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Drawing Away Stables: The Class Of New York Racing!

Horse Racing has been referred to as The Sport of Kings since, practically, its inception. The common fan, largely, operates under the assumption that it takes a king’s wealth to be involved with horse racing – at least from the ownership side.  But that has become a misnomer.  In the past few years, thanks to the introduction of the large thoroughbred partnership groups, the common man or woman has been afforded the chance to be a part owner of these beautiful equine athletes.


There is a downside to this democratization of thoroughbred ownership. With most large corporations or partnerships, it seems as if the common share holder or partner just becomes another number. Drawing Away Stables, however, is showing that a successful consortium doesn’t have to be run that way.


A New York based partnership group, Drawing Away Stables is taking the NYRA circuit by storm.  Drawing Away was founded in March of 2008 by Edward Boden and Robert Markus along with trainer David Jacobson. Drawing Away is a relatively new partnership, but they’re quickly showing how smart people along with hard work, integrity, and passion can succeed in this sport.


One word comes to mind when I think of Drawing Away Stables  - heart. Their collective heart is simply overwhelming – and they do not hesitate to open it to others in the racing community. I was first blessed with the pleasure of experiencing this group through tragedy.  On September 26th of this past year I lost my best friend Tim “Tiznow” Reynolds – whom I’ve written about several times in this space before - an incredible, passionate horse racing fan.  Drawing Away heard of this tragedy and even though they didn’t personally know Tim, they were so affected by his passing that they ran their beautiful grey gelding Ever A Friend in his honor at Belmont Park.


After this tragedy I instantly befriended managing partner Robert Hachemeister Jr. (left)  I was blown away by the type of person he is. Having not known Tim or myself prior to this tragedy, he still found it in his heart to donate funds from Ever a Friend’s subsequent races to Tim’s family - a gesture that will never go forgotten.


Drawing Away Stables is filled with wonderful people, but their story doesn’t stop at just goodness. They are an intelligent bunch of passionate horse racing fans and, oh yes, they win! Since the founding of Drawing Away, which was a little over 4 years ago, they have won well over a 100 races, just an incredible stat!


How do they do it? Drawing Away doesn’t mislead their partners into thinking they’re going to get rich or win the Triple Crown. They have obtainable goals. The care and safety of the horse come first along with serving the partners.  Mainly a claiming group, their success is based off of smart claims along with giving top class care for their racing stock.


This was most evident in their claim of Mabou - a jumper who was one of just hand full of jumping horses that have been claimed in the past ten years. David Jacobson saw something in this gelding and Drawing Away claimed him for $30,000. Just one start later Mabou found himself running in the prestigious grade I New York Turf Writers Cup at historic Saratoga race track. Mabou struggled over the first jump, finding himself in last in the beginning stages of the race. Mabou made a menacing move on the final turn and showed a ferocious turn of foot after the last jump to, well, draw away (pardon the pun) and win the New York Turf Writers Cup by nearly 6 lengths. From a $30,000 claimer into a grade I winner. It was a claim even Al Swearengen would be proud of.



You won’t find the stalls of Drawing Away Stables filled with grade I winners like Mabou, but you will find them filled with hard knocking claimers that give their owners everything they have. Horses like Show Trial, Saginaw, Copy My Swagger, Tazered, and the aforementioned Ever A Friend. These horses have all run under the stable’s beautiful blue and orange silks.


The main goal of this group is not to win those most grade I’s in a year, (although I’m sure they wouldn’t object to it) but, rather, to win the owners title at each track they race at. They came tantalizingly close during the Inner Track meet at Aqueduct this year. Drawing Away led the owners’ race until the final day before losing by a single race.  Drawing Away Stables trainer David Jacobson is the reigning champion as top trainer at Aqueduct Race Track. Jacobson has an incredible eye for spotting horses and is responsible for the success of claims such as Mabou and Copy My Swagger.



Another word that resonates with Drawing Away is family.   They are a family in every definition of the word. Sandy Levine (top), or as many denizens of Aqueduct know him, “The Governor,” is a man that loves his family. He loves to educate fans on every aspect of the sport. He’s been around horse racing all of his life. The “Gov” can be seen trackside handicapping with his friends and family and is known as one of the sharpest handicappers around. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of the “Gov” picking winners for friends and new horse players. Sandy is a managing partner of Drawing Away Stables and unlike some owners he keeps everything in perspective.   Sandy’s favorite Drawing Away horse was a hard knocking claimer named Show Trial - a throw-back to the glory days. That runner was durable and full of heart. 


