Frankel Upgraded to Best in World
January 14, 2013 10:27pm
Frankel Champion Stakes

FRANKEL has been confirmed as the best horse since official classifications began in 1977 after Dancing Brave's previous high of 141 was downgraded 3lb by World Thoroughbred Rankings handicappers on Tuesday.


That leaves Frankel at the top of the pile on 140 after Alleged and Shergar were dropped from that mark to 134 and 136.


In October it was revealed the 141 allotted to Dancing Brave for his brilliant Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe success in 1986 was in part awarded as a present for retiring handicapper David Swannell.


Modern-day assessors have, however, revised that rating and Frankel, unbeaten in a 14-race career which included ten Group 1 wins, now stands alone.


"Frankel is the new benchmark for equine excellence," said Garry O'Gorman, senior handicapper of the Turf Club and co-chairman of the World Rankings Supervisory Committee.


The WTR, which started as the International Classifications in 1977, were revealed in a London hotel on Tuesday and featured Cirrus Des Aigles, runner-up to Frankel in the Champion Stakes in October, in second place on the list on 131, 1lb higher than crack miler Excelebration and star sprinter Black Caviar.


Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I'll Have Another, whose career ended through injury before he could bid for Triple Crown glory in the Belmont Stakes, was best three-year-old colt.


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Older Comments about Frankel Upgraded to Best in World...

Can we even compare him to Orefevre who he and Cecil ducked?
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  • cocoa2 · If Frankel wants to be the best in the world not running in the Arc is going to stop him · 2437 days ago
  • On The Gallop's · The fact you wrote "Cecil Ducked" mqakes you a disgrace. I will pray you would never have to endure the type stomach cancer he has and the fact he could barely travel to Ascot to see his charge run. Your disgusting you scum. · 2423 days ago
I never sign mine, Mary Z, but I always "like" yours too!
Signing my footy "like".
Watch those burgers you're eating in Ireland or Britain if you live there or plan to go there anytime soon. Read this link..
Mary z., you know that to prove his greatness he would have had to swim the Atlantic to New York, then gallop across country to Santa Anita then arrive just in time to run in the dirt mile, the turf mile, the BC turf and then the BC classic. And then swim the Pacific to Japan for the Japan Cup. Then and only then would he have proved himself, but he still would have ducked the Arc.
I just wanted Frankel to attempt a Channel swim, footy ;)
Now, that is the type of comment I expect. Let's bring on some more comments about how all horses have to prove themselves on American dirt.
The revision of Dancing Brave's rating is the problem. I' e gone round and round with people on Frankel. Not doing it again. If he ran in the Arc, someone would want him to run in the Grand National to prove himself.
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  • cocoa2 · 's facing Gun Bow saw him run 1 1/2 miles on turf in 2:23 and change! Man O' War' · 2437 days ago
  • cocoa2 · s facing Sir Barton saw him run right past him. He did dodge Exterminator, but as a younger horse. Of course most horses were younger than Old Bones in Exterminator's lengthy career. Ribot beat them all. That's why he is my #1 of all time. Phar Lap shipped and won easily. · 2437 days ago
If they would've sent Frankel to the US to race on our "Dirt" tracks , we sure would have broken his "Best In The World" upgrade.
Best of all time? No. Best in the world in 2011/2012? Probably. Can't really see how he had a short career... he raced for three seasons, more than 90% of the American Stakes winning 3 y/os of 2012. The English flat season runs from May to October... and Frankel raced approximately once a month in races he was eligible for, that is a standard in almost any area with horse racing, no? How much longer would you have liked him to race? two, three more seasons? We can't even get a mediocre single G1 winner in the US to do that much, I am just happy they kept Frankel in training at four. He beat 23 G1 winners of 51 G1 races, G1 races run in Australia, Dubai, Italy, Ireland, France, Japan, US, Germany, etc. I would have loved to see him travel, but I also understand that Sir Henry Cecil was undergoing treatments for throat/stomach cancer throughout Frankel's career, making travelling for him difficult, and if you had the horse of a lifetime like that, don't tell me you would send him abroad where you could not A) see him everyday or B) Experience his victories. Cecil had to miss at least one of Frankel's victories because he was in the hospital as it is. I think the changing of older ratings for horses like Dancing Brave and Shergar was rubbish, but c'mon, you can't ignore the facts on Frankel.
Define "Best in the World" now a horse has to be lightly raced over a short career winning races in virtually the same location against good but not great competiton. You can throw the classification BS out the window, I like Frankel as much as the next guy but could not say he was the best in the world, just didn't race enough and needed travel. Now maybe if his career was prolonged and the greatest horses were sent to race against him that would change my mine, he's great but not the best.
Why bother with Global Timeform Ratings or Beyer Speed Figures? We humans seem to desire that--a ranking, and order. Perhaps horses/their connections need a target to aim for. Perhaps we need order to our chaos. Perhaps it is our inate desire to compare and thus we need some type of system to do so. We do it in every sport. We do it outside of sports. If your are curious as to how the team of handicappers produce the ranting, here is the link to their webiste that explains:
winning more races than another horse doesn't make a horse great. Pepper's Pride and Rapid Redux won more races, does that mean they are the best in the world?
It so silly to label a horse "Best in World". Why isn't Zenyatta considered best in the world, after all she won more races than Frankel. Please stop this BS! He was a great horse just like many horses before him & after him.
make that a couple of defeats - as usual, wish there was a way to edit posts
I think most people realize that Frankel was a fantastic race horse. But the thing is - he is really hard to place beside other all time greats because he was so rarely challenged and because he ran at so few distances. I am aware that there were reasons his trainer did not ship him to other countries and/or stretch him out to longer distances, but it does make him hard to categorize. For example - how would you compare him to a horse who might have a coulel of defeats on his/her record but ran at a much larger variety of distances and tracks?
Lists like these are far to subjective and these people are masters at manipulating statistics... No list can tell you who was the best...
"Puzzling" is a good way to describe it. And the revision is partially based on lowering Dancing Brave's ranking because it was "a present" to a handicapper?
I'm a Frankel fan, and I still think he is a tremendous horse, but this is a very puzzling act on the part of the WTR

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