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Blame Nips Zenyatta in Thrilling Classic

Blame beats Zenyatta in the Breeders' Cup Classic
Blame, under a crafty ride by Garrett Gomez, got the jump on Zenyatta and held on by a desperate head in Saturday's Breeders' Cup Classic at Churchill Downs.

Zenyatta's quest for perfection was doomed following a sluggish start that found her more than 17 lengths behind in the early going. She steadily crept closer under Mike Smith around the far turn and altered course outside Quality Road in the lane to fall a head shy. 

The top two finishers proved their class and despite the loss Zenyatta's outstanding effort should silence her critics once and for all.

Fly Down rallied to edge Lookin At Lucky for the show. Paddy O'Prado rounded out the superfecta and was followed by Etched, Musket Man, First Dude, Pleasant Prince, Espoir City, Haynesfield, and Quality Road.

Blame completed his ten furlong journey in 2:02.28 and paid $12.40. He is trained by Al Stall Jr.


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One run dimensional horses are always subject to early pace pressure
no blooy you sound like you duh. as though she didn't win?
she locked in the speed duel is what got her, if borel would have just played it smart she would have won. but i guess i sound like z fans with their breeders cup oh well.
RA was gutted on the track at Saratoga, like many over raced females, and that is from the people in the business who were there and saw it. She was through and the savagery unleahed by 14 15 slashing hits down the lane should have suggested she had given her all and there was NOTHING left i the tank
Humphrey, you mean Blame won i told you so? yes, momscommand they changed her running style so foolish. but you have to give it to her, most horses pushed to run to the front like that all the time crash below 3rd place. rachel could have won most of those races had calvin borel not been so cocky.
As a side note, prior to the BC, Rachel Alexander still topped the performance ratings for the year 2010. Yes, she is one of the greatest ever. She was a victim this year of poor riding and poor decisions but that does not dim last year's accomplishments.
Dont see Cugel crowing about "I told you so" do we?????
bob46 I believe your so confused your confusing me.On the one hand you say she's great but then say if other horses had against the ones she did they would be undefeated also.Quality Road got crushed br Summer Bird ( remember him, also by little 3yo filly named Rachel who ducked Z ). I live in New York state (on the east coast) so don't hit me with that bias stuff. And as for Rachel I believe she is the best filly ever and John Nerud of whom you may have heard agrees with me on that. Horse racing is a business and all owners make decisions about their horses with money being the primary factor. A great example of this is Quality Road running in the classic , its actually more profitable forhis owner to have run 12th in the classic than blow away the field in the dirt mile because running him there would say to all the world he is not meant for the classic distance which he isn't. To the point if I can remember it being a business who draws more fans whats his name or Zenyatta.Who appeared on Prime Time Television for an hour long segment,who thrills you EVERY time she runs?
Hey Spa: I agree with you about the x y and z thing. Although it's probably more like A to Z there are so many things that can go wrong in a horse race, but that's what makes Zenyattas streak so amazing. She faced those possibilities every time and still was 19-0 before Saturday. I don't think people are cheapening her. I just think people are saddened that x y and z prevented her from winning a 2nd BC Classic and ending her career in storybook fashion. Everyone wants that happy ending to a great story. I'm not one of those flash in the pan Z fans, if fact I didn't think she would win last years Classic, but when she did in such dramatic fashion she made me a true believer. I too am saddened we didn't get that storybook ending. It would have been great for the sport we all love. That's all it is, just sadness we didn't get that happy ending. I'll get over it because like you said that's horseracing. Even you have to admit it would have been great for racing if she had won. When people don't get their happy ending they want to blame the villain, in this case the villain is x y and z it's just human nature.
Railbird, did you evn read my comment. I could not have been more complimentry to Zenyatta. She ran a super race and surely proved her greatness on any kind of track. My point being that the majority of her races to this point have been against so so competition. If Blame or Quality Road had been running against the horses she had been beating they would have been undeafted also. It is ironic that her one loss proved to most honest people what her 19 wins failed to do. that she truely is a horse for the ages.
I’ll be honest, I’ve watched every one of Zenyatta’s races at one point or another, and other than a few races I don’t remember or paid attention to the other horses in the race. Right now this site is being overrun by flash in the pan, Zenyatta-biased horseracing fans that will be gone the day she retires; so having objective discussions at this point with most people is not possible. I’m not saying you fall in that category but you’d have to admit it’s ridiculous right now. My point was that every horse that has ever run has faced trouble during a race at one point or another. Zenyatta’s turn was Saturday. That’s horseracing. There’s a major gamble to trying to deep close into a 12 horse field on dirt. The most obvious potential issue is traffic; secondly, she’s going to get 1000 times dirtier than she will on synthetic, third, you run the risk of falling too far behind against good competition. Turns out she ran into all of these & got burned. But that’s the risk of running that style. She still almost overcame it. But if you go into a race knowing that x y & z could happen if you try to deep close & then x y & z happen, you can’t blame that for your loss. Otherwise it’s a no-lose situation. When she wins, it’s her talent, when she loses, it’s not her fault. Wouldn’t life be great that way??? But that’s exactly what Zen fans are doing & they are cheapening the horse they love by doing it.
Hey Spa: Every single race Zenyatta has run is available on replays on this site. Just click on her name in the power rankings section and you can view them all. I have many times over. If you can find one race where a better trip for another horse would have beaten Zenyatta you're a better man than I am because I can't. I'm not close to being a hypocrite, so tell me which race she would have lost if another horse had a better trip. I want to agree with you and will if you can find that race. I couldn't and I've seen every reply multiple times.
I should quantify my previous comment as to what Zenyatt has done for horse racing. I am speaking in terms of recent years. Goodness knows Secretariat, Ruffian, Seabiscuit and other great horses brought much enthusiasm to the sport. But of late with the recession and the number of casinos that have been opened in California and internet betting, the horse racing industry has suffered immensely and Zenyatta has brought an interest back in the sport at a crucial time.
All of Zenyatt's camp did a great job. The public loves Zenyatta and she has done more for horse racing than any other horse outside of John Henry. She has piqued interest in this sport like I have not seen in many, many years. She is more than a thoroughbred, she is a true athlete. While we were all hoping for the win, coming in second in a race run the way this race was run is still great but honestly in our hearts, she won. She has showed her class over and over again. She deserved Horse of the Year last year and if the public were voting, she would get it for sure. Hopefully, those concerned will take into consideration what she has done for the sport as well as her race accomplishments. If the Moss' decide to retire her, then she desrves to retire in a comfortable barn, sprinting occassionally, grazing and being treated like the Queen that she is.
I was siting on the finish line-yesterday at Churchill Downs. Zenyatta WAS THE BEST HORSE in the Classic. Unfortuately, this time Mike timed his run about 10 seconds- too late. Horse of the Year- NO DOUBT, Zenyatta!!!
quote take from an article by Steve Haskin: Perfection is overrated and not earthly anyway; brilliance in loss under the toughest of circumstances is much more impressive.
This quote taken from an article on the race by Steve Haskin really say's it all: Perfection is overrated and not earthly anyway; brilliance in loss under
i still cant believe she lost. i mean i just cant picture it. but i guess i have to now b/c she is no longer unbeaten. no harm mike good job

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