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Sometimes it is just not meant to be, I guess.


The news hit me like a ton of bricks. The horse that looked so courageous in winning every race this year, most notably the Kentucky Derby and Preakness … is out.


There will be no triple crown for I’ll Have Another. We don’t know for sure yet, but the injury that will keep him out of tomorrow’s Belmont, may also force his retirement.


Words cannot aptly express how disappointed I feel right now. Racing brings highs, and it brings lows. This one is tough. I take some solace that he is not seriously injured.


That’s all I can say right now. 


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I am crushed too. I'm 62 years old & have been a racing fan my whole life. I know that IHA would have won tomorrow and my whole last 3 weeks was organized around support for our "Canadian-owned" colt. I respect Team IHA for doing the right thing for the horse, although all the upset caused by NYRA will be something I will never forget.
They knew this yesterday after Belmont's second----Mario knew it then, but they told him to keep it quiet. The boy just can't. O'Neil is a POS.
Polo's in the mud???? What were they thinking??? Dag Nab It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted this so badly, maybe too badly. I am absolutely devastated.
I am heartbroken. BUT I am glad they put IHA's safety and health first rather than running him when he's not 100%. Tough, but correct decision by Team IHA.
well, that doesn't bug me so much... animal kingdom has been injured and is working on his 2nd comeback.
well, that doesn't bug me so much... animal kingdom has been injured and is working on his 2nd comeback.
I'm glad they put the horse first for tomorrow, but furious they retired him without giving him time. This is terrible for Racing and they should have at least sat back and waited for the horse to tell them it was time to quit. Why do only claimers, allowance and lower level stakes horses get to go to Lay-up and come back? Answer: More money in the breeding shed. Really upset right now.
Yes I am devastated! There has not been a crown winner in my lifetime. But alas, major kudos for doing what is best for the horse. I'll be rooting for Rosie now!
Yep, would have been my first Triple Crown and now I don't even want to watch the Belmont... :( However, I am very glad he is ok, and that he has connections who want to keep him healthy... but I am tired of these sorts of lows.
So sorry...
Sorry to hear this incredibly sad news!! Very crushing.
Just saw the new conference. They announced that he will be retired. I'm crushed about that too.
Sorry Brian - I know how excited you guys were :(
Crushed:: I ams 76 Years old and was waiting for a long awaited Triple crown. It is even more difficult for me the way the NYR and theGovernor handledthis race. I hope the do gooders are happy.r
I feel like my heart is at my ankles. But like O'neill said this is heartbreaking, but not a tragic ending. Best wishes to I'll Have Another to a safe and healthy recovery
Curshed:This news is very sad, but just as sad is the way the NYR treated this horse and it's owner. I hope the do gooders are happy.
This is very disappointing, but I'm glad that they are being careful and not risking I'll Have Another's life.. now that would be more than a disappointment if something happened to him
From team O'Neill: Doug O'Neill confirmed to me that I'll Have Another is out of Belmont due to developing tendonitis in left foreleg. Likely done for year.
I am gutted, just gutted...and concerned for IHA...he looked OK galloping this morning...

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