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Breeders' Cup 2017

A Prayer for Paynter

When the world puts you on an emotional rollercoaster that takes a turn for the worst, taking control out of your hands, there is only one thing you can do....sit back, let go, pray for a miracle, and have faith.
Who among us has not heard of Zayat Stables’ Paynter? The colt who has been hospitalized twice in the last two months, this last time due to an often fatal disease known as colitis. For a short while, it seemed Paynter was going to buck the disease and make a miraculous turn around.
Then everyone’s worst nightmare became reality. The worst possible complication a horse can develop from colitis is another disease that sends shivers down the spines of all horsemen, Laminitis. This hoof disease, like colitis is often fatal, since a horse cannot live if it cannot stand. To have it in one hoof is bad, two is normally a death sentence. Paynter has it in three of his four hooves.
With this latest development, it does not seem like there is much anyone can do for Paynter or his connections, who continue to give the colt every chance he can to fight off this illness. However, if Paynter and his connections have yet to give up, then why should we? There is still one thing left for all of us to do, and that is pray. Pray to whomever you worship.
So, if you don’t mind, I’d like you all to join me in my prayer for Paynter.
Dear Lord,
I know there are several issues going on in the world right now, but there is a horse out there, a brave horse, that needs your help. I’m sure you know and have heard all about the developments, the illnesses to have befallen the colt Paynter.
Lord, you are a miracle worker, and right now this colt needs a miracle, for no mortal can overcome this type of illness on his own. Lord, I ask you with all my heart, please save this colt, please work a miracle, so that he may live to see many more better days.
This is one prayer out of thousands for this colt, and I’m sure there will be many more. Please, hear the cry for help, not only from me, but his connections, and the other thousands of racing fans across the country, willing this horse to live.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


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Older Comments about A Prayer for Paynter...

Yeah, Laura wrote with incredible eloquence. It moved me the first time I read it, during the darkest days for Paynter.
Amen, Jay, and thanks for resurrecting this thread. Everyone who contributed should read it again under the new set of circumstances.
It worked.
I think it is beautiful. I just prayed this written prayer as I read it. I also Asked St, Francis and all the saints for the horses to pray for him. I am Catholic.
Prayers go out to beautiful Paynter...xo
Every once in awhile, a man or beast defies the odds. Let this be one of those times.
What a great horse. I
What a grat
Good. It's great news that swelling is lessoned. That is really good. Best news though is he isn't suffering.
Update for everyone. Paynter is doing well this morning and had a good night. He is still walking comfortably. His protein levels are still low, but the swelling has lessened. I, personally, am glad to here, he is still comfortable, and had a good night.
Please remember the hopeless case of Thorn Song's laminitis. The insurance company actually issued payment on his loss/death. Also owned by the Zayats, he refused to die, and today stands at stud. (Just Google his name for the entire story.)
That is a remarkable story goblin, that is a horse with incredible heart. Paynter is fighting to, and if he goes down it won't be without a fight.
Our prayers aren't always answered the way we want them to be, but I, too, am hoping and praying Paynter can be spared. we've lost so many stars this year! P.S. for non-believers: the prayers of a righteous person can change the world - and are probably the one thing that's keeping us all here.
I know some times it's hard to tell if I'm serious but I'm an atheist who prays a lot but never.for money. I have said a few save my house prayers though. I hope he pulls through but even more I hope the suffering doesn't go on long, no matter which way it goes.
I thank all of you, again, who have been kind enough with your compliments towards the blog. I know the Zayats have seen your comments and are appriciative of all of your support. A word to the wise, ignore those who only seek to bring you down with their negativity. It doesn't do any good to respond to them, and the less you respond to them the less they have to respond to.
I'll be praying for Paynter and his conenctions. Yes indeed -- praying, Travel-vic. Some of us 'strange folk' still do believe in God, you know.
Hoping the rising star can pull through!
i believe in hope and in miracles...Paynter, we send you our love....you have given us so much enjoyment watching you race now its time for us to give back to you...we will say a special prayer for you and all the great folks that care for you...bless you all

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