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Hanging Out With The Stones

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All right, here's the deal. I am in the mitts of a kidney stone attack. If you've never had a kidney stone, it’s feels as if you’re passing a piano stool. If you have had them, then you know that I don’t lie. So, if this week’s version of The Johnnie Carrier Show seems more scattered than normal and shorter as well then you’ll know why, I feel like the floor of a dirty horse barn.


Keep your eyes on this new kid riding at Aqueduct named Manny Esquivel. The 23 year old had been doing a great job in the Chicago area, but he’s moved east to where every young man’s heart longs to be. Off to a fast start, Manny has five wins, six seconds, and six thirds in 36 starts at the Big A. He has been doing a lot of riding for David Jacobson, but has been picking up other rides as well, giving him a full dance card most days. I like him.


Speaking of Aqueduct, are you getting excited about the Cigar Mile? Being a groupie for Groupie Doll, I’m ready for the November 30th race. Most likely, I’ll be eating another turkey sandwich as they come down the stretch.  I haven’t been to the Big A in a number of years, mainly because they run in the winter and into what we hope is an early spring here in the northeast. Plus, that’s model railroading season for me as well. Yes, I’m one of those train geeks, so don’t bust my caboose. 


Just to give you a medical update: I should be in the emergency room within the next 24 hours begging for morphine. Didn’t I see ‘begging for morphine’ run at Suffolk Downs in East Boston last week?  As the stone continues, so do I. Hey, here’s one thing that makes me feel better, I hit an exacta for 80 bucks. Purely blind luck and I’ll take it. I need more of them. To be honest, I bet the wrong number and I refused to cancel the bet-just in case. And it hit. It made my weekend.


It’s time to start talking about the Eclipse Awards. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been nominated in the animated shorts category again. Like everyone else, I’m anxiously waiting for the winners to be announced on a cold January Saturday. It’ll be cold for me anyway.  You would be hard pressed to find an excuse for not voting for Mucho Macho Man.The five year old colt held off a charging field to claim the Breeders' Cup Classic earlier in the month and that’s a good enough effort to win the award.   


In case anyone asks, I took one for the team this week. I’d be darned to have a kidney stone keep me down..."Come on begging for morphine…Run!”   




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Been there with the kidney stones and I am looking forward to being at AQU for the Cigar Mile. Pass those stones. Pass those stones. Rooting for you!

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