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Chicquita breaks her maiden in the Irish Oaks! 


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Euro, I think I expected it given it's been something of a habit for her, but I guess I somehow thought they'd had some idea as to how to address it. Haha, well, maybe I was too optimistic, but this filly does that to me! I'd love to see a rematch against Treve once they've got her straightened out. It'd be interesting to watch.
tmallios1, thanks. Am turning in now. I will post when I get back.
paul/ euro thx.getting late where u are. euro enjoy your time off and post when you return.paul,i may be looking at more replays and will ask your opinion.even if you hate american racing.just kidding.
yes, jonquil. That is why she fascinates me so much.
I love this filly. She's got such heart even if she tends to drift heavily when under pressure. Yeowch! Just saw a recap on youtube that showed how far she'd drifted in the Irish Oaks and wow - she would've won by a lot further if not for that. Once they can address that she'll be amazing. I think this little filly will probably be one of my post-Snow Fairy favorites. She may not win every race, but she sure is likable.
Paul, thanks and not rude at all. I was just assuming that Chicquita's race in the Diane was really her first strong race. You had to have faith that she could run back to that and not run into the hedge again. I try not to post lengthy post since earlier on here, but I did not know how else to say what I wanted to say. You have never come across as rude to me. Cheers.
hope my short reply does not come across rude after your lengthy post i'm just to tired to even consider writing anything that long lol.
i wouldn't put her in or near zarkava i was just trying to say to the guy above that the horse already had a strong form line ans was not some random maiden that bolted up in a g1 out of nowhere. Enjoy your trek.
paul.nathan.946, I do not take time into consideration at all. I think that it tells you more about the course than the horse. Treve is a beautiful, quality filly. But I cannot put her into the same air as Zarkava. Criquette is one of my favorite trainers and I am very happy for her. Chicquita is still a work in progress. And she still fascinates me. Did you read what Royer-Dupre said about her? She is a quiet thing during training and does everything right. He has no idea what happens when she gets on the course. He told the jockey that when he wanted her to move, let her do it gradually and not to push her all at once as it would startle her. Anyway, I will be back later in the week. I enjoy your comments, Paul, as you bring the betting side into play. I do not bet that often.
tmallios1, I will be away for a few days as some of us are making our yearly trek to Figueres in about 8h. I had no interest in betting here in this spot as I thought she would be at lower odds than she deserved to be. Royer-Dupre thinks highly of her, and shipping to the Irish Oaks would have tipped that off. She piqued my interest after she ran into the hedge and fell. So I earmarked her to see where she would turn up next. It was the Diane. So I knew the quality. The reason I feel she is progressive is that she has still not run a straight course. Once they figure out her idiosyncrasies she will be a major force. I do not kid myself and think this field she just beat was the strongest field. But I think her odds were a bit low still.
I'm from England so yes you could call me a euro racing enthusiast lol i can't stand american racing though but i tend to keep that quiet on here haha, And i don't blame you he seems a very knowledgeable person.
i am just kidding.i think highly of his opinion.are you a euro racing enthusiast also.are you stateside or other side of the pond.
i was just trying to answer your questions lol, sorry to intrude
paul,please allow the man to have my not burst the bubble.
She wasn't your ordinary maiden considering she ran second in the french oaks and the winner of that race run it in record time faster than greats like zarkava, as for price she was available at 10/1 ante post and was backed in to 9/2 on the day.
not to pump you up my friend,this is exactly why i want your opinion and not the the way,what did she pay to not need to know,but i hope you had a few schecles on her as they say.again congrats.anytime someone tells me to look out for a maiden,thenthey win a stake.i take notice.
I knew before the Irish Oaks that Chicquita was one to watch based on her past performances and now she has me wishing I'd placed a bet on her! I actually was anxious one of the Irish fillies might have a bit of an edge - I think they did anyways, but looks like Chicquita was just too good and this makes me very, very happy. @Euro: She has been like that for some time now and it's my understanding that it's already cost her one handy win. Makes you wonder if she improves and matures (and learns to run straighter) how much greater she'd be.
nice call euro,you mentioned her to me earlier when i asked you for your choices.cheers as they say in europe
And she is still immature mentally. She does not run straight, but is very, very progressive at the moment.
Anytime Alain De Royer-Dupre ships one of his horses from France to Great Britain, Ireland, or America they have to be respected, because he won't ship outside of France unless he legitimately believes that horse can win the race. Chicquita's obviously a very good filly in her own right. She ran 2nd in the G1 Prix De Diane(French Oaks) behind arguably the best 3yo middle distance filly in Europe right now, the still unbeaten Treve.

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