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The good, the bad, and the ugly ... Horse Racing Nation puts it's collective minds together to give our readers the horses to play, and the horses not to play for the 2014 Kentucky Derby. California Chrome is the consensus choice, but there is major support for Intense Holiday, Wicked Strong, Candy Boy, while Medal Count is our red hot longshot. Enjoy, and please feel free to give defending champ, Gary Quill the business about his Uncle Sigh pick.



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Actually, Heidi's 3rd choice Dance With Fate, sounds like Danza too. lol
Heidi Carpenter for the WIN
If you boxed my HRN picks you had a really NICE Trifecta and Exacta! $$$ What a Derby!!!
CC will b a dud, Samraat/Medal Count/Wicked Strong/Dance With Fate
Medal Count will be ready. Free Roll: Play the Derby Trifecta Challenge at Racing Factions, win a Thoroughbred share.
Not many at like him to win. I’ve liked him all year, he’s been looked in eye and shown courage and will. I’m throwing down pretty large for Samraat. For some extra fun on tickets I’ll be adding California Chrome / Danza / Dance With Fate & Wicked Strong in tri’s and super's
Good mix of picks... Still sticking with my pick... Medal Count, followed by Commanding Curve, California Chrome, and Candy Boy to round out my super.
California Chrome / Intense Holiday / Candy Boy / Wicked Strong
California Chrome / Intense Holiday / Candy Boy / Wicked Strong
California Chrome, Ride On Curlin, Uncle Sigh, Commanding Curve
Left out General A Rod in my prior comment; would put him below Ride and Wicked but above Tapiture and Danza
2 levels---Ride on Curlin and Wicked Strong top level; Tapiture, Danza second level; Will not include California Chrome in any bet; May be talented but think it is at a shorter distance
California Chrome, Danza, Dance With Fate, Medal Count. Would love to throw Vicar's In Trouble in there, I just don't think he can do it from that post. No matter what, I will still be pulling for him. I just think CA Chrome overwhelms this field.
I really like the first 2 picks of Matt Scott and Laurie Ross. Chrome-Danza-DWF-Chitu = superBox.
I crunched the numbers and did my own Super Screener. These 6 came out on top: Danza, California Chrome, Dance with Fate, Intense Holiday, Ride on Curlin, and Wicked Strong. Borderline under them is General Arod, Wildcat Red, and Commanding Curve.I will be playing the top 6 in various combinations.
One thing everybody forgets is this is not a Horse race it is a" Calvery Charge". When the gate opens 20 horses crash out, bump one another, and the number one hole has no where to go. What you look for is a sturdy horse likeMetal Count. Wicked Strong and California Chrome danty horses. I like Wicketed Strong with the 20 hole. ( Remember I'll Have Anothe)r.I think the winner will come from the outside post positions, like Candy Boy. Wicked Strong or Intense Holiday ( Unbidel - Fabbianio). Metal Count is the full back in this charge, Good Luck .
@Mike..LOL good one. jinx?
Thanks Brian, Wicked Strong just got the kiss of death anyway, Andrew Beyer picked him to win.
@LaurieRoss, wow nice pick on Chitu-Dance With Fate. You hit the BOMB, see you at the window. cha..ching!!!!
my picks are General a Rod, Ride On Curlin, Intense Holiday and possibly Candy Boy

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