Ky. Derby odds: Arabian Knight is favorite among 215 in Vegas

Ky. Derby odds: Arabian Knight is favorite among 215 in Vegas
Photo: Circa Sportsbook

Arabian Knight and Forte had been in lockstep as the winter-book favorites for Kentucky Derby 2023. After his victory Saturday in the Grade 3 Southwest Stakes, Arabian Knight reclaimed his place as the clear favorite Monday morning in Las Vegas futures.

His 5 1/2-length win as the odds-on favorite in the Oaklawn slop shortened the Uncle Mo colt to 6-1 at both Caesars Sportsbook and Circa Sports in Nevada. To be exact, Circa had Arabian Knight at plus 650, or 13-2. Before the race, he was as long as 11-1 last week.

Baffert’s Arabian Knight wins Southwest Stakes.

Because he is in the care of suspended trainer Bob Baffert, Arabian Knight would have to be transferred by owner Amr Zedan by the end of February in order to be eligible for Derby qualifying points. That is unless Baffert were to win a preliminary injunction when he and his lawyers take their case against Churchill Downs Inc. to federal court in Louisville, Ky., on Thursday.

Forte, who was crowned the 2022 juvenile male champion Thursday at the Eclipse Awards, held firm at 10-1 at Caesars and actually drifted from 7-1 to 8-1 at Circa. He was the clear second choice Monday morning in the Nevada markets.

Caesars added four horses to bring its total to 144. It shortened the odds for 15 and drifted them for three others.

Circa added three names and dropped 14, leaving 195. It cut the prices for 14 and went longer with 55.

There was a net loss of four horses since last week, leaving these 215 listed Monday morning in Nevada. They are show in order of their best prices as indicated in bold face.

