyball today, SSilence, but I doubt it… THE SEQUEL is coming up to his 1st start off a very light worktab, Blabs.
Ah remember I grew up there in among the evergreens & bigfeet ;) I was never a Seachicks fan. I even made a wager against them when they went to the big game in Feb '06. Made a small fortune!! I must admit though, since acquiring Wilson things have been pretty cool. I kinda like it.
My friend pegged them that a long time ago. With their home field advantage and bad teams. They were live underdogs with the points. Thus he merged the 2. Common SS ,be it horses or Sports. If there is no relationship to Gambling,i will be far from the equation. A friend wanted to make me a wager a while back. Was also willing to give me great odds. The bet was that i could not go the month of August without betting. But i would have to watch the races. I told him why so long. If their was no gambling,i'd lose interest after 2 weeks and not watch.
SeaDogs? I used to call them the SeaChicks :P
You may be right about the Legend. If KC put a 45 spot on these guys with A.Smith and a 2nd string offense. Brady can go for 60.Love to see Car. beat the SF Forty Whinners. But i doubt it. Maybe for the better,can the see the SeaDogs destroy them in the Championship game.
...and San Francisco is SO san francisco >> Brady could pick Luck's secondary clean tomorrow night.
Nathan,that is a given.Could care less what the records are. Those NoCal losers will never have a shot at us. Lame excusese and whinning is their specialty. Give the Pats credit. They lost 2 heartbreakers in the big GAME. Took it with class and never said Boo. Guess must be something to having an Al Time coach and Hall of Famer lead the team.
Thanks, but was waiting for the "Giants have the Niners' number" line :D GL
Bottom line is I'm not a psychiatrist.
On foot is always the way to go. Means you helped those that needed it most. Nathan,do not forget the sequel of Stone Cold Steve Austin at GP tommorrow. Hope all works out and he is what he is supposed to be.
My bad... Never looked to be perfectly honest, water under the bridge >> Sometimes “10 times as nice as pretty” can get you in the winner’s circle on horseback or on foot, right Nathan? :D
Whatever, left out the "her". I'm in a several years mood. Almost recovered. Only about 7 more years to go.
It wasn't one and you obviously never read good 2cu again or I love and she hates me or other bizarro crap like that.
The pic atop the article and the ad side by side spelled PC disaster… I’ll take Cali9ers to party @ The Meadowlands, SeaChalkie… >> @Mary... crappiest apology ever.
Amino/Mary. She is a very caring and warm person. She doanates her time. Like i have said previously. She is 10 times as nice as she is pretty. Good luck to you "cutie"
She's one of my/our fb friends.
The comment box always poses the question, “What do you think?”, so here goes >> It was SOME coincidence that Maylan’s MDA Buddy was at the track when she brought in her $50 beauty and BETAMERICA should have graced Ms Studart with the ad dollars in a charity split rather than go with a more Skeletor look.

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