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Goldencents makes late push for Eclipse Award

Goldencents wins 2013 BC Dirt Mile


When I read Steve Haskin's article about Goldencents heading east to the Cigar Mile, last night, the first thing I thought was they're going after the Eclipse Award. After all, it has been a long season, and he just earned his signature win in the Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile. What else could be the reason? Upon further review, that Cigar Mile bonus, which raises the kitty to a cool million for Goldencents, is also clearly a consideration. Still, though, I really think a year-end championship is what is really driving the decision by majority owner, Glenn Sorgenstein, and I love it!


Obviously, the son of Into Mischief has bounced back from his Cup win in good order, and the one-turn Cigar Mile at Aqueduct, scheduled for November 30, fits well into the horse's strengths. The question now becomes, can the plan to usurp the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Three-year-old Male in his final two starts actually come to fruition? It could, but I think he is going to need a little help, because Will Take Charge currently has a strong argument.


In the below chart, I take a look at the two horses side-by-side. While each of them threw in a few clunkers, they both had six quality performances which are representative of their best this year.



As you can see, I give the edge in check marks here to Will Take Charge 4-2 over the Doug O'Neill charge. Granted, I could have arranged their lists differently, but anyway you slice this, I see the Lukas runner coming out on top. Some may argue my pick of the Travers over the Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile, but I believe the Mid-Summer Derby win carries slightly more weight than a victory in one of the newer BC races which has never crowned a champion. Both were good fields, but when pressed, I'll take the Orb-Palace Malice-Moreno-Verrazano grouping over the Golden Ticket-Brujo de Olleros-Hymn Book-Verrazano bunch. The classic distance over the flat mile distance is also something to consider in the comparison.


If you consider each of their best losses, and I think you should, again I see Will Take Charge as the winner of the battle. If for nothing else, his just miss charge in the Breeders' Cup Classic, carries this argument.


Another point I have seen Goldencents supporters make is the Grade 1 total wins tally, which is 2-1 in favor of Goldencents. This holds less water with me, as I believe each race should be judged on its own merit, rather than a rating placed on the race with no regard of what the actual 2013 field looked like.


So, if the season ended today, Will Take Charge would be my choice over Goldencents and Orb. In my estimation, the latter's inability to win after the Kentucky Derby leaves him on the outside looking in. Happily, the season has not yet ended for either Will Take Charge or Goldencents.


Will Take Charge is pointing to the Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs the day before the Cigar Mile. Both races are of the grade 1 variety and carry a comparable amount of prestige. That means Goldencents needs to gain ground on his main competition in these two races. If they both win, or both lose, I say Will Take Charge wins the Eclipse Award. If, however, Goldencents gets another big win, while Will Take Charge loses in Kentucky, it could very well be enough to swing the vote in his favor. Who said the racing season ends after the Breeders' Cup???