The Drawing Away family is filled with purely good people. Eddie Robins (below) runs the Drawing Away Facebook page and is the stable’s photographer. He cares about the community. Every time a DAS horse is entered, Eddie donates to a different charity.


With people like Eddie, Sandy, and Robert it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy being a part of this stable.  Not only does Eddie give back to the community, the whole stable does. They’ve hosted kids from the Special Olympics and have donated to several different charities. This is what this sport is about and it’s wonderful to see great people, doing great things succeed in a sport where you are not inherited success.


Jockey David Cohen  (right) has become a huge part of this family, riding most if not all horses entered by Drawing Away. Cohen has found a home in New York and a home with Drawing Away Stables.  Cohen has had a great deal of success he currently has 57 wins in 2012 and is in the top 5 in the leading rider standings at Aqueduct.



This Saturday Drawing Away Stables will be sending out Copy My Swagger into the grade III Bay Shore Stakes at Aqueduct. Copy My Swagger is a horse that personifies the Drawing Away spirit. Swag doesn’t boast the regal pedigree of a champion. He wasn’t paraded in the sales ring at Keeneland. He was claimed by Drawing Away Stables for $25,000 in a race in which he would break his maiden.  Quickly Swag blossomed under the care of David Jacobson. In his second race under the silks of Drawing Away Swag crushed a Starter Allowance field. The chestnut gelding by Easing Along is coming off an impressive 2nd place performance in the Broad Brush stakes.  “Swag” took it to the field from the word go, setting all the fractions before getting run down late in the last few dire strides.


If you’re interested in horse ownership, have realistic goals, and want to be part of a great horse racing family. I highly suggest you consider becoming a part of the Drawing Away family. I’ve seen what this family can do when they put their mind to something, the sky is the limit. In the end, you’ll find yourself in the winner’s circle and these people and these horses will “Draw Away” with your heart.



 In Honor of Tim (Tiznow) Reynolds, you changed all of are lives for the better and you'll be with us always. Donations can be made to the Timothy (Tiznow) Reynolds Memorial Fund. A memorial fund for his daughter, Lauren Reynolds.



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Older Comments about Drawing Away Stables: The Class Of New York Racing!...

Much love for Jacobson. And "smart claiming" is claiming and dropping down off the win.
  • apajax6 · http://www.nytimes.com/1981/10/17/sports/trainer-is-charged-with-horse-neglect.html · 2044 days ago
equine orthopedics has improved a lot since then. I recall one doctor, tired of being sued and was about to leave his practive, went to New Bolton Center after and brought all his methods with him.
Fantastic piece! The world in general could use more people like those of Drawing Away Stables.
I've been a part of other ownership groups in the past, & did feel like a "number." When I'm ready to jump back in to the game as an owner, I'm going to look at Drawing Away for sure.
Nice piece, Scott.
Great article. Love DAS. Great peeps. They embody the passion and excitement that people should have regarding horse racing. Wish them the best of luck. Oh and Copy My Swagger is the best name in horse racing hands down! #FACT!
Makes you hope this is a big wave of the future, great to know about, many thx.
I only know DAS and members thru FB but they have been great "friends" I have on my bucket list to go to the track in New York someday and meet all of them Thanks for a great article on them
WOW, this is a great article Scott! You are so right~the Reynolds' family will never forget the kindness by DAS. We look forward to meeting Bob (and precious Nina) one of these days, if anyway possible! They are a very special group that will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are proud to say we will be their "Ever A Friend"! Of course, we love you too Scott!!
Awesome article. Couldn't have said it better.
There are a lot of great people in racing! I will look for them at the Bay Shore! Thanks for sharing this story, Scott.
Nice feature on this stable. Best of luck to a good group of people - AGameofSkill.com
I've heard NOTHING but great things about this operation. Scott, thank you for shining the spotlight on a group of classy individuals!
Well said, Charlie.
Though I only know Bob through FB, his class shines through 24/7/365. Wishing continued success to Drawing Away Stables and all it's partners.
Very nice article, Scott!
Good people!
Nice article, Scott - really well done. I love the picture of Bobby and Nina :)
My man Bobby Hachmeister Jr. is a Drawing Away member and he's da bomb!
I know a few of the Drawing Away group ... great guys! I always give their entries a second look. Smart and fun partnership!

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