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  • Bonus Points (3-1) swings wide and draws clear to win the Maryland Million Classic.Posted 11 hours ago
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Breeders' Cup 2017

Dettori Tests Positive for Banned Substance

FRANKIE DETTORI will face a France Galop inquiry after providing a positive test at Longchamp on September 16, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Solicitor Christopher Stewart-Moore said in a statement: "On behalf of Frankie Dettori I can confirm that, as a consequence of a positive test at Longchamp on September 16, 2012, he will be the subject of an inquiry by the Medical Committee of France Galop next week.

"In compliance with, and out of respect for, the regulations of France Galop, he will not be commenting further until the France Galop procedures have been completed."

Dettori, whose celebrity status has made him a household name across the globe, had four rides at Longchamp on Sunday, September 16.

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Older Comments about Dettori Tests Positive for Banned Substance...

My daughter gets it, but only in the summer.
As to taking both heroin and cocaine, I believe it is called a speedball. You inject one arm with cocaine and then inject with heroin. Andy Warhol described the sensation as " going up in an elevator as fast as you can and somebody cutting the rope."
The only thing I can add to this discussion about cocaine and particularly heroin comes from some of my junkie and dealer clients. Heroin is always cut with gold medal flour not just because its physical consistency is similar to heroin but because it dulls the stung when heroin is injected because heroin burns when it goes into a vein and flour dulls tht burning sensation. I found this out after asking one of my clients since every defense was it wasn't heroin but gold medal flour. Also when the Indians worked in the fields in South America where the the cocoa leaf is prevalent, they chewed this for energy and the suppression of the appetite.
ezema has a myriad or etiologies from simple neurodermitis (self inflicted nervous rubbing usually in a distribution behind the neck, knees etc) to the good old idiopathic category. My good friend had pomphlyx, a variety of it on the palms and that poor guy sufferend with deep fissures every spring. Never knew what caused it, or why it went away all on its own.
The cause is unknown and hopefully some of the new treatments will be effective as prolonged treatment with corticosteroids can be dangerous.
the eczema is an interesting side effect, if that is what you could call it. Obviously would not be an allergic reaction unless it was a reaction to some medication. I alway assumed eczema was an allergic reaction of some kind, but this phenomenon would seem to point to a type that is almost auto-immune triggered maybe due to the stress of the stroke? I'm not a physician, so I can only hypothesize, probably erroneously.
I have seen so many 30 somethings stroke out on coke, have to have their nasal septum recontstructred......Younger stroke patients ODDLY, suffer from full body eczema after the CVA. Have not figured out the correlation.
should be heroin, not heroine. Although I'm sure some would interchange the words.
I agree, travel_vic. I didn't know any dancers who used heroine, as they didn't feel they could function on it well enough to dance. But the cocaine suppressed their appetite and made them feel good. And they had to use alcohol or tranquilizers to sleep. It is just a sad, vicious cycle that we have heard about over and over again.
I don't think half the drug users of this world, human and equine, know exactly what they do especially in interaction or they would NOT be so dumb as to mix bute with furosemide. I hear all the time, idiots taking cocaine with heroin and everything else under the sun and these people are surprised hearts stop? NOt only are these meds of unkown strength but the users have no idea how much of the yield is adulterated by other chemicals. When they do the same to horses, who we are supposed to be looking after, it makes my blood boil. I hear the vet's assistant I work with all the time screaming at how stupid they are with unknow, untried med combinations.
I believe when the surgeon operated on Margot Fonteyn's ankle, he couldn't believe she danced on it. That is how damaged it was and how stretched out the muscles were. But, ballerinas have danced whole ballets on broken ankles and broken feet.
that is correct, travel_vic. Everything they used to do in ballet, and still do probably, seemed to be out of the Middle Ages. Pointe is amazing instruction for centering, as you will fall off your pointe if you do't learn the centering technique. And the "winging" of the foot is so bad for the strength of the ankle.
I agree we use to have to fght with parents who wanted their children to go on point before age 11. The foot strcutres are not solid enough then, even in girls, to support that kind of weight in that manner. I swa a lot of boney pathology, early arthritis, healing stress fractures and some of the "stretchers' they were supposed to wear- right out of the dark ages
Buckpasser- you are welcome. I was part of the Modern Dance world until a childhood back injury forced me to stop. But I was in Chicago. NY is a whole different world as far as dance is concerned.
San Francisco Ballet is a wonderful company. But ballet and the world of major Ballet companies is very destructive. There are only so many Prima and Primo spots in the world. In the 70's and 80"s ballerinas would have ribs removed, hip sockets shaved, wear false arches, sabotage other dancers in order to try to get ahead. My favorite company is Maurice Bejart's company, or was his company as he is dead now. Brilliantly trained dancers and innovative choreography.
Sounds like me after a two day cramming session on a medical exam after "borrowing"" a few dextroamphetamine sulfate capsules from my pharmacy student friends. Nasty stuff that...Glad my cerebral blood vessels had no cherry aneursyms or I would not be typing this right now.
there is a point that travel_vic is correct in that cocaine alone will not take the pain away. There needs to be another substance, like alcohol or something else that the cocaine ends u p beong cut with or combined. Part of the cocaine appeal is that it makes you =feel good, so the psychological impact on the dancer is that this is an elixir. Since I have never known any dancer that took pure cocaine, I cannot attest to that. But I knew too many dancers who swore that cocaine made them hurt less. The dealers knew who their meal tickets were and knew what to cut their drugs with to produce that effect. It made older dancers feel "young" while actually ruining and aging their bodies. I just wanted to acknowledge that which travel_vic said. It is still huge in the ballet world, an still as addictive as ever. Gelsey Kirkland would giv an absolutely amazing performance (she was an absolutely stunning dancer- one of the best) and the next night she would take two steps on the stage and fall flat on her ass. And when you went to see her perform, you had no idea which dancer you were going to see.
Treated many in the San Franciso Ballet and never had the expereince to take those meds.
Footy. Very interesting information about the ballet world. Thanks.
Medicines DO NOT wrok the same way parentrally as they do orally. We used to have idiots grind up oral analgesics and pop them throught he skin NEVER realizing that the salts there were part of were toxic to the muscle with subsequent huge sloughs of dead tissue. Oral cocaine would be rapdily destroyed by stomach acid...Cocaine abusers do not take cocaine orally, because cocaine taken by mouth is absorbed into the brain slowly. By this method, it takes more than an hour to reach peak brain levels of cocaine. Abusers are more likely to inhale cocaine into the nose as a powder. By this method, the drug is quickly absorbed from the mucous membranes in the nose. Because of its local anesthetic actions, cocaine numbs or "freezes" the mucous membranes....http://www.bookrags.com/research/cocaine-dat-01/

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