Havre de Grace Assigned 123 for Apple Blossom

3/17/2012 - 2011 Horse of the year Havre De Grace with Ramon Dominguez aboard pulls away from the field to take the 3rd running of the $150,000 New Orleans Ladies at Fair Grounds.

2011 Horse of the Year and defending Apple Blossom Handicap (G1) champion Havre de Grace tuned up for a possible defense of her title this Friday with a five furlong breeze in 1:02 1/5 under jockey Jenna Joubert. Trainer Larry Jones said that the work was a little slower than they had wanted and he would now confer with owner Rick Porter before making a final decision.


“It was a good work, but slower than Larry wanted,” said Joubert, who also was Havre de Grace’s regular work rider last winter. “That’s just her. She just gets here and gets very relaxed. I’ve been jogging her all week and I can tell she’s very fresh. She galloped out super. She’s a more forward horse this year and I think she’s even bigger.”


Jones, who was not in town for the work, added that his wife Cindy said she was hardly blowing after the work and didn’t drink any water.


Should she start as the 123 lb. high weight in the Apple Blossom, Havre de Grace would concede between six and 11 pounds to her expected competition. Awesome Maria was assigned the next highest weight of 122 pounds, but is not scheduled to start in the race.


The defending Horse of the Year was weighted at 118 lbs. for the $400,000 Oaklawn Handicap (G2) against males. This is the same weight as Donn Handicap winner Hymn Book and Santa Anita Handicap winner Ron the Greek and two pounds less than high weight Mission Impazible. The Oaklawn Handicap is the day after the Apple Blossom on the undercard of the Arkansas Derby.


Apple Blossom Weights:

Havre de Grace 123

Awesome Maria 122

It’s Tricky 119

Plum Pretty 117

Tiz Miz Sue 115

Absinthe Minded 114

Twelve Twenty Two 113

She’s All In 112

Holy Heavens 111

Soaring Goddess 110


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Older Comments about Havre de Grace Assigned 123 for Apple Blossom...

