Gulfstream Jockeys Visit Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
September 16, 2015 04:13pm
Gulfstream Park 615 X 400
Photo: Eclipse Spotswire

Jockeys and staff from Gulfstream Park visited children at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon.

Jockeys Tyler Gaffalione, Jocy Gomez, Pedro Monterrey Jr., Christopher McIntosh and Winston Kay as well as Gulfstream staff brought silks, goggles and stuffed animals to the children at Joe DiMaggio, recognized as a leader in the treatment of complex and critical medical conditions.

The visit was coordinated by Gulfstream in conjunction with The Jockeys' Guild Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Tangi Brownlee of the DiMaggio Child Life Department said; "A lot of the kids are in their rooms focused on their illnesses, away from their regular routine, so having the jockeys visit provides them an opportunity to meet with new people, have visitors, and have new activities. It definitely helps to brighten up their day."

Gomez, who was visiting Joe DiMaggio for the second time, said; "It was great to see the kids and put a smile on their faces. It makes a world of difference to the families. We don't know how good we have it."

Gaffalione, making his first trip to DiMaggio, added; "It was a memorable and humbling experience. It's definitely something I will be doing again."

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Source: Gulfstream Park


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