Kentucky Derby 2023CaesarsCircaTrainerLast race
Arabian Knight    6-1    6-1Bob Baffert1st Southwest (G3)
Forte  10-1     8-1Todd Pletcher1st Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Instant Coffee  20-1  20-1Brad Cox1st Lecomte (G3)
Faustin  25-1   20-1Bob Baffert2nd San Vicente (G2)
National Treasure   20-1  25-1Bob Baffert3rd Sham (G3)
Expect More   27-1Todd Pletcher2nd MSW at GP
Extra Añejo   15-1  35-1Steve Asmussen1st MSW at KEE
Havnameltdown  35-1   30-1Bob Baffert1st San Vicente (G2)
Hoosier Philly (f)   25-1  35-1Tom Amoss1st Golden Rod (G2)
Giant Mischief   30-1  40-1Brad Cox2nd Springboard Mile
Hejazi  40-1   25-1Bob Baffert1st MSW at SA
Victory Formation  40-1   27-1Brad Cox1st Smarty Jones
Cave Rock   12-1  42-1Bob Baffert2nd Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Loggins   20-1  45-1Brad Cox2nd Breeders' Futurity (G1)
Signator   35-1  55-1Shug McGaughey1st MSW at BAQ
Verifying   40-1  55-1Brad Cox1st alw OC at OP
Arabian Lion   15-1  60-1Bob Baffert5th Los Al Futurity (G2)
Banishing   45-1  60-1Brendan Walsh1st MSW at FG
Tapit Trice   60-1  70-1Todd Pletcher1st MSW at AQU
Blazing Sevens   40-1  75-1Chad Brown4th Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Capture the Flag  75-1 Shug McGaughey1st MSW at SAR
Confidence Game  75-1  75-1Keith Desormeaux3rd Lecomte (G3)
Corona Bolt  75-1   70-1Brad Cox6th Southwest (G3)
Cyclone Mischief   65-1  75-1Dale Romans1st alw OC at GP
Echo Again  75-1   70-1Steve AsmussenDNF Lecomte (G3)
Point Proven   75-1  75-1Todd Pletcher4th alw OC at TAM
Spun Intended  75-1 Mark GlattDNF Sham (G3)
Kingsbarns   75-1  80-1Todd Pletcher1st MSW at GP
Reincarnate   50-1  80-1Bob Baffert1st Sham (G3)
Worcester  80-1   70-1Bob Baffert2nd MSW at SA
Disarm   60-1  85-1Steve Asmussen1st MSW at SAR
Litigate   75-1  85-1Todd Pletcher2nd alw OC at GP
Tapit Shoes   60-1  85-1Brad Cox4th alw OC at FG
Practical Move   90-1  90-1Tim Yakteen1st Los Al Futurity (G2)
Two Phil's   75-1  95-1Larry Rivelli2nd Lecomte (G3)
Curly Jack100-1   35-1Tom Amoss2nd Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Determinedly100-1   80-1Mark Casse1st alw OC at FG
Jace's Road   75-1100-1Brad Cox5th Southwest (G3)
Mage100-1   65-1Gustavo Delgado1st MSW at GP
Mo Strike100-1 Brad Cox4th Hopeful (G1)
Newgate   70-1100-1Bob Baffert2nd Sham (G3)
Red Route One   90-1100-1Steve Asmussen2nd Southwest (G3)
Shopper's Revenge100-1   75-1Steve Asmussen1st MSW at OP
Speed Boat Beach   75-1100-1Bob Baffert1st Cecil B. DeMille (G3)
Tapit's Conquest   85-1100-1Brad Cox2nd alw OC at FG
Crupi110-1   45-1Todd Pletcher2nd MSW at AQU
Post Time 100-1110-1Brittany Russell1st Maryland Juvenile
Dubyuhnell   90-1120-1Danny Gargan1st Remsen (G2)
Damon's Mound125-1 Michelle Lovell6th Iroquois (G3)
Frank's Honor125-1 Kenny McPeek1st MSW at CD
Geaux Rocket Ride 100-1125-1Richard Mandella1st MSW at SA
Gulfport 100-1125-1Steve Asmussen3rd Champagne (G1)
Lost Ark125-1 Todd PletcherDNF Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Owen's Leap125-1 Tom Amoss2nd Bashford Manor
Slip Mahoney 100-1125-1Brad Cox1st MSW at AQU
Tahoma125-1 Doug O'Neill11th Del Mar Juv. Turf (G3)
Awesome Strong   45-1135-1Jorge Delgado1st Florida Sire In Reality
Wildatlanticstorm 100-1135-1Ray Ashford1st Springboard Mile
Bourbon Spirit150-1 Brad Cox9th alw OC at KEE
Classic Legacy 110-1150-1Bill Mott1st MSW at AQU
Donegal Surges150-1 Todd Pletcher4th Sleepy Hollow
First Defender 100-1150-1Steve Asmussen1st MSW at FG
Forbidden Secret 100-1150-1Todd Pletcher1st alw OC at KEE
Frosted Departure 135-1150-1Kenny McPeek3rd Southwest (G3)
Hit Show 100-1150-1Brad Cox1st alw OC at OP
Mr. Ripple   60-1150-1Saffie Joseph Jr.3rd alw OC at GP
Rudder's Men 125-1150-1Todd Pletcher5th alw OC at GP
