Disgusted, Just Disgusted

Well, if yesterday wasn’t a whirlwind for the world of horse racing I honestly don’t know what could possibly qualify. We had several top horses racing at Saratoga, topped off by the Whitney Handicap, and Hansen running with a blue tail in the West Virginia Derby. All the talk was centered on either Ron the Greek and could he get his third grade one win and how Hansen should walk all over the entrants in the West Virginia Derby. Neither happened, yet one set off a reaction, which I would have to say I’m utterly disgusted with.
As we all know Hansen did not win the West Virginia Derby. He didn’t finish second or third, but fourth. By the comments I read, you would have thought that the horse had the perfect trip before finishing dead last in the field. Ok, let’s review what actually happened shall we? The horse broke well, went for the lead before he encountered a rabbit on a suicide mission by the name of Hero of Order. Was the pace overly quick, at first glance no, compared to Tapizar’s race, not even close. However, notice that while Tapizar cleared the field, got into a good rhythm, and was running comfortably with his ear pricked, up until about a quarter of a mile out, Hansen never relaxed and was constantly hounded by Hero of Order, who was constantly being hounded by his jockey to keep up despite him clearly being finished. It is not rocket science to know that a relaxed horse uses less energy than one that is keyed up.
After Hero of Order finally tailed off, Hansen looked as though he actually might still win, despite never fully relaxing. Entering the stretch there was daylight between him and the next horse, but it didn’t last long as the effects finally began to take their toll. The colt still ran valiantly, but had nothing left and was beaten by just over two lengths, not 20, as some may have believed just by reading the hateful comments left over the internet, after the race.
What surprises me is that all those hateful comments are focused at the owner and horse. So, Dr. Hansen wanted to run his colt with a blue tail. So he’s enthusiastic, dear god forbid he be enthusiastic. I saw a picture of the blue tail, and did not find it that distasteful. In fact, I barely noticed it, so again, what is the big deal? What is surprising and disgusting is that out of all those hateful, evil comments not one was directed at the rider of Hero of Order. I have nothing against the use of rabbits, it is strategy. However, after the horse is done in, let them gallop out. Do not ride them for all they are worth, after they clearly have nothing left to give. How did such a disgusting ride go unnoticed? The blue tail you say? Get over it. The blue tail did not harm Hansen, the way the jockey rode Hero of Order, on what I heard was a very hot day in WV, was unethical and cruel to the horse. That is what people should be talking about, not a blue tail.
After watching that ride, I hope the jockey of Hero of Order was taken aside and reamed by the owner or trainer or both. I hope the stewards took the time to look at that ride and see how disgusting it was. I hope they suspend him for the treatment of that horse. You want to talk about something, and then talk about that. Something that deserves to have anger and heat directed its way. Not about how much a champion sucks, or how his owner is an idiot, or how stupid the blue tail looked, because in the whole scheme of things, which is really worse? That tail, or how Hero of Order was punished during that race?
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I agree, Jasen, maybe they were just trying a different tactic. But the comments the other jockey made to Mike Smith are a little strange.
I think they tried to take it to Hansen was because they chased him in the IA Derby and that didn't work, so they wanted to try and take the race to him early. Honestly don't see anything wrong with those tactics considering rating against Hansen didn't work last time.
A blue Tail....Who cares ? Does it hurt you when you dye your hair ? NO. Also Its a horse race and the whip is a valuable tool in getting the most out of a horse, All the do gooders need to zip it. The horse is fine.
completely agree. its funny how people want to bash someone fire being different rather than "look at the one with his hand in the cookie jar"
Chris, Thank you. It seems most here did fully miss the point, that it WAS NOT about Hansen's tail. More about How i could not believe one would pick that out of the race when the ride on Hero of Order was completely and blatently unethical.
I agree with you 100% Dani. At a time when our sport needs positive influences, people stioll go negative. Why? Also, Hero of Order was purposefully on a suicide mission and had no intention of winning the race.
Alos lets not make mean comments about poeple like saying they r self centered and all that we shouldnt act like 1st graders and unless u know the person personally dont say mean comments
I agree the jockey rode that horse in a very bad way and i also agree about Hansen's tail its doesnt matter about his tail color why gripe and moan about it. The owner wanted to see his horse with a blue tail who cares let him and no Hansen was not sendung his owners a message that he doesn't like his tail blue. I mean really apparantly u dont know nothing about horses when u say something like that.
The blue tail disgusted Hansen and he's sending his connections a message.
i figure, let him do what he wants to entertain himself, since he owns the horse. it doesn't mean that hansen will be a better horse for having a blue tail or whatever. he will end up the season in the bc dirt mile.
MACHO MACHO should be the talk! And Dr.Hansen is an idiot, he only cares about himself and is a self centered joke.
Dr. Hansen is a good man who truly cares for his horse. This man sent my 5th grade class gifts. The children love Hansen. The children love the blue tail. Hansen is a Champion and All his connections treat him as such.
I agree. I don't know what the jockey was thinking. And I also agree Hansen ran valiantly in defeat. Everyone loses a couple and any hateful comments should go to the awful ride Hero of Order got.
  • SallyWatanabe · its called race riding! What was the jockey supposed to do to win the race!? · 1930 days ago
  • cocoa2 · Nothing, horses win races, jocks can't do much with a bad horse. · 1930 days ago
I thought Hero Of Order should have won this race and still do. Hansen simply could not go the distance and nothing more. He is a good little colt but certainly not the next great race horse that will never be forgotten.
a light jumper but still a jumper, there was 3 or 4 yesterday talk about an event cluster.
hero of order didn't help either which is true, but i ve always liked hansen 7 furlongs to a 1 1/16. also they took off the blinkers again it is just insane keep them on or off. i say on.
hero of order didn't help either which is true, but i ve always liked hansen 7 furlongs to a 1 1/16. also they took off the blinkers again it is just insane keep them on or off. i say on.
who are hero of order
issue is distance.

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