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The poll is open now for the Secretariat Vox Populi or “Voice of the People” Award. The candidates are no doubt well-desreving and in fact, have a huge fan base, large Facebook following, and even Twitter following. Groupie Doll, Game On Dude, Mucho Macho Man, Paynter and Princess of Sylmar. They are all successful with an impressive body of work. Safe to say, they will each be remembered years down the road, as well they should.

I wrote in a horse as a candidate--Monzante. Remember him?  His tragic demise captured our hearts, our attention, even our pocket books. Like many of us, I donated to a couple of racehorse retirement farms. Some journalists wrote articles about our equine athletes and what happens to them in the sunset of their careers. Racing and betting gurus organized events to raise funds for retired racehorse farms. Industry leaders began the debate and discussion of what can and what should happen before another black eye, another Monzante happens. That was back in July.

Safe to say, many Monzantes happened.

Those horses in the Vox Populi poll have their futures secured (prayers that all race and train safely). Thousands of Monzantes do not. His death galvanized our industry for a brief, beautiful moment. Lets keep the spotlight on this issue. Lets keep the discussion going. Maybe someday we'll see a mandatory retirement fund, a formal retirement process. I don't know what the answer is. But I do know that if Monzante wins this award, his name will be permanently engraved on a trophy and permanently listed with our previous Vox Populi winners. A permanent reminder of what still must be done. Maybe years from now, will will look back on Monzante and remember him as the horse who changed our industry--for the better.

You can vote by going to: The poll ends December 21.

Rest in Peace Monzante.


~Written by Linda Daly 


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I was shocked too Sullivan. robably the only one but I had to vote for Paynter. For him to come back after what he went through. Even though he couldn't get back to what he was- the fact that he returned to any racing form at all is nothing short of amazing. He definitely deserves it. Not saying others don't. But Paynter definitely deserves my vote.
  • GregRiessland · paynter can get it for such a recovery, but he is back to how he was. he wasn't good as the classic field. · 1460 days ago
  • ruffianlover · I'm not saying he was as good at the classic field before his injury- but he did win the G1 Haskell and he did get second in the G1 Belmont. He was certainly not a G1 horse this year as he only won an allowance race- so to say he was not back to what he was is an accurate statement. THanks · 1459 days ago
I think it more important for people to put their energy and money towards the retirement programs for horses like Monzante. The Vox Populi Award is not going to help get more horses safely retired. Vote for whoever you'd like, but at the same time you should be giving your time and/or money to help!
Two great choices, and both were completely overlooked. I think they shouldn't really have big name horses nominated for this thing, because I feel like there are horses out there more deserving of some attention. However, if there is a big name horse that deserves it, so be it.
I was rather disappointed that Saginaw and Monzante were not listed. I voted for the former.

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