lol footy. I thought you meant painting your guest room or something. I didn't know you're an artist. Yes, you will be commenting on other than Euros. Come on. :)
Mary Z.- obviously Summer Guest could. And in the Jockey Gold Cup, Shuvee could. And a little later, obviously, Lady's Secret. All ran against stronger males. You can put her in whatever historical perspective you want. The topic is closed for me. No more comments other than Euros from now on. And painting is not weary-making. It is actually energizing. But commissions need to get done on time. Take care.
thanks shadowno
And yes, footy, there are those who don't state their opinion unless it is that of the majority.
Footlick. Your final analysis was Brilliant.
Where's the painter? footy, you know all those typos made me laugh. You outdid me. I'm not saying that was the best Woodward ever or compared to the old time great Woodwards of lore, just was it so much worse than other 2011 fields? And yes, I like to point out that other females did not do the same, because she isn't even considered the top female of 2011 by some. All the orchestrations over where she'll run this season have the (leaving the noun blank here, as it can only be a derogatory word) bringing up HOTY voting, which to me has nothing to do with this year or else OTY would not be part of the title. She only had to be voted as best of 2011, not going up against the 1960's and 1970's. Really, in your mind and the minds of many others, what modern horse could, and yes, you are generally very fair minded, but others cannot stand for any recognition to go to a female W.I.N.Z. Hope the painting isn't too weary-making, footy.
sorry for all the typos. wanted to answer before I start a painting. and am a little rushed.
icyhotboo-Rachel ran a brave race. But the field was not a strong field. When Lady's Secret ran in the Woodward she had Precisionist as a foe. She lost. Should I consider Rachel's performance better thsn losing to Precisionist, a horse who ran the 9 furlongs in 1:46 flat? Rachel ran a game race against a not stellar field. If she had to run against horses thr calibre of Precisionist or Lady's Secret, more that likely she would not have run. The same with HDG. Having the ability to go back and look up the strength of other horses competition, you can put things in perspective. Do I believe Rachel was a great 3 yr old filly? Sure. Do I believe Zenyatta was a great mare? Sure. Do I think they were the greatest in their respective categories? That is very debatable. But, you cannot deny that the quality of the two Woodwards we mentioned pales in comparison to Woodwards of the past. Summer Guest as a 3 yr old filly ran against Key to the Mint, Riva Ridge and Autobiography. She finished second but was placed third for crossing over on Autobiography. Would a second place finish to those horses be considered a stronger race than winning against much less stellar competition? The next year they ran her again, against Prove Out and Secretriat. When you look at the fields of the past, you can only realize that the Woodwaard is not the race it used to be. Rachel ran a very brave race against lesser quality animals. Does it make her performance any less brave? No. Does it make her one of the greatest Woodward winners ever because it was brave? No. I wanted to respond to you, but now I am done. I have no wish to continue something that can be so volatile. Everyone enjoy HDG. I'll look elsewhere in the world.
Mary Z- I don;t need clarity. She won one race against males. Because no other filly/mare did that last year that is supposed to make her special? Or does that just man that the other fillies/mares were not as good. There is a difference. As fr as cinsidering appreciating another female, you know mw better than that. You want to appreciate females who ran against males all you have to do is look to Europe. They ran against males, won against males and ran against better quality. I do not buy into the idea that JUST because a filly beats males that makes her special. You also have to look at the quality of the field and compare it to the quality of fields that other fillies/mares had run against. The Woodward of now is nowhere near the race it used to be. To make a statement saying winning the Woodward automatically legitimizes and pointing to the past winners is wrong when the fields don't even come close t the fields of the past. And anybody with any thoroughbred knowledge knows that the Woodward does not have the same stature of the past. And certainly nobody here is afraid to voice their opinion. As far as considering appreciating other females an affront, I appreciate other female horses all the time. Last year you had Snow Fairy, Midday, Danedream, Buena Vista, all running in top races against males and against fields of class. I appreciate HDG for what I perceive her as, a very nice horse. If others want to think she is great, that is their business. Tim stated that as a champion and HOY she deserves respect. I reminded him that ALL champions deserve respect, because he and many others have not respected a certain champion. But I guess that is ok. Just certain champions deserve respect. So, from now on I'll limit my comments to Euro horses and leave the relative greatness of the HDG to those more knowledgable on such things, since I am bitter and have Zenyatta blinders on. You guys continue to glorify her. No sweat.
footlick, I'm in disagreement with you on Rachel's Woorward being weak, the dynamics of how the race was run made exceptional. When have you ever seen any race anywhere at any level where every horse is the field took their best shot at the leader at the time best for them? Probably never. As for HDG, she couldn't very well race against horses from the past so she took on and beat the best available. I'll remind you also that Flat Out at that point in time was in his best form.
Someone needed clarity. Was that you, footy? if so, just for debate, no offense. Compare/contrast HDG(W.I.N.Z.)''s 2011 open company grade 1 win on dirt in the U.S. with any other female's 2011 open company grade 1 win on dirt in the U.S.. The reason I even mention the "grade 9 Woodward that everyone with a voice downgrades it, and most who think it's a decent race say nothing out of fear of what--words? is that at least back then, there wasn't all the press about worrying over weights, there was running. Also, is there argument that she deserved the top older female Eclipse? And all any horse races are not equal. They may have been created equal. Any horse race. Yes, that one, too. Tim is dead on about why other females cannot be appreciated. It is considered an affront to another.
And all Woodward fields are not created equal.
All champions deserve respect Tim. Remember that.
I put the last part of my prior comment in jest but now that I think about how did Blame lose with the existence of this East Coast Bias or is something more akin to the Illuninatti
I probably wasn't a stellar field but her accomplishments for 2011 were better than any other horse and that is the criteria for HOTY, although sometimes it does go to the horse the voters in the great satanic east coast are biased towards such as Zenyatta. Oxymoron?, no. Contradiction of facts, MAYBE.
Rachel was a brilliant 3 yr old filly who won a weak edition of the Woodward. Fact is fact. You cannot change the horses who ran. You can try all you want Tim, this is not about Zenyatta.
I have to go to bed.. HDG was the HOY , obviously top horse people thought that race put her into an uper echelon . I never said she is the second coming of secretariat just that she is a very classy filly and deserves respect as a champion.
timgsmith10- Don;t try to turn things around to making this about Zenyatta. We ar etalking about the Woodward. You are claiming that just because she won it it legitimizes her. You don't take into account the quality of the field. You just blindly state that because it is the Woodward she is legitimized. She isn't. The field was weak. She won over a weak field. What would I feel bitter about? I'm laying down facts and you try to spin and make this about Zenyatta. It has nothing to do with Zenyatta. Why would you even try to steer this that way?
I never said she was the greatest ever but winning that particular race as a female carries certain clout
shadowno-at least you can see where I m going with this, even if Tim cannot.

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