25! Black Caviar does it again

Black Caviar

It's a story we'll tell for decades to come: how the great Black Caviar thundered to her 25th straight victory and took her place alongside Phar Lap.

The crowd at Randwick - and the many thousands more cheering from afar - knew history was being made.

As the gates flew open, the atmosphere was electric, every hair on end.

In less than 70 seconds, Black Caviar proved herself yet again a once-in-a-century racehorse.

"She's still pretty unbelievable, isn't she?" said jockey Luke Nolen.

"If there are any knockers after that, come see me, I'll sort you out."

About 26,000 fans flocked to watch, the course speckled with salmon and black. Confidence in the wonder mare was so great, most of those who bet against her only did so to souvenir the ticket.

But victory wasn't guaranteed, it never is, even for champions, so there were nerves, too. And the stakes were high.

A win in what had been touted as possibly her last race in Australia would outnumber Kingston Town's Group 1 wins and confirm Black Caviar's extraordinary infallibility: 25 wins from 25 starts.  

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Older Comments about 25! Black Caviar does it again...

Sprinters seem to have less chance of a bounce unless there is a long protracted strech drive
like Mary! I'll join you in yawning
If other fans can get excited about the streak of the starter allowance gelding, then I'll yawn and cry from sadness over "boring" Black Caviar every time she runs, the non-bouncing sprinter that she is.
for the 40th time.
hehehe. Just watched "White Heat" two nights ago with James Cagney.
jay, 'the screws" lol, you criminal.
Hey, where can I enroll in the "I'm a downer that thinks puppie suck" school.
YAWN!! This makes her 3rd straight G1 win since her close brush with Moonlight Cloud at Ascot last June that looked scarecly much more competitive than 3 straight claiming stakes wins. Once again, she beats Hay List and a bunch of the same ole same inferior horses in Australia that she's been beating up on for how long now? Allegedly the worlds top sprinter that save her Diamond Jubilee appearance last June manages to have that title by never appearing at any of the top international G1 sprints like the HK Sprint, Krysflyer, July Cup, Golden Shaheen, etc...The top turf sprinters we've seen over the past few years like Rocket Man, Sacred Kingdom, etc.. may have lost races, but at least they showed up for many of the top international G1 sprints and faced the best available competition in the sprint division at the time. The field Black Caviar faced in the Diamond Jubilee is by far the toughest field she's faced in her career, top to bottom. Sorry, but 1 win over a tough field of European sprinters and a dozen + wins over Hay List and the same bunch of obviously inferior horses in her own backyard over and over does not a legend make in my eyes. It must really be about quantity instead of quality with her connections and that's pretty sad.
Although, most aren't in there for singing too loud in Sunday School. :)
Tru dat, tv.
Yeah rafi, top floor of the Hot Spring County courthouse. The Rock! hahha. The inprocessing deputy was a jerk I went to school with. (I was two years younger). He started giving me hash. I told him to get out of my face.
The way people in jail are treated really makes you realize that you are ASSUMED to be a guilty slob loser, even if that is the furthest away from the truth. No wonder jails CREATE new felons.
The screws were taunting me by saing they were gonna get me with Grand Theft (back then was anything over $50) I said "No way. Better Croker cake mix only costs $3.00." They started counting-up gas and mileage to and from the store, labor for cooking the cake, electricity costs for the oven, etc. After that, I was looking at the "Chair."
I've never been in jail before, Jay, you make it sound like a nightmare! lol.
The Queen is unbeatable!
I hear ya. I'll tell you one thing. There's nothing like waking-up to a dude taking a dump in the toilet in the middle of your jail cell. Top-shelf quality, right there.
Used to visit a clinic in the San Francsco County Jail and once there I vowed NEVER to wind up there again for reasons other than medical.
Mary :). No, I shoulda been more specific. It was homecoming two years after I graduated HS. We were, like idiots, walking back to my car to slam another Coors Light and we walked passed the cafeteria. There was all this food and cakes waiting there. We went in and grabbed the most ordinary cake in there and took it to my car. After the game, and talking to some girls, I went to my car and all these adults had ot surrounded. They said "did you take a cake from the cafeteria!?!" I said, "Why in the hell would you think that?" And she pointed at cake crumbs all over my back bumper. They wouldn't let me leave and called the cops. I walked off when they made the call No lie, 6 cop cars came and blocked my car in. I hid in the woods waiting for them to leave, but they didn't. at 2:00 am it started raining and I gave up being "on the lamb." Slept in the same jail cell with 6 grown men. Had on a brand new pair of shoes that I slept with under my pillow so not to wake-up with one of those guys wearing them.

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