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Well that should be the end of that ridiculous notion.
kyndle.fischer. In the last year I've read the majority of posts made by all the folks that have commented on this thread. One thing I do know about all of them is this...NONE of them are idiots. I would suggest you check yourself.
  • https://www.facebook.com/kyndle.fischer · I'm sorry, that was excessively rude. In my opinion there is no way Goldencents will win or should win, and it surprises me, and gets annoying especially when they don't appear to have done their research. I should have eroded it another way and as soon as i wrote it i realized it was harsh but couldn't find a way to edit. If i could hear a well researched argument for why he should win i obvious wouldn't feel this way but each of his accomplishments have holes in them that cannot be overlooked,. Obviously there will be a conclusion to this story and if he is awarded eclipse champion 3yo colt i will be the idiot. I just don't see it, mainly because i have faith in the voters in their experience and ability to see these "holes" im reffering to. Again, my apologies i was definitely to harsh in my statement. · 1468 days ago
Nobody ever mentions Departing he had a great year
Nobody ever mentions Departing he had a great year
I love Goldencents...But I have reservations taking him back east speed horses do great east to west but the other way around it's a minus always has been....but at Aqueduct it's at least a little better for speed...We will see...I would leave him in Southern Cal...and let them come to me..Money is the same out there and you control the competition
This is like picking a horse to lose in a race. Who is your winner, person above who is upset about idiots?
  • https://www.facebook.com/kyndle.fischer · Sorry, I just find it amusing anyone would think he deserves an eclipse award. And the title is L · 1471 days ago
  • https://www.facebook.com/kyndle.fischer · The title is "Goldencents makes late push for eclipse award". He won't win and its puzzling why anyone would think he should unless they don't understand horseracing and haven't taken the time to evaluate the quality of his races. Hes obviously a good horse, hes just not on ecljpse award level. My opinion on who will win is on other topics on the subject, but this one is about Goldencents. · 1471 days ago
WTC has to lose and GC has to win , and the GC wins the eclipse
To those saying a miler cannot be 3 year old champ - why not if a miler can be champion older horse and especially Horse of the Year!?! That is a huge double standard that makes no sense! Besides, Goldie also won the Santa Anita Derby which is not a mile or a sprint. So he looks pretty versatile to me as well as FAST!
  • https://www.facebook.com/kyndle.fischer · It comes down to the weight each division holds. The dirt miler division in 3yos is far less competitive than the dirt routing division based on the amount of graded races and purses available. The turf miler division can be as competitive as the 4 and up dirt router division because of European horses (milers are huge over there) and also the fact that all too often the top 3yos are retired to stud leaving a hole in the older horse division. So in a year that sees no consistent older dirt router, but a monster in another division will have a non dirt router (or a filly) champion. This never happens in the 3yo category because of the American Classic races. There is nothing even close in the sprinting or miler division for 3yos. And by the way, Goldencents won the SA Derby over another glorified miler in Flashback. · 1472 days ago
He doesn't deserve to win, and he won't win. All his accomplishments were against glorified allowance horses. WHO DID HE BEAT?? Washed up off their form older allowance horses do not impress the people trusted with eclipse voting. Thank God they don't let any of you idiots vote. I would be shocked if he gets a single vote. Hes taken the easy road against soft westcoast fields and gets a perfect set up in a weak BC division. Anybody who thinks these stats merit a championship is an amateur.
I just don't see Goldencents getting the eclipse. Sorry
Vodka ,he wanted to know why the track did not sweep the others.i am showing you speed won all day,as far as fractions.do you honestly think cheap older horses or the Distaff at 1 1/8th would go that fast. no idiot,i did not bet closers. i made my cash early when i saw the bias.
tmallios you didn't answer icy's question at all. Your post is all over the map. You sound like someone who is bitter over losing many $$$ BC day by stubbornly betting on closers.
Icy,did you watch all the races that day,or just some of them.race 2,the #12 ($96) wired them and drew off. Race 3, the #9 sat of a stiff then took the lead,The #4 sat 3rd. they ran 1/2-look at the prices. The 4t race the 9/10 were 2/3 sitting right up.when they moved nobody came close.The Marathon.70% of the horses could not get that distance if you rode them in a van. Then Goldys Race and then Beholder who was tracking 1 length off and was tons the best. Maybe ,other than the Marathon,you saw a deep closere contend. I sure did not
After the race I understood a lot more than pre race as per usual and suddenly remembered the past wagers placed on Goldencents, both winners and losers. Analyzing a race after it's run can be interpreted many different ways, and the most curious this is, for the most part they can all be partly right. This BC of 2013 I made the most basic mistake possible, I bet to many races. Lucky for me MMM pulled me a little above even or my bankroll for this day at least would have been lost. So by half an inch I'm an expert, not a dunderhead. I think not. I would guess I'm somewhere in between, like all of us. Tom, my question basically is why didn't the track sweep these others along faster as well. Two of those I mentioned were good older horses. Each internal fraction, at least the way I see things plays upon the next. An opening quarter of 22.0 followed by a second quarter in 22.3 led up to that deceleration to 1:08.3, and the final of 1:35.2.
I don't even know how to respond to your rude comment. I'm offering my opinion and insight. If you don't like it, deal with it.
Did you get all that from your spanish speaking clocker and translated it.
Goldencents, without question, did not come home "strong". He came home in about :27, which at Santa Anita or basically any track going a mile, is horrible. However, you can't judge a book by the final chapter, can you? It needs to be accounted for that Goldencents had to work for the lead due to his competitor, Broadway Empire (right name?), not wanting to give up the lead. Rafi, after coming off the pace in sprints, clearly wanted the lead. Look at how he pushed him out of the gate. Goldencents (don't have the exact splits in front of me) went in about 22, 22:3, 24, 27. He did decelerate, but the first 3/4th's of a mile was very fast and tiring, no matter which track we are talking about. Goldencents was also leading by five long lengths in the stretch, and retrospectively, was not being ridden too hard by one of the best jockeys in the country. Sure, it would have been an astounding performance if Goldencents closed up better, but the reality of the situation is, no matter how he distributed his energy, he won by 2 3/4 lengths over many talented milers, including the (IMO) always overhyped Verrazano, who was wrongly installed as the favorite, and I was happy I got Goldencents at a generous 4-1.
Icy,pay attention to the tracks.The Belmont track that day was not as pronounced.Yes a 1.08 6F is the norm going 2 turns at a mile.Fact Goldy (for lack of better words)CRAWLED home is proof the track helped him.If you think he ran away from them.Then it is a matter of disagreement in opinions. You have yours and i have mine.Believe me,neither one of us will convince the other.
*Love these post race analysis's/ Monday morning quarterbacking. The same Graydar that if entered would have been 4/5 at best being a 4yo.* LOL
22, 44.3, 1:08.3 time in fifths. Curious that anyone would focus on the closing 1/4 fraction and disregard the fact that the race was decided at the second call which went in 1:08.3 fifths. Why didn't the speed biased track also carry Brujo de Olleros the 5yo who in his previous race pushed Graydar to the limit, Hymn Book the 7yo, or Verrazano (the monster). The same Graydar that if entered would have been 4/5 at best being a 4yo. The race has to be taken as a whole, not cherry picked post race to be valid. Goldencents was on cruise control in the final quarter as there was no need to push as he had already won it as stated prior. Love these post race analysis's/ Monday morning quarterbacking. In our haste let's not forget that these analysis's are made possible by the mind, which in it's endeavor to learn, understand, and stay sane must make sense of things, especially after the fact. As for a 3yo will never be 3yo HOTY without winning at the classic distance I would remind you HOTY is going to a horse that can't get more than the standard bred distance, and on grass to boot.

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