Kentucky Derby odds: Futures markets show 126 horses

Kentucky Derby odds: Futures markets show 126 horses

Bob Baffert horses are not be eligible to race in his name in Kentucky Derby 2023, and they were not listed individually in the pari-mutuel pool that closed Sunday. But there seems to be a bull market on them in Las Vegas futures betting.

Arabian Knight and Arabian Lion, both owned by Amr Zedan and trained by Baffert, were the top two choices Monday in fixed-odds Derby futures at Caesars Sportsbook of Nevada. A winner in his only start, Arabian Knight held firm at 10-1. Arabian Lion, a debut victor who was an allowance runner-up last out, shortened from 25-1 to 15-1.

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Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner Forte, the 10-1 individual favorite in the Kentucky Derby Future Wager conducted Thanksgiving weekend by Churchill Downs, held steady at 15-1 at Caesars. Cave Rock, a Baffert colt who was second in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, remained at 16-1 in the Las Vegas market.

Amid legal fighting, Baffert continues to serve a two-year suspension for the positive drug test that led to the late Medina Spirit being stripped of his 2021 Derby victory. In order to race in next year’s Derby, any Baffert horse must be transferred to another trainer. Bettors wanting to back any of them in the pari-mutuel KDFW had to bet the mutuel field of horses who were not among the 38 individual choices. The “all others” option closed as the 4-5 favorite in pool 2 of the KDFW.

Between Caesars and the KDFW, 126 individual horses were listed in the futures markets this week. They are shown on the following table in order of their best odds, with this week’s and last week’s Caesars odds and the closing, pool 2 prices in the KDFW.

