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Breeders' Cup 2017

Bramlage Reacts to I'll Have Another Reports

In the wake of a New York Times article and an NBC Nightly News segment focused on injuries to I'll Have Another and the medications used to treat the winner of the Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I) and the Preakness Stakes (gr. I), Dr. Larry Bramlage, who served as the American Association of Equine Practitioners' on-call veterinarian for this year's Triple Crown races, has issued a response.

Bramlage released his statement through Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, where he serves as the chief orthopedic surgeon.

According to the statement's introduction, released July 13, "The Times alleges that 'powerful painkillers' were given to the horse, and that X rays taken of the colt's joints prior to his withdrawal indicate a much more severe problem. The author also alleges that the practice of running horses with high doses of drugs to overcome painful injuries is common practice in Thoroughbred racing."

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Older Comments about Bramlage Reacts to I'll Have Another Reports...

Of course Dutrow is. But O'neill has all the publicity now-- the flavor of the month
Dutrow is miles ahead of O'Neill in that regard. Asked about the Winstrol pumped into Big Brown the dummy says "I don't even know what it does!" What hogwash.
“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” Thomas Jefferson 1743 – 1826
One of the reasons this story on O'neill is going to continue is the congressional hearing into race day Meds etc. Right now O'neill is the poster boy for drug violations, rightfully or wrongfully. He trained a high profile horse and had other violations and was recently suspended. Right now horse racing has gotten religion so to speak, so the use of race day Meds coupled with the numerous breakdowns at various tracks is very much under scrutiny. The hearings going on are interesting in that many like Dinny Phipps and Jeff Gural are calling for Federal oversight to replace the patchwork mess of state regulations. Since O'Neill's name came up repeatedly at the hearing along with Dutrow and Lou Pena in harness racing is going to guarantee that this stays in the news.
I only brought up recent articles. I didn't even count all of the ones about Dutrow starting in 2008.
Steve. Your comment that Drape hardly ever mentioned Dutrows violations is factually inaccurate. I count 11 articles about Dutrow and drug violations, his suspensions etc. from march 2011 to October 2011. Majority of articles are in the October period with titles such as big brown carries burden of owners woes, Dutrow faces suspension in Kentucky, etc. Drape may have it in for O'neill, but from some of the articles I found he didn't like Dutrow either.
Any one who is thinking that this matter with O'neill is going to die soon is dead wrong. The congressional committee discussing race day medications had witnesses like Irwin of Team Valor testifying that O'neill would have been banned from racing in the Derby if new policies contemplated by the committee were enacted. O'neill and others were mentioned by name in the hearings. There are live streaming of the hearings coming up if any one is interested.
Bravo SteveHerron...
Joe Drape clearly has some sort of vendetta against Doug O'Neill. Why didn't he castigate Rick Dutrow during his Triple Crown run? Seriously, he hardly ever mention Dutrow's drug violations(or the fact that they found syringes in his barn), yet he dedicated entire articles to trashing O'Neill with basically zero evidence against him. Leave science to the scientists. I'll believe a renowned veterinarian like Dr. Bramlage long before I listen to some biased journalist who wants nothing more than to win some writer's award. It's a shame the ignorant public is so easy to sway.
Some moron will post on here how IHA was mistreated in the next 48 hrs im sure... Need a big performance from one of the other 3 year olds to start the positive MO back .
Tim I would be the first to admit, I had doubts about matters, but Reddams blog and a reexamination of the time line made me realize I wrong in my views. To me the story is over and doe with and it is time to move on. But it seems some people don't for whatever reason
I agree with you Tim. Is it just there is no other news story to takes it place? Or is there real open anger at the events and how they unfolded or both.
Buck,, I understand whats going on but there is really no smoke. So it just seems strange people are that hell bent on slander. Craziness. 3 Vets the owner race officails etc all saying Nothing was out of the ordinary ha
Vic. On one thread you said that events repeat themselves and I am paraphrasing. If there are no causal connections, how can you find repetition. Can't have te argument both ways
Look Vic, I know what defensive riding is and that Coastal was good at Belmont, but that is my opinion on Bid and the events I saw unfolding around the horse at that time. You have your opinion, I have mine.
Tim. I assume you are talking about IHA not the digression on Bid that Vic and I did. I think that there is so much resentment against Reddam, O'neill, etc not running the horse when the publicity machine was geared up for him. That anger just doesn't seem to want to die. To me Reddam put it all to rest in his blog.
Sometimes Vic there IS a link. Or are all events isolated situations with no connections. Whether I am right on wrong about Bid, others who were more knowledgeable about matters felt there were issues too
ANother example of the narrative fallacy: The narrative fallacy addresses our limited ability to look at sequences of facts without weaving an explanation into them, or, equivalently, forcing a logical link, an arrow of relationship upon them. Explanations bind facts together. They make them all the more easily remembered; they help them make more sense. Where this propensity can go wrong is when it increases our impression of understanding. Taleb
I believe one of Harris' articles was even titled did Bid lose the TC because of collusion
At the Belmont distance, Coastal was a much better runner too

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