East Coast Bias? Really, Ron Ellis?

Ron Ellis, you are a fantastic trainer, and I have the utmost respect for your abilities. However, one must understand that when you are of such standing, you simply cannot make such ludicrous, such whining statements as claiming “East Coast Bias,” during an NTRA national teleconference, with nothing to back it up.
Just last year Amazombie and Acclamation took home Eclipse Awards. Acclamation was nominated for two Eclipse awards, mind you, and lost out on the turf to the European invader, Cape Blanco. The year before, Zenyatta, Lookin at Lucky, and Blind Luck accounted for four Eclipse Awards, including Horse of the year. 2009, Lookin at Lucky and Zenyatta brought home Eclipse awards. That is not a bias.
This year, there is a very good likelihood of California again bringing home multiple Eclipse Awards. It is almost a given that I’ll Have Another is going to take, at least, the three year old championships. He is also the current leader for many, in the race for Horse of the Year. There is also no denying the strength of that particular division was in California. With Bodemeister, Creative Cause, and Paynter also having strong support this year how can you claim that there is a bias?
In the older male division, the East does look stronger in numbers. However, the top older male for many is Game on Dude. If I’m not mistaken, he is also based out west. There is one other horse that can compete with him, as of now, and that horse has run all over the USA. His name is Ron the Greek, and by the way, he has a win in the Santa Anita Handicap. So, your number one and two in the older male division have both won major grade one races in California.
Now, with the way this is going, you could claim Baffert biased, I suppose. However, that also would be put straight to bed with the example of Amazombie. Amazombie  is the reigning champion sprinter in the country. Again, he is also on the West Coast, and as of now he is still the leader of his division.  
You claim that the lack of respect that your filly, Include Me Out, receives is due to East Coast Bias…. you should know better. That division is strongest in the east, and it’s not even close. Royal Delta, It’s Tricky, Questing, My Miss Aurelia, and Awesome Feather all reside in the east. Earlier in the year, the east also had Havre de Grace and Awesome Maria. Right there you have a Horse of the Year and three champions, surrounded by two multiple grade one winners. No filly or mare in the West has a resume that can even come close to that.
In recent years, the facts have proven that the “East Coast Bias,” you call out, does not exist. Making absurd claims when the facts are so definitely against you does not become a person of your stature. You want your mare to gain respect then you had better hope she wins and wins by a country mile in the Ladies Classic. You want talk the talk, fine. Now, you had better be prepared to back it up.


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Early/late balance numbers relate to energy distribution changes and the track can or cannot add to those. It is usually easy to tell, using them, when material has been added to the track, it is packed down, or dug up deeply. Del Mar and Keeneland do not show that consistency the way that Turfway, Arlington and Woodbine do. It is all about how the crew take care of the course that matters in giving the horsemen a consistent racing surface.
Poly on an uneven poorly maintained track is a joke, but Arlington and Woodbine work out very well day in day out very stable. Woodbine is a top track as the entire world knows
Polytrack is a joke.. No denying that.. If woodbine had a dirt Track It would be a top 5 track for sure...
I live 15 mins from Woodbine. You folks who make comments about our Poly track can get bent. we have the highest purses, the best Turf course, and have the longest running Classic in North America. As far as this East vs West argument is concerned I will agree with Travel Vic. But having said that Santa Anita is a wonderful establishment, I just Wish the project at Hialeah would begin so we can get thoroughbreds back to that gorgeous historic facility. My favorite tracks with my bias included are/were Woodbine, Hialeah, Keeneland, Old gulfstream, Saratoga, New Arlington(post reno's) and the ever so beautiful Santa Anita. I have been to them all, and they are/were just wonderful courses.
it is very near the coast of Lake Ontario.
I know Woodbine is not on the coast but id say its an east coast track?
One came to the debate with facts and the other? conjecture. One readily trumps the other.
Whatever!!!! Don't break your arm. Signing off, so you can dwindle the internet public, you GURU, YOU.
the only thing I'm being is FACTUAL over and over.
I accidently discovered that the ECB is not just another cospiracy theory, it's real. I went to google to look up the time of the presidential debate and here is what I got. This and only this as though nothing else exists. 9:00pm–10:30pm ET
don't post 15 times. It's so SIMPLE!!!!
I have notice the majority of your drivel, is condescending, with capital letters spelled out, so that you can possibly make your point. But, you're not saying anything. Every post you make has a similar pattern, and there are many. Quit being so NEGATIVE. Try to say something positive. I don't believe that that would be in your character. You are just negative. So, say what you got to say, and don'
also add Hoosier and Indiana Downs to that EASTERN group
forgot Colonial, Kentucky Downs and Hialeah (only q horse racing now), also the soon to become defunct Fort Erie , Assiniboia, Calder, Delta Downs, Presque Isle, The old Meadowlands (now just for the standard bred), and then there are all the hunt meets and NOT A ONE is West of the Mississippi, then there are the training cetner meetings in the winter in Florida. It says there are a tremendous amout of courses in the East as compared to the West. These are ALL thoroughbreds just look where they are running: http://www.nationalsteeplechase.com/racing/schedule/
Arlington, Thistledown, Keeneland, Parx, Farimont, Hawthorne, Hazel, Fair Grounds, Louisiana Downs, Evangeline Downs, Oaklawn, River Downs, Beulah, Laurel, Timonium. Pimlico, Delaware, Belmont, Finger Lakes, Saratoga, Aqueduct, Suffolk, Monmouth, Atlantic City, Mountineer, Gulfstream, Tampa, Woodbine, Penn National, Charlestown, Turfway, CHurchill, Ellis Park, are all considered EASTERN race tracks!
you argument has as many holes as a colander: not only bucking the traditional goegraphic standard, but the racing community standard as well. Are we living in the same universe??
It may be the dividing point, but it is not considered eastern either, why because it is not on the East Coast. Most racers consider it a middle ground, just because it is East of the river does not make it an east coast track, far from it. Your argument, tv is the one without anything substantial. When you have nothing to go on you like to talk about who you know and how that give you more credit than anyone on here. I will listen to those who do their own thinking, own digging, and own researching before i will a person who tries to gain credibility base on who they know. You stated Woodbine is East Coast, one it's in Canada, two it is not on the even on the coast. Then you try to say CD is an east coast track because it is on the other side of the river. So is Oaklawn yet I don't here people refer to it as East Coast. Just because it is on one side of a river does not mean it is an East Coast track. Your argument has fallen apart.
Geographicv center of the U.S. is near Lebanon Kansas so anything East of that, well is EAST. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_center_of_the_contiguous_United_States
Dani, I didn't say coast. I said its considered an Eastern Track if you are dividing the nation East and West. Kentucky has not been considered "the west" since the mid 19th century. TV is correct in that the Miss River is the dividing point generally speaking.

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