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It's a Convincing Win for Orb in the Florida Derby

The Florida Derby was billed as a three horse race between Orb, Itsmyluckyday, and Shanghai Bobby. Orb already had enough points to get into Kentucky Derby field, but Shanghai Bobby and Itsmyluckyday needed to run well and hit the board in order to qualify.
The race almost fit the bill perfectly. Orb made a strong move down the short Gulfstream Park stretch to pass Itsmyluckyday and draw off to a convincing two and three quarter length win. It was only Shanghai Bobby who fell short. Shanghai Bobby battled with the early leaders on the inside of the track and came up empty as the horses headed for home.
Orb earned 100 points for the Florida Derby victory, which puts him on top of the Road to the Derby points board with 150. Itsmyluckyday picks up 40 points for his second place finish and raises his total to 50, a number that will safely put him into the Run for the Roses. On the other hand Shanghai Bobby’s fifth place finish earned him no points, leaving him with only 24 points, which is probably not enough to make the field.
It appears that Orb’s trainer, Shug McGaughey is on his way back to the Kentucky Derby, one of the few races that the Hall of Fame trainer has yet to win. The always reserved McGaughey was pleased with the performance of his Malibu Moon colt, “He ran pretty good, he beat some of the colts he was supposed to beat. I am very pleased with today’s effort. Johnny rode a great race. We’re tickled to death with where we stand.”
Orb’s jockey, John Velazquez, notched his fifth victory of the day with the win in the Florida Derby. Those wins probably helped to make up for the missed mount on Animal Kingdom in the Dubai World Cup. Velazquez now has the mount on the current Derby favorite and he gave Orb his endorsement, “He has all the talent in the world. He has the right demeanor. If everything works out the way he did it today, he can definitely win it (the Derby).”
Orb looked a bit sweaty and washed out at the starting gate and the winning time for nine-furlong race was a slow 1:50.87. Regardless of that, Orb will take McGaughey back to Churchill Downs for another try to win the Roses. He got closest in the 1989 when the great Easy Goer finished second. 


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One of the very basic reasons my range of return on investment is now so much more stable as that I NO LONGER LOOK for THE winner of a race, only the horses that COULD win the race......
And I often talk to the Easter bunny as well....Horses run out of a conditioned fight or flight resonse, thats it.
hshfarms is 100 percent right. I don't ride horses anymore, my knee makes it difficult, but really tv? Ferdinand, Buckpasser, Shanghai Bobby, Blind Luck, etc. They understand competition. Why do you think Affirmed wouldn't give up the lead in the Belmont? Would he run that hard alone? NO. He didn't want to lose that race. Questing vs. My Miss Aurelia. Why would My Miss Aurelia refuse to quit? Because she UNDERSTOOD that it was a COMPETITION, a RACE. It's just like humans. If you're running alone you would not feel any competition. But, what if someone is racing you? For someone as knowledgable as you, I'm shocked you don't know this.
ah yes but it now appears that going faster than the speed of light is possible
why do you think that Einstein set the speed of light as a limit? It could never be attained.
UPDATE -- Org gets a 97 BSF for the FL Derby. Dreaming of Julia got a 114 for the same distance four races earlier.
  • dlh · The best thing about Orb is his long extended run. Most horses would tire out when launching so early in the race. Not Orb, he just keep's on going. It's the sign of a superior horse. · 1697 days ago
I have to disagree. It's not a matter of whether you would get there, or not, you would actually see yourself go by.
irrelevant conditions...Since you gain mass as you approach the speed of light , you or course would never get there.
if you were to follow fillies, they usually have three good ones in them before decline unless they are spaced a good deal apart.
vs. a group thing? What? tv, if you could drive your car at the speed of light, what would happen when you turned your lights on?
"bounce" is an indivdual thing
@marylandgq: Yes, IMLD did wilt, but the one thing that crossed my mind, going into this race, that he was due for a "bounce". Two good races in a row, the handicapper's theory of third race a "bounce" seemed to be the rule. I would still keep him in mind down the road. Tables might be turned?
@hshfarms - I'm not trying to discredit or credit TV. Lets be honest, we don't know one another on a personal level to know one's actual knowledge. Sometimes, I do wonder if it is researching or hands on experience because numerous times he contradict himself.
All your text book phrases aside... Sit on a horse at full gallop dueling another horse. You can feel their desire to be in front. You act as though a horse know nothing. I wonder if you are ever even really around horses, or just some internet troll that spends hours on end researching every big word you can find. Here is some advice for you, go outside and find someone who has a horse... saddle said horse, ride the horse. They will teach you things your "research" will never teach you.
That malarkey is taught: that whatever heirarchy that can be established, lets say in a paddock or field, the same way on the race track a la herd behavior......Horses run, they don't think about it the way the athrophomorsizing fallacies claim.
@Travel_Vic... You could not be more wrong about two horses not consciuosly running against each other... For someone who claims to have been around horseracing since dirt was invented, one would think you would have realized that horses like to run against each other in a duel. Maybe you have never been on a horse? I can agree with you that they have no idea where the finish line is, but they most certainly want to run against other animals.
"wanted nothing to do with Orb?" the colt just quit and could not go on, whether there was another colt nearby or not...These animals run out of a condtioned fight or flight response not consciously against other animals.
Looking at the head-on shot down the stretch, what impressed me was how IMLD "wilted" and wanted nothing to do with Orb when engaged in deep stretch. That said a lot about both colts.
Nice, dipak.
i know it that he will win Florida Derby eventhough i was in India studying ORB, ITSMYLUCKYDAY AND FLASHBACK, I returned to Canada just on 25th March and went to hastings racing park and played through simultcasting the bet on ORB but i also put some money on ITSMYLUCKYDAY , above all i won $600.00 dollars on ORB, what a wnderful feelings.?

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