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Frankel Dominates At Royal Ascot

It was worth waking up early to watch the opening act of the 2012 Royal Ascot meet.

Frankel demolished the field by 11 lengths to take the G1 Queen Anne Stakes in sensational style.

The handsome bay colt by Galileo broke well and sat just behind stablemate pacesetter Bullet Train. In the homestretch, he was never challenged and drew off in a powerful hand drive by jockey Tom Queally.

Longtime rival Excelebration, who raced side-by-side with Frankel throughout the first three-quarters, could not match his winning stride and was a distant second.

[Frankel is rated #1 in the HRN International Power Ranking!]
Stay tuned to HRN for more about Frankel and the Royal Ascot meet!


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Older Comments about Frankel Dominates At Royal Ascot...

Then maybe you should tell that to her connections. They were the ones who nixed the Sussex. They said one race and back to Australia for the Melbourne(?) meet, I think.
Now that's one statement I can agree with, Tim. Frankel is a once in a lifetime horse, and the horse's well being permitting, why not give the world a chance to watch his greatness.
Frankels Stud value is already set... Have some fun with the horse, Go on an ass kicking tour..This 1 M in britain is too easy for him.
Ever heard of changing plans? You can call the airline and say ...Can i change my ticket .Really What was the point of 1 race?
BC is running one race then going back to Australia. When is this supposed to happen, Tim?
Don't forget Gio Ponti
I agree with you Tim, but I wouldn't put this all on Cecil. It's not the USA sends our best turf runners to Ascot, so its hard for me to be grumpy when they dont send their best to the Breeder's Cup. Also, I would love to see Acclamation in the Arc, but does he even qualify? I'm just thankful we get as many international horses in the US as we do, Cape Blanco, Goldikova, Treasure Beach, St Nicholas Abby, and Wigmore Hall off the top of my head.
How could One not want to see frankel vs better horses? Hes proven he is the champ at 8f may never lose at that distance but..a big but.. can he win at 7F vs BC can he take the ARC can he travel to North America and win the Turf or classic ? Those are the things that will make him the best since big red .
How can you face the best if they won't face you? That would just result it walkover, walkover, 2 horse race, walkover, walkover, walkover
The bottom line is Europe is trying to make America think this is a great horse and he is not, He has faced the same horses over and over again. at lease Goldikova had the guts to face the best USA horses.. All I can say is bring it if you think your the best!!
Who has he faced? Some of the best. Who has he won against? Everyone that's dared to challenge him. Theres a reason that he's undefeated, and if you can't see that, then thats seriously really saaddd
Caracortado(minus the extra a)
No, I prefer the horse races, not tottering around in heels and being that, but whatever. Anyway, Frankel is the best turf miler in the world, not just called that. you're is spelled this way(see 5 words ago), and I am well aware of the Santa Anita downhill, my favorite fun course, which California Flag rules, and I hope to see him and Caracoratado blaze away on at the Breeders' Cup. The turf sprint will be on the downhill, I hope. Frankel's trainer is most likely saying "No" to the BC, which I already stated. I wouldn't call Excelebration tired or old, since he had a nice little break after FRANKEL kicked his ass in October, and this was his third race of 2012, not over-worked; he has won nearly all of his races, EXCEPT those in which he has faced FRANKEL.
No mary z ill leave the shopping to you, If your going to call yourself the best then face the best and Frankel has faces nothing but tired old horses...I would love to see him face Caracortdo in the downhill mile at the Breeders Cup..Caracortado would hand him his ASS
Very unlikely that he will run in the Breeders' Cup, his trainer said, and you know who he's beaten. If you can't appreciate Frankel, maybe you prefer shopping.
Yeah lets ship him to California for the Breeders Cup then we will see how good he is. Who has he beaten?
There must be millions left speechless by another great performance by Frankel, gift from God.
I was shaking as I watched him. He's a true great. Now let's see if we can get him to come for BC2012 !!
If you saw the race, what's scary is that Frankel romped away some 11+ lengths from the Queen Anne field, but did it without Queally asking him for anything close to his very best. This horse is frightening.

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