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Breeders' Cup 2017

Does Zenyatta deserve 2010 Horse of the Year?

The purists scoff at Zenyatta winning 2010 Horse of the Year. I agree that Horse of the Year is not a lifetime achievement award. It is for the accomplishments of one season. In this blog I will ask the burning questions and come up with the right answers in this brewing debate.

Blame won the Breeders’ Cup Classic so he has to be Horse of the Year, right?

Not so fast. Zenyatta ran the table in 2009, culminating with a victory in Breeders’ Cup Classic, but Rachel Alexandra won Horse of the Year.

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Older Comments about Does Zenyatta deserve 2010 Horse of the Year?...

JamminPark, of course you believe Zenyatta deserves Horse of The Year. After all, you gave her a ten, and Blame (the horse that hit the wire first in the Breeder's Cup Classic) you gave a 1. Shame on you.
Yes, they were not my words ... I endorsed Rachel Alexandra for 2009 HoY.
apologies Brian that article was written by Vic Zast www. @horseraceinsider.com. Picked up the lead on HRN but attributed it to you.
"embarrass" was the word used not cheat. I should have checked as I can't remember articles verbatim anymore.
dubby30 here is the url-http://www.horseraceinsider.com/Zasts-TrackWords/2010-12-15on-the-third-day-of-christmas-another-zenyatta/
I don't need a refresher course because I mentioned those two in a response to one of the editorials posted by our new managing editor that"Zenyatta was about to be cheated again at the Eclipse awards for the third time". My question specifically asked when were the first two? with Curlin 2008? 2009 with Rachel Alexandra? because I don't think she was cheated those years.I do appreciate the response though because I got no answer to my question from Brian which if you would take the time to look up is on HRN under his editorials.That help you out a little?
icyhotboo Its amazing that you mention Curlin in 2008 and Rachel in 2009, both of these horses did extraordinary things during their championship seasons, we've been over and over it many times, but just let me refresh your memory. Curlin's 2008 season included wins in the DWC, facing the worlds best whom he destroyed then the Stephen Foster, Woodward and JCGC, the fact is Curlin did in 2007 more than Zenyatta did in her career, and the same can be said for 2008, I mean seriously lets put it all out there and be honest, she won the BCLC in 08 the BCC in 09 and what else of national importance did she win. In 07 alone Curlin won the Preakness, the JCGC and the BCC, that right there trumps her whole career. Sad but true. Blame in winning the Stephen Foster, Whitney and BCC trumped her 2 stellar win career also. Just facts i mean im just saying.
Saw Big John several times in California and paraded at the Breeder's Cup in 86.
Got a kick out of your comment about Congress humphrey :) And what a character John Henry was. He won HOY without, sadly to say, ever running in any BC races that inaugural year due to injury but at least the industry had enough respect to honor him with the title. Did you ever see him? He was really something else let me tell you.
2008 Curlin was the best! 2009 Rachel faced everbody! 2010 Zenyatta year to win, no valid arguement not to give it to her.
WIth the public swell of support her not getting HOY will be almost exactly like the situation in Congress where none of them listen to what people want either.
HATE-HORSE- defies comphension unless of couse if they've been trampled. is that a common thing because I don't get it.... no foolin
How can she not be acknowledged and honored as horse of the year? She is the first truly super racehorse we've had in four decades. What she has done for our sport is immeasurable. To deny her out of hate or bias would be a terrible thing. JMO but I have alot of company:):)
funny video about her has appeared on Youtube.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1YutMhv1gQ&feature=fvsr
TOO much is attributed to one race one day. John Henry didn't need that day
Two wins on dirt does not prove she is one of the best ever. Sorry!!!!!
Does Zenyatta deserve HOY? What kind of question is that?! Of course she does! I mean Zenyatta won the Breeders Cup last year but didn't get HOY why does it matter with Blame? Zenyatta's record is one of the best in history why should they not give HOY to her?! She deserves it!
medlocke: If anything were to befall this horse the odds are 1-9 and out your door willed the first knocked on.
Bob46 you stated that “Just because the race is listed as a Grade 1 doesn't mean that it is a quality race”. Well that applies to all Grade 1 races no matter where they have run, including those run by Blame, and not just those won by Zenyatta. That aside, the fact that other barns, trainers and owners acknowledge that Zenyatta is a talented and special horse and that she has proved herself is proof of the respect that the industry has for her. Peimeters is right and both Blame and Zenyatta should be given credit for their talent, seems that those in the real know are able to do so.

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