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Chriselliam wins 2013 BC Juvenile Fillies Turf


When I heard the Eclipse Nominees were being announced today, I couldn't help but feel an overflow of excitement. I couldn't wait to see the list of names that were to receive the honors, but as soon as I read the nominees, my excitement vanished, instantly replace with disappointment. The Nominees read like a list of Breeders' Cup winners. How is it that people have become so lazy and forgetful that we now let one day of racing, one race, decide an entire division?



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Dr. Fager did what so many eastern horses could not do - win with authority on the hard, pasteboard surface at Hollywood Park. Drawing post 11 in a 14 horse field with speedsters Kissin' George, Dr. Roy E and Rising Market gunning for the lead, he cruised home to win by three. John Nerud flew him out Thursday, raced Saturday and flew back to Belmont Park Sunday. You should have skipped work that day, being as close as you were.
I still lament the day I stayed home when he ran at Hollywood
Icyboohot… Wise Dan won the Woodford at 9 furlongs, what other big opportunity did he miss at the acceptable 9 furlongs on turf? The voters will flock to any 1 ¼ dirt horse if he can put a season together next year… not that there’s anything wrong with that :D
I wanted to add that during Dr' Fagers 3yo season he lost no TC races as he skipped them all due to sore knees and the wisdom of John Nerud. Yet had he won the Woodward Stakes where Damascus put on a monsterous performance he would have won HOTY as a 3yo. Consider though he lost to a 3yo dirt horse who beat older horses specifically Buckpasser. Sure a lot of excuses can be made for the other two (Dr. Fager, Buckpasser), but on that particular day Damascus was as close to unbeatable as a horse can be.
I just believe it's a sad commentary, especially for the fans to have the highest award in any sport given out by default. Then again there comes a point of acceptance so anything is tolerable. The part that bothers me is the same thing that bothered me about Frankel as a 3yo. Both Frankel and Wise Dan, at least in my mind are both capable of so much more, at least distance wise, as Frankel finally showed by winning at 10.5F. However the notion that the owner owes nothing to the fans is preposterous. Thus my disapointment. Will Take Charge won his first race in January 2013 and his last on 11/29/2013 racing 11 times with 5 wins and 2 seconds narrowly missing winning the BCC, all on dirt, both the primary racing surface of the country giving out the awards and the hardest surface to run on for horses. As for a comparison to Dr. Fager I used him as an example, WTC has a way to go to get in that category.
icy, if there was a dirt horse last year with the record of Dr. Fager, the Slew or any of the other legends you have seen, they would win HOY hands down. Neither Will Take Charge or Mucho Macho Man had that kind of season. Hopefully WTC, MMM or another stand out will take scores of 9 & 10 furlong races this year.
no we need to go back to its roots, bring back in Arabian blood or in a few decades, the sprint standard will be 4 f and the route standard will be 7 or 8f.
If you're going to keep giving the top thoroughbred award to a horse with severe distance and surface limitations, taking into account the decline of horse racing across the board, maybe thoroughbreds and quarter horse should merge on the track and in the breeding shed. Then again I've gottn a little spoiled watching horses like Dr. Fager, seattle slew, etc. stretch out to the American classic distance of 10f. Now days 9f would be just fine, but a mile as the classic distance, please say it ain't so!
Airedale, I do have relatives that live in Alabama and Florida. I will be very happy to have the HOTY back for two years in row, seeing as how it happened last year, and no matter what, it will happen again this year. I am hoping that this trend continues, as it is good for the sport to have them stick around. This is again another way the Eclipse awards make a difference. The horses that win are the heads of their division, they are the horses that people look at and know, even if they do not know racing well. Getting to see that horse's name, heading a grade one is what we need to see. People want to see their favorite crowned and then come back. WTC will be a champion. People will recognize that name. People recognize Wise Dan's name. They will recognize Mucho Macho Man. Eclipse Awards make a difference, and we need to make sure we get them right.
@Jmac, I think you might be wrong on the idea that winning the awards do not change anything. Try and go ind one stallion advertisement of horse that has won an Elipse Award, that doesnt boast that fact in thier advertisemnt. It certainly ups the stud fee. Also did someone write there is a California Bias to the voters, thats crazy talk. It the opposite if anything. The only west coast bias is that the breederscup is ran in Cali, and west coast horses tend to do well. So its the fact that they are BC Champions, not because they are from Cali.
She may be wondering, "What is this accent they keep mentioning?" :) Good rant! Accent sounds like my sister in law from Georgia.
Laura I'm from North Carolina and I detect a bit of Southern influence in your video. Perhaps you have close relatives from down South? One fact we can all agree on – it will be terrific for the fans to have a Horse of the Year back on the track in 2014. Too many have disappeared to the breeding shed in years past.
I always think that the emphasis on the late summer and fall for end of the year honors, is at least in the past, this was when the three yr olds really met the older horses. Prior to then the three yr olds were on the TC trail and races through the Travers and Arlington Classic. The top older horses were looking at Ca races or Fl races earlier in the year then the Handicap TC and the Whitney, but the real meetings between the top three yr olds and the older horses would be the Woodward, Aqueduct Handicap, and the JCGC. Many would throw in the International at Laurel as well. But it was the fall when the top horses would meet in the past.
Keep 'em coming, dani >> like 2 goblin, you both sound like a couple of gringas.
The Eclipse Awards mean nothing, so complaining and throwing a temper tantrum like a few have on here is pointless. Having sour grapes because the favorites of the HRN Universe didn’t get selected is laughable. Does winning the award or being selected for it change anything about the individuals or horses selected? No it does not. They’ll still go on their everyday activities of racing without caring at all. The horses will continue to train, their breeding stock will stay the same, and it won’t affect how they race.
  • · Well, quite frankly the Eclipse awards can mean a great deal for some people. It can mean everything from an ego stroke to the connections to adding value to a horse's worth in the breeding shed (sometimes more for fillies than colts). · 1410 days ago
goblin, homestate and current is DE.
dani, I don't know where you are located geographically, but I thought I was hearing a bit of a southern influence in your speech. The rant was fun, and gave an extra dimension to the one-faceted presentation we get from only the use of a keyboard. :)
And of course, where were most of the voters in the east.
IHATC. I understand your point, but the fall championship season has always factored more in the final choices and I think a lot of it has to do with the fall racing series that was always held in NY.
If Eclipse Awards did not matter then their would not be owners and trainers seeking to win them with their stats and horses. And what accent/word usage do I seem to have? this is very entertaining.

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