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Breeders' Cup 2017

Breath of Fresh Air

Dear Mr. Repole,
You and I have had our problems in the past and even though I am very opinionated, I also consider myself to be fair. That being said, I am about to back the recent comments you made about the Breeder’s Cup and the Lasix issue.
Mr. Repole, undoubtedly I will see a lot of heat for backing the comments you made and for making the comments I am going to make but if you can stand up, the least I can do is voice my opinion as well.
First, there is the “travesty” of the Breeder’s Cup being held in California…AGAIN. I agree with you, this is not fair to the East Coast owners, trainers, jockeys, tracks, cities and fans. There is record breaking turn out when Louisville hosts the Breeder’s Cup and I expect that New York would be the same way. The fact that they are holding the event in the same place they held it 3 years ago is flat out wrong and it should be reconsidered. The 3 places should be rotated as you mentioned so that each city has the chance to gain from the revenue. It should be shared so each track has an opportunity to show the world their best. It should be in different places so that each fan has a chance to see a Breeder’s Cup in person.
As a fan, I want to go to all the Breeder’s Cups and experience what all of the racetracks have to offer. I have yet to venture out to Santa Anita, and even though it is close to the top of my list of tracks to go to, I will follow you in boycotting the Breeder’s Cup. As a matter of fact, if you are to boycott the Breeder’s Cup and have a showcase in New York, I may just show up there instead.
Also, you were absolutely right when you pointed out the fact that Santa Anita has yet to decide what their racing surface even is. The fact that their surface is still in limbo puts the horses, horseman and track at a great liability. If something should happen because of the ever changing track, during the biggest show we will never hear the end of it from the people who are determined to shut down racing forever. The activists will be out in full force to call for the end of racing and people who do not know better may see the side of their argument.
Speaking of the activists, let’s dive into the Lasix issue. I have heard the same things you have heard about Lasix; it is the only needed drug! Period! Let’s dissect this more.
First, the biggest horse racing stage of the year is no place to experiment. It could be a catastrophe! Like you mentioned, the biggest stage is not the place to show the world the flaws of our sport. It would be a huge mistake to allow these horses to have their medication everyday and then on Breeder’s Cup to come charging for the finish line bleeding from both nostrils’. It just makes no sense and I can not see the reason for it.
The two days that is Breeder’s Cup is the opportunity to show people what our sport is all about. It is a chance for us to get new people interested and rekindle the spirit of the long time fan, so things needs to be perfect that weekend. Horseracing is not perfect, but we need to be able to prevent it from being a disaster which is what it may turn out to be. I remember turning on the news after last years Breeder’s Cup to see report after report of Calvin Borel and Javier Castellano duking it out in the winners circle; what a disgrace in front of millions of people. No doubt if something goes wrongs, the images will play on and on and on… I do not want people’s image of horseracing to come from 14 horses running down the stretch all bleeding from their nostrils.
Thankfully, Mr. Repole, you have come up with a solution. The solution is to have NYRA start their own set of games that weekend, showcasing the best that the East Coast has to offer. I think it sounds like a hell of an idea. If this were to happen, I would be spending my money on these races instead of the Breeder’s Cup races. We both know that this East Coast showcase will not be the Breeder’s Cup, but it may be interesting to see. I don’t know how I feel about denying the great horses and jockeys their chance at adding a Breeder’s Cup victory to their resume, but since you are putting your money where your mouth is, I think it may be worth a try even if it is only for the next 2 years. On the flip side, I also do not like the idea of denying a great racehorse a full, successful career because of injuries obtained while running without their lasix medication.
Well, Mr. Repole, you have given us all something to think about. You have given us something to debate, argue, point, counter-point and discuss. I am anxiously awaiting the feedback we receive about these subjects. Best of luck to you in your quest to form the Empire State Games, perhaps I will see you at the inaugural running.
Angie D’Amico


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Older Comments about Breath of Fresh Air...

He was basically calling for a boycott of the 2012 BC races. How would that be a positive thing? It wouldn't. And to think that's the message he wanted to send. The BC races are a showdown/showcase of the top horses in the country, not about wounded NY egos. How irresponsible with those comments. About the Lasix comments. First. educate yourself as much as you can about this medication. Phasing in a ban starting with graded stakes for 2yo's in 2012 is a step in the right direction, imo. Do more research, please.
  • Kedez2012 · I agree completely that starting the ban with 2YOs is a fantastic idea. However, while he's not a fan of that either, that's not the main issue Repole is discussing. He is standing against the ban of race-day Lasix for horses of ALL ages in the BC, which could be a potential disaster if they've been running on it all their lives. Perhaps you should do your research as well · 2256 days ago
Repole is right .. S.A just had the BC . It is supposed to be shared around and it rightfully should be in N.Y or somewhere other than SANAT anita/church.
Happy Birthday to the Race Talk Girl!
this is just outright provincialism along with sour grapes. belmont gets the belmont stakes and all the money and hoopla, but that's not enough for these greedmeister "we want it all" types. i am so tired of the east coast whining, complaining, biases.
  • sportyjeff518 · oh i forgot santa anita dosent have any big races are you kidding me?? new yorkers would be complaing if the BC commitee didnt tell us that they were gonna alternate between CA,KY,NY so each track should get the BC every 3 years... · 2256 days ago
The thing MR has going for him is money. He can make purse's so large that NY will get 100% turn out. The difference between having a few hundred million vs Billions is that everyone take your phone call without exception, that my friends is called clout!
Yeah while the winning part of the quality horses come to S.A. And face the top Euros like Frankel... All of the people like weswhite will be in raincoats watching a the 250000 mike repole classic with Overdrive as the top notch horse
Unless Mike Repole make his own classic at Belmont park and puts a ten million dollar purse.. He's not even attracting flies...
Those like Jerry12929 that are a bit on the girly side and need 80 degree weather to enjoy the BC please feel free to have the BC at Santa Anita every year. When 75% of the quality horses in the US show up at Belmont instead with Mike Repole and his horses well then what.
Wow...a lot of bitter ppl cuz someone voice their opinion. In reality, he is making sense. Welcome to New York, the state where we don't have to be polite because our opinion might offend someone, the state where we don't BS but tell you to your face what we think. The state where the strong survive and the weak suffer. Others might call us rude, but hey, we are New Yorker's and proud of it!
Nice article, Rachel, and I concur with your thought process. The fact that we had 25 consecutive years at different tracks, only to be disrupted by back-to-back years at Santa Anita. Then, to soften the blow, they award it back-to-back to Churchill, so that there would be more than one track with successive years. I think that this tradition should continue for a different track each year.
Mike repole stop whining like a little b*tch... Santa Anita is the perfect track to host the breeders cup 73 degrees sunny, Ny 20-40 degrees and raining... Santa Anita THE best and most beautiful track in the country Belmont..nice but not that nice...LA over Ny any day
The Breeders Cup is one of the few bright spots in racing today, setting up a rival series in New York will only weaken the Breeders Cup and further damage horse racing which has enough problems already. I think he should follow Belmont Parks example and congratulate Santa Anita and then get working to have the Breeders Cup in New York in 2013. With the new slot money I expect the NYRA will be able to make a much better bid for the races then.
Lets see what comes of this .... always up to check out NY!

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