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Is the 2013 Kentucky Derby Winner an N2L?

Since the turn of the century six Kentucky Derby winners have entered the Derby Trail eligible for a non-winner of two lifetime (N2L) race.  These six horses did not win their second race until their three year-old campaign.
The past two years this has been the case for the Derby winner.  I'll Have Another broke his maiden as a two year-old but did not earn his second lifetime victory until February of his Derby year in the Robert Lewis Stakes (G2).  Animal Kingdom was a juvenile maiden winner, but did not reach the winner’s circle again until he took the Spiral Stakes (G3) in March of 2011.
Big Brown was another winner as a two-year, but he won his second time in a March 2008 allowance race.  That allowance victory continued Big Brown’s win streak that went on with the Florida Derby, Kentucky Derby, and Preakness.
Giacomo, the 50-1 long shot Kentucky Derby winner of 2005, broke his maiden as a two year-old, but he left the N2L condition on the first Saturday in May.
The 21st century began with Fusaichi Pegasus and Monarchos both waiting until they were three year-olds to win their first race. Fusaichi won his second race in an allowance and he went on to take the San Felipe (G2) and the Wood Memorial (G1) before the Derby. Monarchos won the Florida Derby (G1) followed by a second in the Wood before he won the roses.
In 2013 there are many horses with only one career victory that fit this meaningful angle to the glory of a Kentucky Derby win. Clearly they are not the horses at the top of the current Road to the Derby points list. Actually you must go all the way down to Tesseron at the number 11 spot with five points to find a horse that has only won a maiden race.
Several horses have four points that they earned in qualifying stakes races. He's Had Enough and Know More are both from Doug O’Neill’s Kentucky Derby winning barn and have only a maiden victory. The third place finisher in the 2012 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, Capo Bastone, has just one win that happened at Del Mar before the horse moved to Todd Pletcher’s barn.  Dynamic Sky is unique in that his only win came in a restricted stake at Woodbine for the dangerous combination of owner John Oxley and trainer Mark Casse.
Normandy Invasion and Frac Daddy, who are high on many Derby Top 10 lists after impressive second place finishes in graded stakes races, need to get their second win and pick up some more qualifying points to add to their four points.
In addition there is a long list of horses that have impressive maiden wins, but no Road to the Derby points. For Pletcher there is Verrazano, Revolutionary, Palace Malice, and Darwin. Bob Baffert has Flashback, War Academy, and Belvin. It seems like everyday at Gulfstream we could add another new winner to the list.
Shanghai Bobby, Overanalyze, Violence, and Goldencents are impressive winners of more than one race and are the rightful early favorites for the Derby. However the current N2L list seems like a great place to find alternatives to the favorites. 


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Itsmyluckyday fans might have an easier go at the Preakness
And the trends continues. "You don't win the Derby if the colt peaks in March."
I see I was delivered some presents while I was at the library. My last comment is correct as testified by several slaughter truckers. Canada has too many rules, they say. Mexico too few. Canada has standards and horses go through intense quarantine to be able to be slaughtered. All drugs and wormings must be documented by licensed persons. http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-90-288/
Trainers here get a book from the government warning them of the clearance rates of most therapeutic meds that are not allowed on race day.
again your ignorance as far as the processes of drug clearance are OBVIOUS....The liver breaks the majority down in a max of about 72 hours!!
digging a big hole and you should stop
Most of the horse meat period is too toxic, with the wormers and all of the things we inject into these horses it is a wonder they still can produce fertile sperm at the end of it and their babies don't have 3 eyes
Cocoa you know absolutly next to nothing about pharmacology and further exposure of that ignorance can only subject you to further exposure.
Most of the horse meat sent to Europe of late, from race horse sources, is being rejected as too toxic for human consumption...http://www.outsideonline.com/news-from-the-field/American-Racehorse-Meat-Too-Toxic-for-Europe.html
cocoa, Did you read the link? Everything t_v is saying is true; I just wanted to help you understand the biochemistry.
goblin, while steroids are certainly abused and that is bad, there are cases when they are needed. I'm sure Paynter received steroids. Imagine he wasn't a G1 winner though, and he was a claimer. The horse would essentially be dog meat. Now perhaps the claimer got too large a dose, or too many doses, that's abuse. But just healing the horse, and keeping him fit - not dosing him every week but perhaps once in his life, that I'm fine with.
great example with what happens when the juice is removed is now the shrunk Hulk Hogan.........Muscle artificially created turns to adipose tissue
Add to the fact that many are now given as repository meds with a granular structure that has continual release over weeks after an injection. I have seen superficial ulcertaions at injection sites too close to the sking.....Soluble steriods have a much shorter effect.
t_v, I didn't forget--I thought he could read it in the link.
they all RETARD Healing and the laying down of collagen so it is small wonder that accumulated microtrauma is blocked from regeneration.
forgot the mineralocorticoids that realte to electrolyte balance. The parent drug Cortisol had equivalence in all three effects and then chemical manipulation, particular fluronation, increased their glucocorticoid efficacy.
cocoa, "Steroids" are part of a group of chemically related substances that are varied in their natural uses within the body. Glucocorticoids are frequently used in medicine as anti-inflammatory agents; anabolic steroids are androgenic/masculinizing and were probably widely misused in racehorses in the U.S. until their ban in 2008. Here's a link explaining the chemical group known as steroids. http://www.chemistryexplained.com/St-Te/Steroids.html
Money can get you very far
Feedback inhibition of normal adrenal secretions upsets electrolytes, shrinking and often stops spermatogenesis, retards calcium metabolism, increased intrinsic cholesterol production hastening arteriosclerosis.....Your igornance sticks out daily in almost every subject imaginable
Which one of us has a degree in medicine? Case closed

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