Kentucky DerbyCaesarsWasKDFWLast race
Arabian Knight  10-1  10-1  *4-51st MSW at KEE
Arabian Lion  15-1  25-1  *4-52nd Alw OC at KEE
Forte  15-1  15-1  10-11st Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Cave Rock  16-1  16-1  *4-52nd Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Extra Añejo  18-1  18-1  13-11st MSW at KEE
Loggins  20-1  20-1  19-12nd Breeders' Futurity (G1)
National Treasure  20-1  30-1  *4-53rd Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Giant Mischief  35-1  35-1  27-11st Alw OC at KEE
Havnameltdown  35-1  35-1  *4-51st Bob Hope (G3)
Echo Again  22-1  22-1  45-17th Iroquois (G3)
Cyclone Mischief    47-17th Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Awesome Strong  45-1  75-1  64-11st Florida Sire In Reality
Instant Coffee  65-1  85-1  35-11st Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Expect More    70-13rd MSW at KEE
Signator  70-1  70-1  27-11st MSW at BAQ
Spun Intended  70-1   *4-51st MSW at DMR
Blazing Sevens  75-1  75-1  37-14th Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Capture the Flag  75-1100-1  75-11st MSW at SAR
Disarm  80-1  80-1  45-11st MSW at SAR
General Jim    82-13rd Central Park
Super Chow  85-1  85-1  *4-51st Bowman Mill
Tapit's Conquest  85-1  85-1  94-11st MSW at CD
Curly Jack100-1110-1  61-12nd Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Forbidden Secret100-1100-1  80-11st Alw OC at KEE
Fort Bragg100-1100-1  *4-51st MSW at SA
Fort Warren100-1100-1  *4-51st MSW at SA
Gulfport100-1100-1  70-13rd Champagne (G1)
Hejazi100-1100-1  *4-53rd American Pharoah (G1)
Honed100-1100-1  *4-56th Street Sense (G3)
Jackstown100-1100-1  *4-51st MSW at DMR
Mo Strike100-1100-1  *4-54th Hopeful (G1)
Two Phil's100-1100-1  *4-51st Street Sense (G3)
Victory Formation100-1100-1  60-11st Alw OC at CD
Cascais  107-11st MSW at AQU
Rudder's Men110-1110-1  *4-51st MSW at BAQ
Arctic Arrogance120-1120-1  *4-51st Sleepy Hollow
Mr. Ripple  60-1  60-1120-11st MSW at GP
Confidence Game125-1150-1  *4-51st Alw OC at CD
Damon's Mound125-1125-1  *4-56th Iroquois (G3)
Determinedly125-1   *4-51st MSW at CD
Frank's Honor125-1125-1   scr1st MSW at CD
Hit Show125-1100-1  90-14th Alw OC at CD
Lord Miles125-1125-1  *4-51st MSW at GP
Lost Ark125-1125-1  *4-5DNF Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Newgate100-1100-1  *4-52nd Bob Hope (G3)
Owen's Leap125-1125-1  *4-52nd Bashford Manor
Point Proven125-1   *4-51st MSW at CD
Post Time125-1125-1  *4-51st Alw OC at LRL
Speed Boat Beach125-1125-1  *4-59th BC Juvenile Turf Sprint
Tahoma125-1125-1  *4-511th Del Mar Juv. Turf (G3)
Two of a Kind125-1125-1  *4-51st Tremont
Verifying125-1125-1  74-16th Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Rocket Can  132-12nd Alw OC at CD
Navy Man  133-12nd MSW at DMR
Champions Dream135-1135-1131-11st Nashua (G3)
Corona Bolt135-1135-1  65-11st MSW at CD
Legacy Isle135-1150-1  *4-51st Alw OC at GP
Litigate135-1135-1  57-11st MSW at AQU
Massimo135-1135-1  *4-51st MSW at DMR
Red Route One135-1150-1  *4-54th Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Reincarnate135-1   *4-51st MSW at DMR
Turbo135-1135-1  *4-51st Juvenile Sprint
Tuskegee Airmen135-1135-1  64-11st Rocky Run
American Blaze150-1150-1  *4-56th Alw OC at KEE
Andiamo a Firenze150-1150-1  *4-52nd N.Y. Breeders' Futurity
Bourbon Spirit150-1150-1  *4-59th Alw OC at KEE
Bromley150-1150-1141-11st MSW at CD
Carmel Road150-1150-1  *4-513th Breeders' Futurity (G1)
Classic Catch150-1150-1  *4-51st MSW at AQU
Donegal Surges150-1150-1  *4-54th Sleepy Hollow
Frosted Departure150-1150-1  *4-53rd Ed Brown
Gandolfini150-1150-1  *4-54th American Pharoah (G1)
Gun Pilot150-1   *4-51st MSW at CD
Jace's Road150-1150-1  *4-58th Street Sense (G3)
Judo150-1150-1  *4-52nd Alw OC at CD
Kangaroo Court (g)150-1150-1  *4-51st MSW at DMR
Kingdom Heart150-1150-1  *4-51st MSW at GP
Lugan Knight150-1150-1  *4-53rd Alw OC at CD
Midnight Trouble150-1150-1  *4-52nd Rocky Run
Powerful125-1150-1  *4-51st Ed Brown
Prince of Jericho150-1150-1  *4-51st Alw OC at LRL
Protégé150-1150-1  *4-55th Alw OC at KEE
Quick Hammer150-1150-1  *4-55th Bowman Mill
Raise Cain150-1150-1  *4-53rd Bowman Mill
Stud Lovin150-1150-1  *4-52nd Alw OC at KD
Top Recruit150-1125-1  *4-55th Ed Brown
X Y Point150-1150-1  *4-53rd Alw OC at CD
Denington  159-15th Ky. Jockey Club (G2)
Arman175-1175-1  *4-57th Speakeasy
B Minor175-1150-1  *4-57th Alw at CD
Bourbon Bash175-1175-1  *4-56th Ed Brown
Cajun Hope175-1175-1  *4-512th Florida Sire In Reality
Classical Cat175-1175-1  *4-51st Alw OC at SA
Congruent175-1175-1  *4-58th Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Eyes On the King175-1175-1  *4-51st Alw OC at GP
Giver Not a Taker175-1175-1  *4-52nd Golden State Juvenile
Hurricane J175-1175-1  *4-57th Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Jackson Heights175-1175-1  *4-55th Sleepy Hollow
Knox175-1175-1  *4-53rd Florida Sire In Reality
Light Man175-1175-1  *4-51st MSW at SAR
Major Dude175-1175-1  *4-59th Breeders' Cup Juv. Turf
Old Alliance175-1175-1  *4-53rd Alw OC at KEE
Straighten Up175-1175-1  *4-56th Speakeasy
This Run's for You175-1175-1  *4-56th Florida Sire Affirmed
Traffic Master175-1150-1  *4-55th Alw OC at CD
Tres Soles175-1150-1  *4-57th Alw OC at CD
Full Moon Madness150-1150-1179-12nd Nashua (G3)
Recruiter  182-11st James F. Lewis III
Ten Days Later  187-13rd Alw OC at CD
Hal (g)  198-15th Grey (G3)
Agency200-1200-1  *4-58th Del Mar Futurity (G1)
Apocalypso200-1200-1  *4-54th Florida Sire In Reality
Divemaster200-1200-1  *4-51st MSW at CD
El de Chimi200-1200-1  *4-57th Awad
Gran Slash200-1200-1  *4-51st Alw OC at GP
Rolling On200-1200-1  *4-52nd Alw OC at GP
Roman Giant200-1200-1  *4-59th Clever Trevor
Canarsie225-1225-1  *4-59th Sleepy Hollow
Blame It On Daddy250-1250-1  *4-57th Sleepy Hollow
Hard to Handle250-1250-1  *4-58th Alw OC at GP
Roan Burgundy250-1250-1  *4-53rd Alw OC at LRL
Tap In Formation250-1250-1  *4-59th Alw OC at KEE
Joking Way  279-14th Alw OC at CD
I'm Wide Awake (g)300-1300-1  *4-55th Clmg at CD
Tigre300-1300-1  *4-57th Juvenile
Practical Move125-1125-1350-13rd Bob Hope (G3)
All 2-year-old fillies    29-1 
*All other 2yo males      4-5 
(g) Gelding   

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