Stud Lovin150-1 Mike Maker2nd alw OC at KD
B Minor175-1 Kenny McPeek7th alw at CD
Bromley 150-1175-1Paulo Lobo5th Lecomte (G3)
Cajun Hope175-1 Michael Yates12th Florida Sire In Reality
Giver Not a Taker 150-1175-1Peter Miller2nd Cal Cup Derby
Harlocap 100-1175-1Bob Baffert1st MSW at SA
Joking Way 175-1Steve Asmussen1st alw OC at OP
Jungfrau 100-1175-1Bill Mott1st MSW at GP
Kangaroo Court (g) 150-1175-1Tim Yakteen1st MSW at DMR
Light Man175-1 Bruce Levine1st MSW at SAR
Lord Miles 125-1175-1Saffie Joseph Jr.3rd Mucho Macho Man
Mr Fisk   90-1175-1Bob Baffert1st MSW at SA
New York Thunder 175-1Jorge Delgado1st alw OC at GP
Please Be Nice 175-1Bill Mott1st MSW at AQU
Prairie Hawk 175-1Saffie Joseph Jr.1st alw OC at TAM
Ringside 175-1Todd Pletcher3rd MSW at TAM
Sgt. Pepper 175-1Todd Pletcher 6th MSW at GP
Shesterkin 135-1175-1Todd Pletcher1st MSW at GP
Straighten Up175-1 Mike Puype6th Speakeasy
Super Chow 100-1175-1Jorge Delgado1st Limehouse
Uncorrelated 125-1175-1Chad Brown1st MSW at AQU
Wonder Wheel (f) 175-1Mark Casse1st BC Juvenile Fillies
Agency200-1 Mark Glatt8th Del Mar Futurity (G1)
Arctic Arrogance 100-1200-1Linda Rice2nd Jerome
Champions Dream 135-1200-1Danny Gargan2nd Pasco
Divemaster200-1 Wayne Catalano1st MSW at CD
Fort Bragg 125-1200-1Bob Baffert3rd Los Al Futurity (G2)
Fort Warren   75-1200-1Bob Baffert3rd San Vicente (G2)
General Jim 200-1Shug McGaughey4th Mucho Macho Man
Gun Pilot 150-1200-1Steve Asmussen2nd alw OC at OP
Jackstown 100-1200-1Bob Baffert1st MSW at DMR
Lugan Knight 100-1200-1Michael McCarthy1st Jerome
Roman Giant200-1 Steve Asmussen9th Clever Trevor
Silver Heist 150-1200-1Steve Asmussen3rd alw OC aft FG
Sun Thunder 150-1200-1Kenny McPeek4th Southwest (G3)
Two of a Kind 135-1200-1Brian Lynch3rd Limehouse
Yellow Brick 200-1Richard Mandella2nd MSW at SA
Angel of Empire 225-1Brad Cox2nd Smarty Jones
Canarsie225-1 Todd Pletcher9th Sleepy Hollow
Case 225-1Jonathan Thomas2nd MSW at GP
Clubhouse 225-1Todd Pletcher1st MSW at AQU
Derma Sotogake 225-1Hidetaka Otonashi1st Nisai Yushun
Emperor's Appeal 135-1225-1Brian Lynch1st MSW at GP
Gandolfini 150-1225-1Bob Baffert4th American Pharoah (G1)
Giroovin 225-1Genaro García5th Riley Allison Derby
Honed 100-1225-1Kenny McPeek6th Street Sense (G3)
Howgreatisnate 225-1Andy Simoff1st Future Stars
Neural Network 225-1Chad Brown4th Jerome
Quick Hammer 150-1225-1Brad Cox5th Bowman Mill
Summonyourcourage 225-1Todd Pletcher3rd MSW at GP
Turbo 125-1225-1Juan Alvarado2nd Limehouse
Tuskegee Airmen 150-1225-1John Servis3rd Remsen (G2)
Ari Gold 250-1Todd Pletcher1st Pulpit
Baby Billy 250-1Jack Sisterson8th Mucho Macho Man
Cage Match 250-1Saffie Joseph Jr. 
Denington 250-1Kenny McPeek4th Lecomte (G3)
Funtastic Again 250-1Wesley Ward1st Leonatus at TP
Hal (g) 250-1Darwin Banach5th Grey (G3)
Major Dude 175-1250-1Todd Pletcher2nd Dania Beach
Massimo 135-1250-1Bob Baffert1st MSW at DMR
Midnight Trouble250-1 200-1Anthony Pecoraro6th Heft
Navy Man 250-1Michael McCarthy4th MSW at SA
Ohana Honor 250-1Shug McGaughey4th MSW at AQU
Power in Numbers 250-1Chad Brown2nd MSW at AQU
Powerful 125-1250-1Steve Asmussen1st Ed Brown
Prince of Jericho 150-1250-1Brittany Russell1st Spectacular Bid
Protégé 150-1250-1Ron Moquett3rd alw OC at OP
Prove Right 250-1Jim Chapman5th Turfway Prevue
Quick to Accuse 250-1Horácio de Paz4th Remsen (G2)
Rocket and Roll 250-1Brad Cox3rd MSW at OP
Run Cory Run 250-1Saffie Joseph Jr.1st MSW at TAM
Sonoran 250-1Bob Baffert2nd MSW at SA
This Run's for You250-1 Kathleen O'Connell5th alw OC at TAM
Zydeceaux 250-1Ramón Minguet1st Pasco
Aaraj 150-1275-1José D'Angelo1st MSW at GP
Carmel Road 150-1275-1Bob Baffert2nd Los Al Futurity (G2)
Circling the Drain (g) 275-1Brittany Russell2nd alw OC at LRL
