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Check's in the Mail; Princess Ready to Set Sail


While Princess of Sylmar remains at Todd Pletcher's Belmont stables this morning, the plans and money are all set in motion for a Breeders' Cup Distaff showdown against Royal Delta, Beholder, Close Hatches and whoever else shows up. Princess of Sylmar's principal owner Ed Stanco of King of Prussia Stable, is sending the $100,000 nomination fee for a Breeders' Cup early entry, all but guaranteeing a start in the November 1 Distaff at Santa Anita. 


Of course the final, final decision comes after a breeze at Belmont on Saturday and a thorough examination by Pletcher. "It's a little like waiting for the white smoke," Stanco said in reference to the long standing signal of a new Pope. 

Stanco says the Princess is actually the one making the decision to run the first Friday in November. "It's out of my hands and beyond our syndicate. Really, it has nothing to do with us anymore. If she goes on and wins her fifth straight Grade I, it will be something that has never happened before, and it's up to us not to stop it."  


As for Princess of Sylmar's physical condition Stanco said, "Todd told me he's never had a horse like her. She keeps coming back with nothing wrong." 


On the track, everything has been nothing but right. In the Kentucky Oaks, Princess of Sylmar dispatched the best field of three-year-old fillies. At Saratoga, she swept by small fields to take the Coaching Club American Oaks and Alabama. Then during Belmont's Saturday of Stars she shined the brightest passing two-time reigning Filly and Mare Champion, Royal Delta with ease in the Beldame. By the way, Princess of Sylmar is the first filly ever to win these four prestigious races in a row. 


While Stanco's initial observation after the Beldame was to leave his homebred filly in the barn, he's simply letting her "do what she wants to do - run. I was willing to wait until her four-year-old season to run he in the Breeders' Cup, but that's not what she is signaling."  


Prior to her last race, Stanco wasn't even sure his filly could could catch the champ. "In the Beldame I gave Princess a 30 percent chance of beating the big mare, and she galloped right by Royal Delta in three jumps." 


Princess of Sylmar's jumps of equine power and strength have been met by the Stanco clan's somewhat discombobulated, always exuberant jumps for joy as their horse makes her winning move down the stretch. The screaming and the cheering is always followed by hugs all around, in somewhat disbelief at another winning performance and then the raucous entourage of King of Prussia owners taking over the winner's circle shouting, "Ed-die! Ed-die" in Stanco's honor. 


Nothing can shake Stanco's confidence - not the travel, the track, or the competition. "It's really all about her. I might have worried about other horses overwhelming her, but she's already beat them all."


A fan of the game and avid handicapper, Stanco sees himself as a steward for Princess of Symlar. "I want everyone in the West Coast and the world to see the way she runs. We owe it the fans, the sport."


So the funds have been transferred, Stanco will be setting travel plans for many - who's landing when, staying where, making sure all have their passes to be in the paddock. There are also plans for new hats for all to sport honoring his prized filly for her Breeders' Cup run.


Fortunately, Stanco has an office in Southern California away from the buzz and fray leading up to the race. He'll do a little work, take a little time to reflect, and then hopes to see Princess of Sylmar make history one more time this racing season.


"There's certainly the juice you feel when she wins. It's addictive and really something to experience." 




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Older Comments about Check's in the Mail; Princess Ready to Set Sail...

OLD OLD belief by Sun Szu: Do not do what the emeby is prepared for you to do.
I like Princess' chances as well and I will probably lay something on her to make it interesting, but nothing about this race is a gimme for any of them. I don't think there is any possible finish that would take me completely by surprise, unless all of the five probables lose to a throw in long shot. It's going to be exciting no matter what the outcome.
With Beholder and Royal Delta expecting to do battle up front, this race is setting up nicely for the Princess. I really like her chances in this race.
That is why they run the races -- we will know if you are right in just 11 days. Win or lose, PoS will prove that she is a super filly with tremendous courage.
Royal Delta will win the Distaff, i think Princess of Sylmar is not as good as Delta
The Philly has a heart of a lion and the rematch with Beholder and Royal Delta is what the BC is all about
This is what it's all about it...Stanco is great for the sport, I wish him and The Princess all the best out west
I ditto the thank you to Mr. Stanco... He has a healthy horse and he is taking a chance at greatness for his horse and giving horse racing fans a thrill as well...Even though I have been a Close Hatches fan all year I hope that POS wins this time...
A huge thank you from this racing fan to Mr.Stanco. Thank you for giving the fans what they wanted to see, and for being a great sportsman. Cheers.
I don't believe that Princess of Sylmar is without risk of losing the divisional crown. A bad performance behind a resounding Beholder win and it is no longer a done deal! Do I believe that that will happen? No, but this is horse racing.
Princess won't lose 3 YO filly honors. When it comes right down to it, even adding a BC Distaff win to Close Hatches' or Beholder's resume won't match the Princess' resume of winning the KY Oaks (which is the definitive 3 YO filly race), the CCA Oaks, the Alabama, and the Beldame. It may make the voting a bit closer, but it won't be enough.
  • Easy lGoer · I disagree if Close Hatches or Beholder were to win I think it would give them a legitimate claim. Close Hatches was out due to injury and this would give her a 2-1 edge in head to head competition, and the definitive race period is the Distaff. Beholder's only Blemish is her loss in the KY Oaks, and she can right that wrong. It would only be your bias towards those races over Beholder's grade one wins that make her uncatchable. I really like all these fillys and THE mare. I think princess is going to have a great shot because of all the speed and her closing style. It will be a great race! · 1497 days ago
It's a lot to ask of a 3 yr old filly to run against the big boys in the Classic. Maybe too much. I'd rather they take it easy with her and let her go into herself instead of rush her along
IMO, I would run her in The Classic,If she loses the Distaff to Beholder(unbeaten router at Santa Anita) or Close Hatches, has beaten POS once already, she can lose Championship Honors, But If she wins The Classic she is Horse of The Year, and if she loses The Classic she still would lose nothing in defeat, and probably still be 3 yr old champ
IMO, I would run her in The Classic,If she loses the Distaff to Beholder(unbeaten router at Santa Anita) or Close Hatches, has beaten POS once already, she can lose Championship Honors, But If she wins The Classic she is Horse of The Year, and if she loses The Classic she still would lose nothing in defeat, and probably still be 3 yr old champ
may be a smaller field but this BC division is getting very exciting, will be a fantastic race now that the princess is in
this is wonderful. Princess of Sylmar hasn't slowed down one bit since the Oaks, & i'm glad they are giving her a chance to go. love her & her connections!
"We owe to the fans, the Sport." Two thumbs up for Stanco.
I love this filly and her connections are all class.

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