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Introducing Mary Cage

It is not rare for an eight-year-old girl to be fascinated by horses. But when I was eight, I was more than just fascinated by the majestic creatures. I was rather obsessed with them. Having grown up around them, my love for horses was forever growing. Barrel racing, western pleasure, and trail riding were few among many equine activities I enjoyed at that age. But Thoroughbred racing was one equine aspect I had yet to fall in love with.


That changed on the first Saturday of May in 2004. It was not the first Kentucky Derby I watched, but it was the first one that was memorable to me, though I now am captivated by each edition of the Run for the Roses. But the story of an underdog horse that had overcome great adversity touched my young heart and as the gates flew open to unleash the Thoroughbreds into the journey of the prestigious race, I found myself cheering for Smarty Jones.


From the moment the chestnut colt dashed through the mud to attain Kentucky Derby glory, I have been in love with the sport of horse racing. That day marked the beginning of a keen passion, which has only found more growth in the years that have since elapsed. Multiple trips to the track have been made, several visits to prestigious farms have been attained, hundreds of pages of industry information have been read, hours upon hours of watching racing have been accounted for, and dozens of racehorses – ones running at the highest level and ones running in the claiming ranks – have been adored.


It is difficult to pinpoint a single greatest moment in my “horse racing life.” Perhaps it was leading my beloved Miss Fifty onto the track at Churchill Downs at the age of fourteen amidst the Breeders’ Cup atmosphere, or maybe it was seeing the great Zenyatta for the first time. Possibly it was standing along the edge of the winner’s circle as Royal Delta and Drosselmeyer entered the enclosure after their 2011 Breeders’ Cup victories, or perhaps it was witnessing, up-close, Royal Delta capture her second consecutive Ladies’ Classic victory. It is impossible to choose my favorite personal horse racing moment and I don’t view that as a problem, as I know I am blessed to have experienced such great moments.


To combine my love of horse racing and writing, I formed my own blog, Past the Grandstand, on Blogger in August 2011. Blogging about an assortment of horse racing topics, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about horse racing – my true passion – and sharing my racing experiences with other Thoroughbred enthusiasts. It is with great eagerness that I anticipate also blogging on Horse Racing Nation, an incomparable site for racing fans to gather and celebrate the great sport of horse racing, the sport in which I discovered my passion back in 2004 when a muddy chestnut galloped into the heart of a young girl.

Thanks for allowing me to join the team, Horse Racing Nation!


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Older Comments about Introducing Mary Cage...

After I read this had to read your Miss Fifty story. Both excellent,and so glad you finally got her. Keep up the good work.
Welcome to the team!! Chicago Dark Horse
Looking forward to more of your great writing! Your "Past The Grandstand" blog is awesome, and I always enjoy reading the analyses you give.
Hi Mary ,Amazing .. what else can i say..best always..
Thank you very much again, everyone! - Mary Cage
Welcome to "The Nation" Mary. Having the opportunity and privelege to write on this site has rekindled a dormant journalism career for me and opened up many doors. I look for ward to reading your posts. Best of luck! Garnet Barnsdale - a.k.a "Driveon"
Welcome to "The Nation" Mary. Having the opportunity and privelege to write on this site has rekindled a dormant journalism career for me and opened up many doors. I look for ward to reading your posts. Best of luck! Garnet Barnsdale - a.k.a "Driveon"
Mary, welcome to Horse Racing Nation! It is terrific to see a new generation contributing to this sport we all love. Looking forward to contributions!
I've followed you on Blogger for many moons, and look to continuing to do so on HRN. Welcome aboard, Mary! You're an awesome writer and person, and I can't wait to hear more of your racing adventures. The one's I've heard so far are nothing short of fantastic.
Thank you so much, everyone! It's great to be part of the team!
Welcome to HRN, Mary! I'm looking forward to reading your blogs.
Welcome to HRN, Mary!
Great to have some "young blood" on HRN... you have now lowered the average age to 65! JK
Welcome aboard.... Never be shy about expressing yourself. Say it loud!
FRESH perspectives, FRESH ones, are always welcomed
You already have some great memories ! Looking forward to your blogs here.
Mary, I have seen and enjoyed your PtG blog. Welcome to the HRN team!
I loved your work on Past the Grandstand, Mary, and I'm thrilled to have you on the Horse Racing Nation team!
You remind me of me at 16, except you write better! I've read your posts on BloodHorse and I am looking forward to your blogs here!

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