Classic Catch 150-1275-1Todd Pletcher3rd alw OC at TAM
Classical Cat 175-1275-1Phil D'Amato1st Eddie Logan
Communication Memo 135-1275-1Steve Asmussen7th Smarty Jones
Full Moon Madness 200-1275-1Michelle Nevin4th Heft
General Banker 275-1Jimmy Ferraro3rd Jerome
Gilmore 110-1275-1Bob Baffert1st MSW at LRC
Knox 150-1275-1Saffie Joseph Jr.6th Inaugural
Phileas Fogg 150-1275-1Michael Stidham1st MSW at FG
Ten Days Later 275-1Kenny McPeek6th Smarty Jones
Blame It On Daddy 250-1300-1Tom Albertrani7th Sleepy Hollow
Cascais 300-1Chad Brown1st MSW at AQU
Continuar 300-1Yoshito Yahagi1st Cattleya
Freedom Road 300-1Greg Sacco1st alw OC at TAM
Ghost Hero 300-1Jayde Gelner8th Springboard Mile
Handsome Playboy (g) 300-1Gerald Bennett4th Pasco
Hard to Handle 250-1300-1David Fawkes5th alw at GP
Hayes Strike 300-1Kenny McPeek9th Leonatus at TP
Il Miracolo 300-1Antonio Sano7th Mucho Macho Man
Infinite Series 300-1Saffie Joseph Jr.3rd MSW at GP
Invulnerable 300-1Joe Sharp5th alw OC at FG
Jackson Heights 175-1300-1Orlando Noda7th NYSS at AQU
Johnyz From Albany (g) 300-1Dale Capuano2nd Maryland Juvenile
Judo 175-1300-1Brad Cox6th alw OC at OP
Kingdom Heart 150-1300-1Carlos Muñoz1st MSW at GP
Kool Kathmandu (g) 300-1Charlton Baker1st MSW at AQU
Legacy Isle 135-1300-1Rohan Crichton2nd Mucho Macho Man
Natural Harbor 300-1Tom Amoss1st MSW at FG
Recruiter 300-1Cathal Lynch1st Parx Juvenile
Release McCraken 300-1Bret Calhoun1st alw OC at FG
Roan Burgundy 250-1300-1Brittany Russell3rd alw OC at LRL
Rocket Can 300-1Bill Mott2nd alw OC at CD
Roll On Big Joe 300-1Bob Hess Jr.1st mdn OC at GP
Rolling On 250-1300-1Rohan Crichton6th alw at GP
Sully 300-1John Shirreffs3rd MSW at SA
Swirvin 200-1300-1Saffie Joseph Jr.1st MSW at GP
Tap in Formation 300-1300-1Wayne Catalano6th alw OC at LRL
Wild Mule 300-1Jerry Hollendorfer2nd alw OC at OP
Wound Up 300-1Michael McCarthy4th alw OC (turf) at SA
X Y Point 150-1300-1Saffie Joseph Jr.4th Limehouse
Yamanin Ours 300-1Takashi Saito1st Nwc at KOK
Eyes On the King 250-1325-1Mark Casse11th Mucho Macho Man
American Blaze 250-1350-1Ben Colebrook2nd alw OC at TP
Andiamo a Firenze 150-1350-1Kelly Breen5th Jerome
Andthewinneris 350-1Wayne Catalano1st Texas Turf Mile (turf)
Apocalypso 200-1350-1Saffie Joseph Jr.5th Inaugural
Arman 175-1350-1Simon Callaghan7th Speakeasy
Armstrong 350-1Mark Casse6th Pasco
Bourbon Bash 175-1350-1D. Wayne Lukas3rd Renaissance
Campfire Creed 350-1Danny Pish5th Springboard Mile
Carabinero 350-1Claudio González1st OC at GP
Chase the Chaos 350-1Ed Moger1st alw OC at GG
Coffeewithchris 350-1John Salzman Jr.2nd Spectacular Bid
Congruent 200-1350-1Antonio Sano4th Dania Beach
Count de Monet 350-1Tom Swearingen4th Renaissance
Daydreaming Boy 350-1Lou Linder4th Parx Juvenile
Freedom Trail 350-1John Terranova8th Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Gran Slash 200-1350-1Víctor Barboza Jr.2nd alw at GP
Hurricane J 175-1350-1Paulo Lobo7th Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Lights of Broadway 350-1Mark Casse2nd Pulpit
Passarando (g) 350-1Steve Specht3rd Cal Cup Derby
Raise Cain 175-1350-1Ben Colebrook5th Leonatus at TP
Top Recruit 150-1350-1Mike Maker5th Ed Brown
Traffic Master 175-1350-1Mark Casse5th alw OC at CD
Tres Soles 175-1350-1Steve Asmussen7th alw OC at CD
Tigre 300-1375-1Roger Laurin7th Juvenile
Tumbarumba (g) 375-1Brian Lynch2nd La. Champions Day Juv.
Bobby the Tank 400-1Linda Rice3rd OC at AQU
El de Chimi 200-1400-1Juan Carlos Ávila6th Parx Juvenile
Login Required 400-1José Camejo6th MSW at AQU
Old Alliance 200-1400-1Michael Stidham6th Gun Runner
Valenzan Day 400-1Linda Rice7th Jerome
(f) filly - (g) gelding   

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