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Derby Wars.com Gets It Right As Contest Organizer

Initial impressions are extremely important, and if yesterday's experience in the $25 NHC Qualifier on Derby Wars.com is any indication, I'm declaring this nascent operator the big winner among online contest sites. 

The technology behind the site appears top notch and I found to be user friendly.  Aside from its far-sleeker appearance than otherwise functional venues such as NHC Qualify.com and Horse Tourneys.com, Derby Wars.com does some little things that I found helpful.  Instead of having to shuffle back and forth between pages, most of the contest features I need to access are on one page. The ability to change on the fly with my selections, view my ultimate picks and outcomes, and see the leaderboard all on one screen was extremely helpful. In addition, the player chat feature can be interesting to follow and makes for a more-personal experience than other sites.

Where it all happens the next three Friday nights!
In terms of the contest flow, I loved that the 12 races moved rather quickly -- especially appealing for a time-constrained guy like me who appreciates that the contest wrapped up in 2 hours, 15 minutes.  Quick decision-making was a fresh break, too, from some contests that take 4+ hours to get through, or where the organizers pick two tracks with races going off almost concurrently.  The flow of Friday's contest was a huge plus, in my consideration. 
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I do go to the OTB or send a bet down if someoone I know is going . The nearest OTB to me is about a 45min-1 hr drive each way .
Over the years I have gotten to know a lot about bookkmaking from my English friend. THEY set the odds so that THEY win no matter which horse wins......That is why you HAVE to bet all the contests.
Why don't you go to an OTB, select the races YOU want to bet (not the ones you are forced to bet on) wait for the odds, and MAKE MONEY the way those in the real world do?
Gelded1, DerbyWars is a tournament site in which you pay an entry free for a predetermined prize amount. For example, you and I could play a $20 Head to Head game covering the final seven races from Gulfstream Park. You select one horse each race and your score is comprised of what those horses pay to win and place up to $32 to win and $18 to place. The highest score at the conclusion of the contest races wins the pot. PPs will be available soon, but as of right now you have to get 'em elsewhere.
Thanks mmidland. So most games are $2.00 to w/pl for each race offered ? Are past performances provided or do you have to download the pp's from a pay website?
If you're an IL player, you can play online on DerbyWars! In most games, you pick a horse each race and get what that horse pays for $2 Win-Place at the track. Contests usually run 8 races, with more for big games. You can play for free to get started and try it out - DerbyWars.com!
I'm from Illinois and online wagering has come to a halt in the last 3 weeks due to the legislators failing to come to an agreement with the Companies offering online horse betting . I have been a Twinspires account holder since Illinois started allowing it and have enjoyed it very much I'm thinking of entering some contests through the Derby Wars contests through this site. Any comments about the contests and I would like to maybe enter a few contests to test my skills. Do you start off with imaginary bankrolls in these conrtests after paying and entring these contests? Anybody offer any more info to convince me to play?
A very nice review from the NJ Horseplayer!

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