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Horse Racing Nation Unveils New Web Site

HRN's New Homepage Design
Welcome to HorseRacingNation.com 2.0!

In our ongoing quest to innovate in horse racing, we've given ourselves a fresh, modern look that showcases the work of our passionate, talented bloggers and also highlights the beauty of horse racing with more fantastic images from Eclipse Sportswire.

Better yet, this new design is also responsive to your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, so you can take HRN with you anywhere!

Our new look is also easier to navigate, as our stories are now organized in more useful categories so you can find the most important news you need. Not to be overlooked is the backbone of HRN - the Wiki. As we continue to roll out the new design, you will find the horse profiles easier to use, with the most important information at your finger (or thumb!) tips.

It's all part of our mission to revolutionize horse racing for the fans and handicappers who fill the stands, cash tickets and make a day at the races the incredible experience that it is.

As with any big change, there's bound to be some flies to be swatted, so we appreciate your patience with those. You can comment on any article, profile or blog when you have questions, or feel free to email us at mail@horseracingnation.com.

As for "What The Nation Is Talking About", we felt that this section has outgrown the spot it has occupied since our founding four years ago. It now has its own page, which we call "The Pulse"!

We now display the latest 5-6 comments in a smaller widget to whet your appetite for the full-fledged conversations that will continue on The Pulse. To get there, click on the "What The Nation Is Talking About" Headline. 

Four years ago today, Horse Racing Nation launched with a dream - to be the best source for racing information and most lively community for racing discussion. Today, we're 31 lengths closer to that goal, and it's all because of you, our loyal, enthusiastic fans. We hope you enjoy this 4th anniversary gift!

Team HorseRacingNation -

Mark Midland
Brian Zipse
Mike Shutty
Jarrod Horak
Candice Curtis
Travis Stone 
And all of our hard working contributors 


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Older Comments about Nation Unveils New Web Site...

*learned the intro*
The upside for tonight is I learned the into to "Somebody's Baby" by Jackson Brown and "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money on the guitar.
I tried it, Ops checked good! Aviator is back! But, not tonight. It's bedtime shortly.
gameondude...you're the man!!!!!! Thanks. Had no idea.
You're welcome Brian. And I do sincerely love the new hompage.
Aviator, when you are on the Pulse page, just hit CTRL + F5 and the page will refresh without taking you back to the homepage.
We are going to work on it all ... thanks for the feedback, Jay!
Here's what I just e-mailed to HRN: Hello HRN. This is jay s. Since the new upgrade I, along with likinsparks and Mary z. at least, cannot access our usernames. It shows me as being logged-in, but will only give me an "Error" screen. Also, I love the design of the new webpage. Sometimes I felt a little embarassed for HRN with some of the bickering, myself included, being right-there for all the world to see. I like how all the chat is in The Pulse section. (Unfortunately. here it comes) BUT, I like having the Pulse section opened for full view. When I want to reload, it completely takes us out of the Pulse. Then, not only do we now wait for that to load, we must click on the pulse section and wait for that to load. It may not seem like much of a hinderance, but when you're a blabber-mouth like me it gets tiring very fast. This is my suggestion: Put a "Refresh" button INSIDE the Pulse section that will reload the page WITHOUT leaving the page. I truly love HRN, but I'm easily frustrated when computer items aren't user friendly. Thanks for reading, Jay S.
I really like the format but be careful...Don't clutter it up keep it spaced
Dont worry Rafirox we can tell your attempted doppelgänger. Or should I say octoganger.
To clarifty, again, not me raIFIrox (tcglory)
^^ you're a couple years too late to understand
cocoa2 why would you say something bad about zenyatta thats sick
And then someone said something bad about Zenyatta
Laz!!!!! So good to see you back!!!!! Look forward to your future insight!!!!
Looking good!
Your reputation precedes your return>>the pleasure is mine. New format looks great.
Hey SS86.

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