2013 Breeders’ Cup Distaff: The Princess and the Cup

The Princess and the Cup sounds like the title of a fairy tale. Go back several months, back to Aqueduct Race Track on April 6th, when Princess of Sylmar finished second in the Gazelle Handicap to Close Hatches. The thought that Princess of Sylmar would be the third ranked horse in thoroughbred racing [according to the Oct. 6 NTRA poll] could only have been considered fantasy.
However here we are in October, a mere three weeks or so from the Breeders’ Cup, and Princess of Sylmar has won four grade one stakes in a row. With wins in the Kentucky Oaks, the Coaching Club American Oaks, the Alabama, and most recently the victory over Royal Delta in the Beldame, Princess of Sylmar has become the top distaff runner in the country. For that matter, she is the only horse in the country that currently has that kind of record.
The question that remains is whether the fairly tale will play out?  Will we see Princess of Sylmar in the Breeders’ Cup? Princess of Sylmar is not nominated to the World Championships at Santa Anita, but she could be supplemented. As part of her victory in the “Win and You’re In” Beldame, she received $10,000 and paid shipping expenses to California. Thus, the supplemental fee would be down from the $100,000 to $90,000. Those payments are due by October 21st.
Earlier in the year a trip to the Breeders’ Cup was definitely not in the plans for Princess of Sylmar, but beating Royal Delta in the Beldame probably was not either.
Add in a loss by Wise Dan on the rain saturated artificial surface at Keeneland and suddenly Princess of Sylmar seems to be second in line to a Horse of the Year title. Some people feel that Game On Dude still has something to prove in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. If the Dude should lose at Santa Anita is there a chance that the Princess could be Horse of the Year?
Most of the comments that I have seen since the Beldame have come from outside the connections of the Princess and they have been saying that she is not going to the Cup. I, however, am not so sure. Immediately after the Beldame, trainer Todd Pletcher had not ruled out a trip to the west,"I don't think that's a question we can answer right now.”
Don’t be surprised if the story continues and we do get to see Princess of Sylmar in the 2013 Breeders’ Cup. 


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Like Authenticity as a longshot
Richard,what does Beyer or sheet number have to do with the vote. I am curious.Personally i find it almost comical,that many people are only awaiting these races for almost bragging rights and who will win the Eclipse Award.I don't know,maybe it is just me. I want to see the very best compete against each other and hopefully make a buck or two. All these races ever tell me,is that for that 1 day.The respective winners were exactly that.The best horse in the race ,for that 1 day.
I think POS has to go in the Distaff. If Beholder demolishes RD in the distaff and runs a very high beyer how do you decide
Sometimes one must break the rule.I have no problem with that.But only if compltely on board.If there is the slightest hesitation(ala human anchors) ABORT ! ABORT !.
Would now like to acknowledge that I broke the 2-1 rule many times, the Affirmed/Sir Lad cold decker live {never used a bookie} in the Hollywood Gold Cup {rip, even if SA does run it} being memorable.
At even money became a spectator.But my fears came true.The human anchor Lezcano parked her 5 wide the entire race.Geometry whiz from H,S days ,Angel Arroyo hugged the rail and won.Viva ,had to be 3 lengths better and lost.Go figure.Lends credence to Vics theory ,that these pin heads who ride the horse are irrelevant.NOT!!!!. wILL CATCH m.mILLEN IN DUE TIME.
Didn’t look at it nor would I know, Lone Wolf {arrrruuuw}. 2-1 seems a bare minimum on most any race {He’s your good bet so he’s bound to drop to 9/5, right?} >> Willy nilly loyalty to friends in the game at the wickets is dicey, better when you get the word, he IS the trainer. When you run in to Luis Saez some day, would love it if you blamed me for asking what was he doing {hands} during the much discussed moments on the gallop out. Or has he already said and I missed it? >> Something that the Jimmy Kimmel Obamacare/ACA video, as mentioned previously here, showed was the willingness of some/many *average Joes* {and Jane’s :)} aka *everyone*, to provide an opinion, sometimes a strong opinion, on things they really have little understanding of, when given the chance to be on TV/media/other spotlight. Hope you get to see the Matt Millen piece, they rerun them for years.
Mums, Viva Allegiance almost looks to good to be true in race 1 at Belmont.Even with human anchor on her. I will hypnotize myself under Vics spell ,and convince myself that this is an irrelevant consideration.Do you think i can see 9/5 or better. Anything lower and i am a spectatator. Rudy gets into the cubicle due to loyalty to an Amigo,NOT SO MUCH ABILITY.
Greyhound racing has THE PACE, does anyone familiar with that *BET* {Jim Rome} know if the rabbit’s speed is adjusted to the quality of the dogs in a given race? Seems like you’d have to, but who decides?
To much is being made of the surface at Santa Anita,The Princess is a pace horse.Very capable of staying up close to any pace scenerio. Should she run and lose,i so hope that the excuses do not start flying in by the dozen.This race is at 1 1/8th. Plenty of time for top horses to position themselves and make the run.Quality horses over come any bias that might occur. Do not blame the surface,The only races that the track should have any bearing on,will be the Mile and the Jeuvenile distance races.That is because of the track dimensions.They will be stating to close to the first turn.Thus basically throwing out the outside horses.Before the gate opend,they are already almost 3 lengths behind the eigth ball.But at the longger distances.All winners will earn their placings,it will not be a gift by the track superintendant.
Good concept travel_vic, guessing you’re referring to Princess vs Royal Delta but could also apply to Beholder. :ducks: >> All the while remembering boxing is one-on-one and horse racing is a group activity. Speculation before the field is set is foolish at best, or so I’ve been told……… On second thought, I’ve also heard that a horse’s performance is basically immutable and all participants, equine and human, are slaves to THE PACE, which as far as I can tell doesn’t exist until it does. I’m SO confused :(
the princess is in cali. that is all for now,more to come monday.
Would love to see the Princess go to the BC, but they have to be worried about how the track played last year at Santa Anita.
that is the "tandem" concept in nutshell.
A concept from THE Sarting group has been helpful over the yaers when two closely rated horses contend one another repeatedly. It was first suggested to Howard Sartin by his friend, a middleweight, named BoBo Olsen.Whenever two closely matched boxing rvials met again, the sucessful fighter from the FIRST bout would not change a thing from his previously good result. Everyone knew what to expect. The challenger, on the other hand, KNEW what had NOT worked before and was more than likely to change that modus opeandi for the retrun bout......They transfered tthis to the horse racing game with much sucess.
She's easily my favorite horse in training currently. I would love to see them make the trip -- give that lambo one more joy ride roll of the dice. I would understand it though if they elected to pass. She has not had a legitimate break in 12 months since she first raced (10 starts).
Don't forget about Saginaw in regards to the Vox Populi award. But if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. I want to see Princess in the starting gate in California in a few weeks!
I am aware and I watched his win live. What I am saying is a win in a BC race would put him in contention for the Vox Populi. Fans memories are short.
Sulivan, My suggestion was to say that rather than discuss (argue?) over whether the Princess should be HOY, I think she would fit nicely into the Vox Populi category. Paynter is/was a very different horse vis-a-vis the Vox Populi, but he has won since returning to the track--on 6/14 at Hollywood Park.
Perhaps. Paynter has yet to get that elusive win.

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