Court Vision Shocks Goldikova in BC Mile
November 05, 2011 03:54pm
Court Vision, ridden by jockey Robby Albarado and trained by Dale Romans win the Breeders' Cup Mile at Churchill Downs on November 4, 2011..

Court Vision came from nowhere to nose fellow closer Turallure in a roughly run renewal of the Breeders' Cup Mile.

Goldikova, seeking an unprescedented fourth Mile win, had to settle for the show.

Jeranimo, Get Stormy, and Sidney's Candy took the early initiative with Goldikova neatly tucked in at the rail and Courageous Cat to her outside.

Sidney's Candy poked his head in front after six furlongs but the closers were gathering momentum and a tight finish seemed inevitable.

Goldikova bullied her way off the rail, pushing Courageous Cat out of her way and causing a chain reaction that left the latter plummeting to the back of the pack.

The 3-time Mile champ found the lead in the stretch but Court Vision and Turallure stomed past her and reached the wire as a team.

It was Court Vision by a scant nose over an unlucky Turallure. Goldikova was a length back in 3rd with Gio Ponti right behind her in 4th.

Patrick Valenzuela aboard Courageous Cat lodged an objection against Goldikova but it was dismissed.

Court Vision, trained by Dale Romans and ridden to victory by Robby Albarado, paid $131.60. 


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Older Comments about Court Vision Shocks Goldikova in BC Mile...

Hey, what better way to entice more foreign horses to complete in the BC races, no harm nor foul for bumping. Also CD should have had all the PR and grounds crew out after the rain subsided drying the track off with hair dryers it wasn't good enough!
The debacle that occured on Thursday from the fallout of CD's decision to not open the turf course for training has become a situation that I now find to be just as humorous (somebody please take Michael Stoute's deplorable trackside rant and make a comical YouTube video of it!) as it is shameful! Shameful for both entities. Despite CD's effort to make trainers aware by broadcasting on several occasions via the PA system the possibility of grass course training closure due to a threat of precipitation, a mess still ensued. WHY, did CD close the course a nanosecond before the scheduled opening? HELLO? I get that it was for legit reasons, but making that decision without facilitating your freaking public/horsemen relations department etc in preemptive coordination with the Euro's was appalling. This is not a normal event. Sorry, but CD definitely dropped that ball! But on the flip side is who the hell does John Gosden, and the most obnoxious, self entitled jackass Michael Stoute think they are in that they feel they can remedy their inconvenience by doing as they please in disregarding the closure, attempting to DISMANTLE the railing, and helping themselves to the course as if they were at home and having a backyard BBQ??? OMG! I was embarrassed for them! We can only hope that this will be at the very least a learning experience for the future.. All of that being said, and being one of the last people to look the other way as protocol is not adhered to, I do not speak lightly when I say that in the grand scheme of things, 10, 20, or a 100 years from now as an American racing fan I DO NOT WANT the unpleasant stigma that would have been ours FOREVER had the stewards DQ'ed Goldikova to LAST, therefore forever tarnishing her image. I am so glad the stewards proved diplomatic, thought of the consequences, and made the RIGHT DECISION!
yeah that bumper car thing was a dumb idea! that was a huge wreck waiting to happen!
When I worked out the fractions for the Woodbine Mile two years agao, Court Vision had the best closing fraction of any horse I have charted since Secretatiat but it seemed that this one was in decline..Obviously not
I can't believe Goldikova wasn't taken down. Peslier oughta to be set down for two weeks, after launching a six-horse demolition derby. This wasn't a maiden claimer at Cahokia Downs. This was a major, multi-million-dollar race, and the Churchill Downs/Breeders Cup stewards brought shame to themselves and the game. Added to the ridiculous Thursday morning turf course closure which wrote finis to the chances of at least four strong European contenders, the display of arrogance and pettiness by officials turned the event into a tawdry exhibition instead of the sport's showcase, as it is intended to be.

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