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Bodemeister, G1 Arkansas Derby winner and runner-up to I'll Have Another in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, has been retired, according to a release from Winstar Farm. The 3-year-old son of Empire Maker was training for a return to the races when he suffered an injury to his left shoulder. The injury is not life-threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery, however it does mark the end of an exciting career.

Bodemeister burst onto the scene in February with a stunning maiden victory at Santa Anita. He followed that up with a runner-up finish to Creative Cause in the San Felipe. Bode's next start was his coming out party, the G1 Arkansas Derby. Piloted by jockey Mike Smith, Bodemeister made every call a winning one and set the stage for a tremendous run at Churchill Downs.

Bodemeister once again lead at every call in the Kentucky Derby and looked to be the clear winner until I'll Have Another ran him down in the final furlong. In the Preakness, Bodemeister and I'll Have Another renewed their rivalry in a dramatic stretch drive not soon to be forgotten.

Bodemeister will enter stud at Winstar for the 2013 season. Tell us your thoughts about his career and future in the comments! 

-- Candice Curtis 


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what the heck is going on! one of these three year olds better last!!!!!!!!!!!!
johnsnare, it used to be standard to bring back top colts at age four (and sometimes beyond) unless there was a true career ending injury or unusual circumstances (like Man o' War being threatened to carry 150+ pounds as a four year old, or the inheritance taxes involved with the Meadow Stud). owners can certainly do as they wish with their property, but today's widespread practice of prematurely retiring top stars as three year olds is helping to destroy the sport. check out the careers of the triple crown winners sometime.
The horses that race as four year olds and older, are still running because their pedigree is not that strong. Check it out.
The horses that race as four year olds and older, are still running because their pedigree is not that strong. Check it out. they retire him because he wouldn't heal in time for this years BC races. WTF to that. What happened to healing a horse and coming back next year? Instead they flip out and retire him. Better cash in on stud fees, right? This kind of story comes around too often. It pisses me off. The fact that they say he could of healed just fine in a few months makes it even worse. *SMH*
Bummer, have a great retirement Speedymeister!
Remember, Bode was actually more durable than the other retired 3 y/o's. He only raced 6 times but they were in only 5 months. Watch out for his foals...... With his mix of speed and stanima! Wow, I would send my mare to him anyday (If I had one.) His progeny should be fantastic, IMO.
Im with horsefan90. Every horse in last years derby was still running at the time of this years derby but one. Not to bad. In addition, only one derby contender dropped out in the preps. So we have had a great year but a horrable summer. This is not a new problem with the sport, thats what we get with huge upper bodies and Ethiopian legs.
This season has really made me think of all the Fasig-tipton yearlings that command $$$,$$$ price tags. At what point will the invisible hand of economics have high level owners recognize the risk of their initial capital investment vs their rate of return. Horse racing has always been a risk for those that play, but when the risk is elevated due to short careers, in addition to poor performance, you have to think buyers would start to shy away from this type of thing...Bode, IHA, and UR all earned their price tag in their short careers, but I can guarantee they were not the only "3-year-old high caliber pedigree" horses retired this year due to injury.
after hours has the best of it. I can see that the colts will generate profit as stallions, but I can't imagine which sane mare owners are lining up for stallions that have one or two group one wins and couldn't make it through their three year old season!
New this was coming. Racehorses shouldn't be breaking down after such few races, it makes me wonder why people breed to these horses at all. Sure, they have talent, but look how early they broke down. I know it isn't for sure that their fragility will pass to their progeny, but it's a big possibility, look at Unbridled's progeny. Over seas clearly has a leg up on us when it comes to proper breeding, just saying.
This crop has terrible durability. Great talent though. You notice how the 3 year old crop last year was "horrible" yet most them are still running as four year olds or still active. (Shackleford, Animal Kingdom, Stay Thirsty etc.)
definitely the most fragile crop...unfortunate since alot of them did have talent. It means the handicap division next year will start to dwindle on talent unless late blooming (sound) 3 yr olds step up.
I'll take a quote from a book I read a while ago "If you can't get the best Sire from Europe, do the next best thing. Get his Son". Nearco - Nasrullah example...
Sad news, but I knew it was coming. There goes the best crop we've had in 20 years.
Bummer. Not surprising though. It was pretty clear something was wrong with him. I am starting to here some over due respect for Richard's Kid. The article written yesterday about Richard's Kid by Matt Scott is right on the money. He would be my choice for my mare, if I had one.
If I was into the horse business, I would look outside the US to buy yearling. Especially with all these 3 year old retiring and only have about 5 to 6 race under their belt.
I see this coming a mile away. Someone on this forum rumor about it about a month ago and since then I had my suspicion that the connection are hiding something or hoping that the horse may turn around and recovery.
Baffert and Pletcher are breaking down all their horse just to try and win TC races....toss in IHA and Rags and we have a big problem. I would never want to breed they weak horses
What a weird 3 yr old crop this has much promise in spring. Now left with an empty feeling and a wonder of "who's next" to retire... Makes you appreciate Richard's Kid all the more!!

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