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Ive Struck a Nerve has Desormeaux Derby Dreaming

I've Struck a nerve ridden by James Graham edges out the competition to win the Risen Star Stakes Race at Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 23, 2013.
One day after Big Chief Racing’s Ive Struck a Nerve rewarded a few of racing’s eternally-grinning optimists with a $272.40 return on a $2 win wager in the Grade II Risen Star Stakes at Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots, the colt’s trainer Keith Desormeaux was already having Kentucky Derby dreams, but with an important intermediate dream.

“We’d be crazy not to run in the ($1 million) Louisiana Derby,” said Desormeaux, still in the afterglow of the biggest stakes score of his career. “Plus, we have to represent the home team.”

Desormeaux, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, has been a Fair Grounds-based conditioner for well over a decade, underrated for his own abilities as a horseman while relegated to the shadow of his younger brother, Hall of Fame jockey Kent Desormeaux.

“I suppose, like a lot of modern horsemen, I could buy into the theory that fresh is better, and try to train my horse up to the Kentucky Derby off of his race yesterday, but that’s not my style,” said Desormeaux. “My horse is fit, and it’s a lot easier to train an athlete that is fit.

“Fit horses don’t get hurt so easily,” Desormeaux said. “My horse came back from his race just fine and ate up everything last night and this morning. He keeps good weight on him, and he’s heavy-boned.

“We’re having fun with this horse,” Desormeaux concluded, speaking of his relationship with Ive Struck a Nerve’s owner, Matt Bryan. “We went out to dinner last night, talked about the future and had a lot of laughs.”

The upcoming $1 million Louisiana Derby will celebrate its 100th anniversary edition on March 30.



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For not forested, spellcheck wreaking its evil ways
Just stating my opinion... Dressage, I agree.
Um, ok?
My comments on this post will be forested to Dressage and her only
Secretariat, a muscle rippling, huge, nasty, tip-top shape in fitness horse was JUST AS PRONE to injury as claimer. Of course, other people/hrorses are more prone to injury, but you guys get what I getting at.
When I played ball, in tip top shape, I was JUST AS PRONE to injury as an infant.
Trust me I'm an expert on this.... LeBron James (fit, NBA B-ball star) is JUST as prone to injury as my ten year old (obviously, NOT in the shape LeBron is) Dressage is correct. Balance horses, compared to unbalanced horses, are less prone to injury.
Dressage, fit horses are not as easily over stressed as unfit horses, so while you are correct, there are a multitude of ways to injure a horse
Dressage how could you disagree? Fit horses have less weight to carry (less fatness on the belly lol)
"Fit horses don't get hurt so easily". I have to disagree. Bone strength, for example, does not correspond to fitness. All horses are just as easily as injured as the next. However, I do believe that BALANCED horses don't get hurt as OFTEN as UNBALANCED horses.
It would be great for racing if an old school trainer like Keith Desormeaux wins the Derby, this trend of 5-6 weeks between races and the fewer starts the better is bad for racing and I believe it is bad for the horses as well. I would love to see Ive Struck a Nerve win the Kentucky Derby.
“Fit horses don’t get hurt so easily,” Desormeaux said Thats excatly what I believe Also and thats why horses shouldnt get long breaks 3-5 weeks at best in bewtween races works best. I also beleive for the tc trail you should pick a track for your horse and run in all 3 graded preps for that track no sending your horse here and there and then ship across country keep them at one track train them there run them there and you will have a great idea by the end where your horse stands

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