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 Palace Malice game in the Gulfstream Park Handicap


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Tom, PM is owned by a five person partnership. Their names are shown near the end of this news brief.
mschneider, Did not know that you were also a palacemite. I am not taking a shot at him.If you can believe it,as much as you wanted him to win yesterday.I think i was rooting a little more than you for yesterday at least.
Glad to see you posting on Palace Malice again, mschneider.
Pick these horses up and put them in the Big Cap, Palace Malice fights with Mucho Macho Man for fourth
Respectfully disagree = 3rd stringers and not G1 horses. Golden Tickets finished 2nd in the BC Dirt Mile = G1. Itsmyluckyday finished 2nd in the Preakness which I believe is a G1 race. Definitely not G1 horses.
Respectfully disagree = 3rd stringers and not G1 horses. Golden Tickets finished 2nd in the BC Dirt Mile = G1. Itsmyluckyday finished 2nd in the Preakness which I believe is a G1 race. Definitely not G1 horses.
Thank you, LAZ. @Tom, I don't find JV's statement stupid; this colt has always seemed a bit hesitant to me (except for the blinkers fiasco) and I'm simply thrilled that Johnny managed to get him out of the gate quickly, since that was becoming a chronic problem last year. A strong regular rider like JV will be able to work on PM's "quirks", whatever they may be. He'll get to know the colt's real capabilities over time.
Goblin, I wasn't offended and I certainly do not want to offend you. You have mny utmost respect.
Goblin i agree with Laz,and i would not put to much into what Johnny V. says. As a matter of fact, i got a chuckle out of it.The statement was that stupid. The horse never stopped running or he stopped rididng. The other horse just made a move on him. At SA today we saw the big boys play. It will take a long ways for horses like PM and NI to go to whre they can play in the same playground. But this is not a knock on PM. Todd will keep him away until it is time. He will not hook them yet.
I thought I had offended you, and I always respect what you have to say, LAZ. The write-ups at DRF and/or BH are quoting Velazquez as saying PM thought the race was over when he made the lead, but responded when asked. I'm glad for PM, Curlin, rafi, and me. (rafi and I agreed to be co-leaders on PM's bandwagon last spring.)
Relax Goblin, I'm agreeing with you too. However, he should have overpowered this field and he didn't. He came back at the end in good time, which was nice, but I don't know if he would have come back if those were G1 horses. Uncaptured looked like he ws going to pull away from him, then the fact that he's not a top horse kicked in and he was caught and PM then just held off Golden Ticket, not G1 either. Glad for the horse and for Raffi who absolutely loves him.
LAZ, Of course it was his first race in a long time, and I was not sure he would win at that distance. I don't pretend to know what he will do in the future; did I say that? I only remembered that he moved like a quarter-horse with those blinkers, and therefore had shown the ability to be "fast", whether he ever did it again or not. I was essentially agreeing with you.
Actually Goblin, his first start in a long time. There was no guarantee that he was going to run that fast. However, I agree with Tom. The waters get much deeper. Not saying he won't respond against better, but after watching the Big Cap I have a hard time seeing him fall back like that and then come on again to win against the top horses.
Actually, LAZ, we knew he COULD run fast, but he'd not shown that inclination without the blinkers.... Still trying to forget that train wreck on Derby day.
Laz today he faced the 3rd stringers. He ran big and fast. But the waters will get deeper. But this was a very good first out race
Nice way to fight back at the end. Good time too. Now we know he can run fast but he still has to face the top horses.
Don't worry Goblin,Unless one of the big boys jocks get hurt and they call on Johnny V. This is his horse til the end of the season.
Please may he have one jockey, JV, riding him throughout this racing season! Last year was a musical jockeys game for this colt.
Wow! he looks much more mature that's for sure.
I was impressed how he showed he can regain a lead after losing it. That showed heart.

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