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Winning Leader
in DerbyVille!
12 year old Gelding

Winning Leader - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
04/24/16-R10Winning Leader4thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+BerliniSanta Fe SunJoyful Trinity1:36.99
03/20/16-R6Winning Leader8thSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Precision KingRapper DragonGreat Spirit1:22.65
02/14/16-R10Winning Leader11thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Sergeant Titanium Circuit LandFantastic Kaka1:34.26
12/27/15-R11Winning Leader11thSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+ThewizardofozBlizzardWhy Why1:21.58
12/13/15-R6Winning Leader14thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+WertherApollo's ChoiceVictory Magic1:34.96
11/18/15-R6Winning Leader13thSha1 mileDClass 1 Handicap 3+Gun PitEroicoAccess Years1:36.34
06/27/15-R10Winning Leader7thSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Sun JewelleryLet Me GoPrecision King1:21.02
03/08/15-R9Winning Leader7thSha7 fTHong Kong Macau Trophy3+ArpinatiPikachuGurus Dream 1:21.62
02/21/15-R8Winning Leader6thSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+Real SpecialistDivine Calling Super Lifeline1:22.92
01/18/15-R10Winning Leader2ndSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Got FlyWinning LeaderPacking Llaregyb1:48.51
01/04/15-R10Winning Leader2ndSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Flame HeroWinning LeaderGiant Treasure1:34.73
12/13/14-R1Winning Leader2ndSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+DundonnellWinning LeaderRewarding Hero1:22.06
11/30/14-R7Winning Leader8thSha1 mileTClass 1 Handicap 3+All You WishKhayaDivine Calling 1:33.89
11/19/14-R7Winning Leader3rdHap1 1/16 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Harbour MasterChater DreamWinning Leader1:39.72
11/09/14-R7Winning Leader7thSha1 1/8 mTLadies Purse3+Packing LlaregybWillie CazalsKabayan1:47.31
10/05/14-R7Winning Leader10thSha7 fTCelebration Cup3+Gold-FunSuper LifelineDesigns On Rome1:21.44
09/21/14-R8Winning Leader8thSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+KabayanBeauty FlameDundonnell1:21.68
04/27/14-R10Winning Leader11thSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Deep ThinkerFlash KnightDundonnell1:21.93
03/01/14-R8Winning Leader2ndSha7 fTHong Kong Macau Trophy4+Super LifelineWinning LeaderDestined For Glory1:21.82
02/16/14-R9Winning Leader8thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+KabayanPresident LincolnBeauty Flame1:35.05
02/02/14-R9Winning Leader11thSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+Super LifelineDundonnellDestined For Glory1:22.51
12/08/13-R2Winning Leader2ndSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+Flagship ShineWinning LeaderSea Dragon1:20.92
11/03/13-R10Winning Leader6thSha1 1/8 mTLadies Purse3+EndowingBlazing SpeedDestined For Glory1:46.46
10/27/13-R9Winning Leader1stSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Winning LeaderEndowingChater Dream1:35.61
10/12/13-R10Winning Leader1stSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Winning LeaderGalaxy PrancerAble Friend1:22.62
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