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Horse Player World Series Blog, Day Two

Horse Player World Series
While Robert Gregory is slightly familiar to yours truly from the handicapping contest world, his name could very well end up going down in the history books as his performance through the first two days of the HorsePlayer World Series (HPWS) at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas has been simply amazing.
On days when a number of seasoned tournament regulars had difficulties directly related to not being able to have the board co-operate with a number of bigger-priced winners, Gregory has accomplished sopmething which this long-term contest player can't remember having happened before.  It is difficult enough in a field of 681 contestants to have the highest score in a single day but to do it on back-to-back days is beyond amazing.  A 680-1 shot coming in on consecutive days has natural odds of 463,760-1.
And as you'd expect with the same person having had the top score on both Thursday and Friday, Robert Gregory has a nice working margin heading into Saturday's action, where players will make fifteen mythical $20 WP wagers with a cap of 19-1 for win and 9-1 for place though full track odds are paid on initial $2 of wager.  Races from eight tracks (AQU, TB, GP, OP, FG, HAW, SA, GG) can be selected.  Here is how the Top Ten shapes up after Day 2:
1. Robert Gregory - 3348
2. Bob Rubin - 2630
3. Jerry Baldando - 2490
4. Bill Moore - 2391
5. Randall Miller - 2368
6. Rick Soriano - 2150
7. Bob Montgomery - 2096
8. Tom Miller - 2084
9. Randy Scholz - 2038
10. James Lei - 1969
Gregory's lead over the second-place contestant is more than the starting bankroll while the current sixth-place holder is more than double the starting bankroll behind the runaway leader, who has spread-eagled this group.  Having watched many contests on Derby Wars over the past few months, to get to the score Gregory has gotten given the texture of the board, he must have basically connected just about every dot somehow.  It is difficult enough to do that in a contest with all mandatory races but to find essentially the only decent-priced prices which exist from a large number of tracks and to have all of those winners on the same ticket is just mind-boggling.
Speaking of Derby Wars, our spotlight player today is JoeK, who managed to climb into 31st place in the overall standings with a score of 1680.  Not only that, JoeK was sighted playing on Derby Wars last night as well...not a bad idea by the way with the Saturday Big Game taking place this afternoon.  I will try and find JoeK today and give him a Derby Wars hat.
To do extremely well in a handicapping contest with 681 players, a high-risk, high-reward approach must be taken.  All the big money is in the initial few placings and finishing at or near the bottom pays the same as finishing in mid-pack or just missing making the money. 
And for me, after my pathetic Day 1, I had to take on even more risk in an attempt which turned out to be feeble to get back into the tournament from a competitive point-of-view.  It didn't happen.  My three pathetic scores are 374, 270, 266.  All I have to go for today are going for daily awards and in-turn if I do manage to get something going today on one or more of my entries, I could possibly sneak into the money with a big number.
But my feelings are a combination of vast disappointment and just being wiped-out with all of the work associated with grinding away with eight tracks.  I'm not getting any younger and despite my poor position overall thus far will give it all I have to give today until the math says I can't even scrounge up a daily award.
Be back tonight with a quick score update and an overall Top Ten and will have a full-blown review on Sunday.


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