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Champion Shanghai Bobby Retires

Shanghai Bobby Champagne 615 X 400
Photo: Eclipse Sportswire

Shanghai Bobby, last season's unbeaten 2-year-old champion, has been retired from racing and will stand at Coolmore America's Ashford Stud in Kentucky. The son of Harlan's Holiday sustained an injury to a suspensory ligament when making a successful comeback in last Friday's Aljamin Stakes at Belmont Park.

Trainer Todd Pletcher said: "It's very disappointing as he ran really well off the layoff and we were looking forward to going back to Santa Anita with him for the Breeders' Cup Sprint or the Dirt Mile. He was a really great two-year-old, undefeated in five starts over five different distances ranging from 4½ furlongs to 1 1/16 miles. He displayed his brilliant speed in the Hopeful and Champagne and then showed tremendous courage to win the Breeders' Cup Juvenile."

Starlight Racing co-managing partner Jack Wolf stated: "We're disappointed as we were looking forward to him returning to top level competition following his win in the Aljamin Stakes. This horse has taken us on a great adventure, from his undefeated 2-year-old campaign and Eclipse Award, to his successful return at 3. We are proud to have owned this special horse, and we wish him the best as he begins his new career at Ashford."

Dermot Ryan, manager of Ashford Stud, said: "While it is unfortunate that Shanghai Bobby won't be at Santa Anita again this year, we are delighted that he's coming to Ashford. Following Lookin At Lucky, Uncle Mo and Hansen, he is the fourth straight Eclipse Award-winning Juvenile to retire here."



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Older Comments about Champion Shanghai Bobby Retires...

BIG SURPRISE, because what is the old saw that holds up OVER and OVER?? "they NEVER come back!"
You make a fair point. Salud!
Fair point, i never look at it thru the bloodline angle. Like humans,i believe horses have individual traits that separate them from others. Like they say,no two are alike. Even with my brother and sister. We share the exact same bloodlines.But all 3 of us are different. I would like to think that the same exists with horses and other living things.But i better shut up now,becayse i am far from being someone who is very well versed in this subject.Cheers to you EP.
Talk to you after.
My whole point is this. Are there not enough Harlen Holiday stallions out there?. This horse barely ran at 3 and retired because of injuries, was laid up because of injuries prior to that. What are you selling here?. What can the breeder offer, that other Colts By Harlen Holiday couldn't?
I'll be back later. Cheers.
A horse runs and brings in Purse money, is no different then holding a car and selling it. Eventually you get a return regardless. Is the purse money not enough?. When I say Fragile, I don't mean the treatment of the horse in the shed, I mean the possiblity of passing that fragility on to his babies. As for your comment "If you invest in the stock market or buy something.Are you satisfied after a certain point and say that is it", yes I would sell if the time was right, how can you make a assumption that people wouldn't sell if satisfied with their return at that point?.
EP please do not ever think any disrespect was taken,that is why i prefaced my initial post. we are both stating our opinions on the subject.If we can't do that honestly, we should not be chatting.I do hope if we broach a particular topic again in conversation that you come with your honest point of view as you did here. After all,i'd like to say that we are all adults and can handle open dialogue.
I do appreciate your point of view, so no hard feelings. You too Ruffian, I don't mean any disrespect.
The key statement there is that you would re sell it at a later date.So sooner or later,you would be seeking a return on an investment.Regardless if it is financial or the joy of driving it.So what he made money. If you invest in the stock market or buy something.Are you satisfied after a certain point and say that is it. NO, that is not how people think.You say he is fragile.What do you think the Breeding shed is.Torture on the horse.My point is that we do not want to afford ,others who may be well financed,the same opportunity to make fiscal decisions that we are afforded. Why should they be hels accountable in a different manner.
Tmallois- Yes you can do that with a vehicle. I can purchase a Ferrari 599 and leave it in my Garage for ten-20 years, and sell it as a classic and make a huge return. So yes you can leave your top shelf, expensive car in a garage. But you are comparing apples to oranges. Bobby has made a tremendous amount of money for the ownership, so there was some return on their investment. Now adding Coolmore, sure they buy to breed, but did they forcast him to be retired so young?. I am sure Coolmore bought him with anticipation of winning the Derby, or a classic and sending him off to stud for those reasons. But because he is so fragile, and has not had a stellar year on the track, what are they to do?. I don't agree with it, and it does affect our breeding in NA with stallions like this.
Years ago there were more options for stallions that were not wanted for a variety of reasons in the breeding shed. For instance there was the cavalry remount program. This is where E.R. Bradley sent KD winner Behave Yourself because he did not want the horse's conformation flaws passed on.
Cigar is alive and well and living at the Kentucky Horse Park, just saw him last week. And I might add extremely feisty for his age. Also what people may not know, Cigar, after he was found to be sterile at stud became the property of the insurance company that paid off his $25 million policy to his owners. It was the insurance company who sent him to the Kentucky Horse a Park to live out his days. Technically they could have done what they wanted with the horse once they paid the claim.
EP, this is not meant to be deragatory my friend,so please do not take it in that manner.When Coolmore purchased a percentage of the horse.They paid TOP AMERICAN or EURO DOLLAR for his services. It is funny how in life,we all want to tend to our own personal finances in a private manner,yet we are very liberal in consulting others as to how to handle theirs.lET ME ask you a question? Would you buy a brand new car at big bucks and just let it sit in the garage,without putting it to use that you initially bought it for?
* Pointed, and He was NOT turned into stew(Cigar part). what is up with this site and the comment section issues?
Ruffianlover- YOu asked the million dollar question. This is what is wrong with the game.Horses going to the shed who probably shouldn't, instead of being retired to a farm to live out his days romping in a paddock and enjoying being just a horse. Not every horse should be pinted to the shed, that is just greedy ownership. Don't try to use the Ferdinand case as an example. Look at Cigar!, he was sterile and lived a great life in Kentucky regardless. He was turned into stew. Who says bobby couldn't be retrained in another discipline?
To whoever said retire him but not breed him- would you rather he end up horse stew like poor Ferdinand? After what this horse did for his owners- he deserves a nice long and healthy retirement- and the chance to visit some pretty ladies. Like I said. I'll take an all heart horse with determination over a lazy distance horse who doesn't want to run or compete any day
This guy is high profile,He was the Eclipse award winner. But i see your point.the less succesful,if bred might be 1 time shots by their ownwers.
No, tmallios, I think he will definitely be bred, and so will most intact males that are stakes winners. Just that others who are not me fantasize that the less successful or short-crareeered ones will become lead ponies, jumpers or dressage horses and the owners would pass up the stud fees.
Mary,then what would happen to him,become a show horse.Last i heard,the Breeding process is not exactly twisting someones arm to get by.

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