'I am Horse Racing' movement gains industry support

March 27, 2019 09:24am
At a California Horse Racing Board scheduled for Thursday, stakeholders are scheduled to discuss and officially sort out changes in the wake of 22 equine deaths this meet at Santa Anita Park. Race day medication, use of the whip and other controversial topics will take center stage a day before racing is scheduled to resume.

Ahead of the occasion -- as a reminder of why we all do this -- a group of like-minded, horse-loving members of the industry this week began an "I am Horse Racing" social media blitz.

From grooms and hotwalkers, to trainers, owners and breeders, jockeys, exercise riders, veterinarians, and everything in between, we are all here for the horse," a statement from the group reads. "These are the stories of racing, and these are the people you might not know."

Already, I am Horse Racing has profiled Kelsey Faucon, exercise rider; Billy Koch, founder of the Little Red Feather Racing Club; and Anna Meah, a young Southern California trainer.

Along the way, a number of others took to social media to tell their own stories:


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