Chantal Sutherland: Riding with Sex Appeal


here’s something special about the way jockey Chantal Sutherland rides a Thoroughbred racehorse. You notice it right away: you can always pick her out of a tightly packed field of 15 riders and horses. Her position in the saddle is positively feline, very sensual, and when she makes her move to take the lead, she gets impossibly low on her horse’s back. It’s a familiar look to race fans: Chantal is closing in on 1,000 career wins, has more than $45 million in earnings to her credit, and in March became the first woman to ride in the $10 million Dubai World Cup, the richest pot in horse racing. (Alas, she and her mount, Game On Dude, had a bad start and finished near the back of the pack, after having come in second at last year’s Breeders’ Cup Classic.)  Read More


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Galbreath flew Baeza in to ride Roberto in the Benson and Hedges Gold Cup after Piggott said he didn't think much of Roberto's chances after having been his regular rider. Baeza hadn't ridden the horse before. He broke Roberto out fast took the lead and se good fractions for a European race and handed Piggott on Rheingold and Brigadier Gerard a defeat. It was Baezas decision to go right to the front and ride an American style race. So to me Roberto did the running but it was Baezas decision to go to the lead
I agree to some extent but . there is alot to be said about timing a move .. finding holes..etc. I dont think 10% is accurate . Otherwise you wouldnt see owners/trainers paying big bucks to fly guys in who are top jocks.
I like Mario Gutierrez, but did he make the Derby winner or did the Derby winner make him? Would we have ever heard of a Buddfy Delp or Louie Roussel or Cam Gabolotti withotu theri being a Bid, Risen Star or Spend a Buck? I think not. Horses make their human counterparts and not the other way around.
The young, inexpereinced Steve Cauthen or Affirmed? Which of these two dominated?
Did NOTHING ever appear here? AT MOST 10% and I heard Shoe agree to that percentage often. the really unmangeable ones like Gate Dance would benefit from a strong rider like Laffit, but most it would not matter. Ronnie Franklin or Spectacular Bid? Who do you think won his races??r
So TV you are saying a jockey has nothing to do with the outcome of a race?
McCarron, one of the honest ones, oft repeated the phrase: we are just passengers keepin them out of trouble. Laffit: The HORSE owns the starting fraction and I cannot do a thing about it. The honest ones know.
Horses have an innate hard wired physical range of ability via their nervous system and the biomechanics of their musculoskeltal energy transfer mechanisms. A rider contributes ZERO to that accumulated store of power and energy not matter how many antrhpomorsizing arguments one fictiously overlays to the real life situation.
I will investigate the number of races where the jockey crossed the line first and get back to you, but that certainally won't require much research.
The differnet is the means by which C3PO(tv) communicates online, and it could be debated/argued that horses run better for a certain jockey. Tim, that might be A or Eh, as you say in your land.
Would this horse run any differnet if Gomez or Dominguez is up? The horse runs the race.
When are people EVER going to realize that the HORSE is the star, not the passenger?
Hollywood Gold "B" cup!!
I always liked Rosie better, but now it's a definite
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Emma Jane Wilson is a much better rider, also Rosie
Wow .. This could be the greatest horse racing picture of ALLTIME!
I don't think she meant to show her intellect in the picture
I have a friend who works with vets on the back stretch at Woodbine and she said:"she is a nice enough girl but has the intellect of a bag of hammers."
i think its sad that kids have to see this kinda stuff, kids look up to her

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